Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 704


Chapter 704 Ninth Elder Wuxie

Medicine Valley Center, a dozen scattered grass cottages, is the Medicine Valley Master and Medicine Boy their residence.

In the middle of the cottage, there is black hair draping over the shoulders, with an unrestrained temperament, a stalwart man is standing in front of a woman, his face is quite impatient: “Look at it. You, call you a little doctor fairy, look down on you, and you will flatten your Medicine Valley, what can you do?”

Tianhe Sect blocked the Medicine Valley, and the leader was naturally not killed by Lu Ye with a few knives. The 8-Layer environment, such a major event, is not something that an 8-Layer environment can afford.

So the one who led the team this time was the Ninth Elder of Tianhe Sect, Wu Xie.

In Tianhe Religion, there are a lot of elders, and all of them are Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm.

The positions of these elders are not static. The higher the cultivator, the stronger the power.

With dozens of Elders, all of them are Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, who can feel that they are weaker than others? Therefore, within Tianhe Religion, the sorting of Elders often changes.

But the top ten places have never changed.

From the first Elder to the Tenth Elder, these ten people can be said to be the mainstay of the entire Tianhe Religion, and they will not be dispatched in time.

This time, for the sake of the little medical fairy, Wu Xie of Ranked 9th came forward in person, which can be said to be very face-saving.

He wants to invite the little medical fairy back to the helm of Tianhe Sect.

In the past, Tianhe Sect and Medicine Valley everyone minds their own business, that’s because Xiaoyixian’s connections are too wide.

But now the cult is planning a major event. No matter whether it is successful or not, the entire Tianhe sect will stand on the opposite side of the Longteng cultivation world. When the time comes, someone will come to Selangor to encircle them and fight together. , casualties are inevitable, if there are Xiaoyixian and the medicine boys under her command, they can also heal the injured Tianhe cultivator in time.

Say yes, but in fact, whether Xiaoyixian agrees or not, he will take people away.

Unsurprisingly, Xiaoyixian did not agree to his request, which made Wu Xie quite impatient.

The soft voice sounded: “I am only a place for living people to treat diseases, and I am just a doctor, why should the Ninth Elder show off one’s military strength in front of me.”

“Little Doctor Immortal! Don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, who is Wu Xie, you should know that since the Sect Lord sent me to deal with this matter, you should know the consequences of rejecting me! Today Even if it’s just your corpse, I’ll take it back!”

“Who’s still alive and dead?” Even in the face of the suppressed anger of Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, the little doctor is still peaceful , just self-organized the medicine ingredients in front of me, meticulously.

“Very good!” The corners of Wu Xie’s mouth twitched, a sneer appeared on his face, and he had already made a decision in his heart, not only can he take the living little medical fairy, but he can also go back with the dead one. , which is also the original intention of the Sect Lord who sent him to deal with this matter.

Just as he was about to shoot, he suddenly had a feeling in the heart, turned his head to look in the direction of Taniguchi, and shouted, “Bold!”

When the words fell, the person was nowhere to be seen There was no trace, only a stream of light rushed towards Taniguchi.

But he felt the movement of Lu Ye beheading the black clothed cultivator.

In the grass hut, Xiaoyixian raised his head and stared at the direction where Taniguchi was. There was a dimine light in his eyes. Although there were many obstacles, he seemed to be able to see the situation there clearly.

A slight sigh, seemingly inaudible.

At the Taniguchi, the scene was a mess, with Lu Ye rushing in front, many cultivators who came to seek medical treatment behind, and those cultivators who were killed at one time were retreating.

Even though there were more of them, they couldn’t stop the attack of Lu Ye’s long sword.

Until a certain moment, Lu Ye raised his head sharply, and saw the direction of Medicine Valley, a stream of light rushing towards this side, before anyone arrived, the monstrous flames of anger had been vented: “Dare to kill. I teach Disciple, you are to blame for your death!”

“Lu Ye be careful!” Yiyi whispered, she already felt the power of the person coming.

When the words fell, Amber, who was crouching on her shoulders to help her take care of Ye Liuli, jumped and jumped onto Lu Ye’s shoulders.

Amber is like a cat with fried fur, his body is slightly lowered, his hair is standing on end, and his throat is growling.

Amber only looks like this when threatened.

In Lu Ye’s field of vision, everything around has been disappeared, only the silhouette of the stalwart swept away.

Strong, strong!

Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm cultivator, Lu Ye has come into contact with a lot, not to mention the people in the Cloud River battlefield, there are two Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm killed by him in this Dragon Realm.

One is Pang Wanhai from Shenyimen, and the other is Sun Qi from Tianhe Sect.

But the same Ninth Layer Realm gave him a completely different feeling.

In terms of strength alone, Sun Qi’s strength is undoubtedly stronger than Pang Wanhai, but this person is stronger than Sun Qi.

The special environment of the Dragon Realm has created a gap in the strength of these Cloud River Ninth Layer Realms that cannot be improved by realm. After the cultivation base cannot be improved, they can only polish their own battle skills and precipitation. own heritage.

