Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 705


Chapter 705 Fellow Daoist is a little familiar

azure light turns around and falls on his hand, Wu Xie seems to change as a whole It became an unsheathed long sword.

Blade light, sword edges staggered, two figures closed at the touch of a touch, Lu Ye’s figure drifted back dozens of feet, blood spilled into the sky, and on his shoulders, Amber was awe-inspiring, blending with each other’s blood.

On the other side, Wu Xie also flew a few dozen meters away, his black clothed body was quickly soaked by the blood dyed red that seeped out, he gave Lu Ye a deep look, as if to want Lu Ye’s The silhouette is recorded in the depth of one’s soul, and glanced fiercely in the direction of the Medicine Valley grass hut, gritted his teeth and drank: “lowly maid, you are fine!”

After saying this, he turned around go!

It’s just that such a powerful Cloud River sixth layer environment suddenly appeared. The most important thing is that he didn’t know when he was poisoned!

I didn’t realize it before, until after fighting with Lu Ye, I realized that I was wrong.

And in this world, who can poison him with top secret, besides that little medical fairy, who else can it be? He thought about it, and didn’t know when he was caught.

Deeply horrifies the terrifying means of the little doctor fairy, fortunately, this woman never kills, and the poison she gave herself is not the kind of poison that can kill people, otherwise she would be dead.


The group of cultivators below looked stunned, all of them like a dream.

When Wuxie rushed out of the Medicine