The Cloud River Ninth Layer Realms of Dragon Realm have really pushed the Cloud River Realm this realm to the limit.

So even if the cultivation base is the same, the strength is completely different.

It’s like the gap between the three cancers on Spirit Creek Battlefield and the average Tianjiu cultivator.

“It’s the Ninth Elder Wuxie of Tianhe Sect!” Zhuang Bufan’s voice sounded beside Lu Ye’s ear, “He’s a sword cultivator, brother Ye, be careful.”

Almost at the same time as Zhuang Bufan’s voice sounded, an azure streamer shot out from Wu Xie’s hands, the fierce Qi machine locked Lu Ye, and the sharpness of the breath even cut Lu Ye’s skin and felt pain.

The sword cultivator has always been known for its killing, and it is also the most lethal and most lethal among all Sects. In the comparison of the same level of cultivator, the sword cultivator can often suppress all other Sects.

Not to mention, Wu Xie’s cultivation base is even higher than that of Lu Ye.

There is a Flying Sword in the azure streamer called, and all the sharpness and sharpness come from this Flying Sword.

Even if they weren’t targeted by the Flying Sword, those cultivators who followed Lu Ye’s rush to kill couldn’t help but stop their steps.

With a single blow, everyone’s thoughts were lost, and they suddenly felt that life seemed meaningless.

Zhuang Bufan bit the tip of his tongue, forcibly breaking free from that negative state, full of shock.

I have long heard that the top ten elders of the Tianhe Sect are all unparalleled, but today I saw what they said was true, and the Ranked 9th Wuxie’s Flying Sword has already arrived. It is hard to imagine how powerful the elders who are still in front of him are the realm who cut their hearts first.

He looked at Lu Ye worriedly, and he didn’t know what would happen to Lu Ye next.

But what he saw surprised him.

In the face of such a sword, this brother Ye stepped on the ground with both feet, where the ground was cracked, and there were even more deep footprints on the ground. It swept out like an arrow from a string.

The spiritual power of fiery-red surged on his body, and his whole body seemed to be enveloped by firelight.

Wu Xie’s sword intent had no effect on him.

This is the reason why his mind is strong enough.

It means that this kind of intangible, invisible and intangible things are all aimed at the mind, so even if Lu Ye has never encountered such a killing move before, the mind is strong enough, Resist the impact of sword intent on yourself.

“en?” Wu Xie was stunned for a moment, and when he saw Lu Ye who came back under his own offensive, his eyes showed surprise, he had never seen such a Cloud River sixth layer environment, and suddenly coldly snorted: “No wonder he dared to kill my Tianhe Sect Disciple, it turned out to be something to rely on!”

As he thought about it, there was definitely an expert behind Lu Ye, maybe which Peak Great Sect he came from. , otherwise how could a hairless brat behave like this.

Before the change, Wu Xie had such an idea, and he might not kill him. He really messed up Peak Great Sect, and his life in the future would not be easy.

But nowadays, there is no need to worry about this.

The entire Tianhe Sect will soon stand on the opposite side of the Dragon Realm. Sooner or later, it will attract the encirclement and suppression of the three major Tyrant Blade Sect gates and kill a kid who doesn’t know where he came from. What’s the point?

As soon as a thought is born, a hundred swords rise, and the azure sword light suddenly differentiates into a hundred sword lights.

hiding the sky and covering the earth to wrap Lu Ye inside.

In this scene, the horrified Zhongxiu below was unable to speak, and Zhuang Bufan also complexion changed, and whispered: “It’s over.”

In his opinion, Lu Ye is no matter what. impossible survived under such a sword.

But then, a silhouette rushed out from the boundless sword light.

Blood Flying Sword, Lu Ye’s body is ragged, naked eyes visible scars, flesh and blood rolled.

The killing horror of sword cultivator, the sword cultivator of Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm is even more terrifying, and even more terrifying than this, is the sword cultivator of Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm who has been killing for years like Wu Xie ……

If he hadn’t urged the imperial guard spiritual mark to guard the whole body, it would have been impossible to stop that sword.

“Fleshy body is so strong?” Wu Xie was a little surprised, others might not have seen what happened at that moment, how could he not see clearly.

The sudden appearance of the strange spiritual power barrier and the flickering mysterious lines are clearly something that only the Battle Mark division can display.

That’s all there is to it, the key is that the boy’s fleshy body on the opposite side is a bit wrong. After breaking his defense, his Flying Sword failed to inflict fatal injuries on him. .

The other party looks battered and exhausted at the moment, but in fact it’s just some flesh wounds.

During his thoughts, Lu Ye had already slaughtered to the front. On his shoulders, Amber roared, the invisible shock spread with the sound waves, straight to Wu Xie’s mind.

Wu Xie only felt that his head had been hit with a hammer, and Venus shot straight up in front of him. Although he got rid of it in an instant, a little blade light had already appeared in his eyes.

In an emergency, a little blade light came over like a star curtain.

Wu Xie’s eyes shrank, and great unease rose in the heart. Until then, he realized that he had underestimated this youngster.

(End of this chapter)

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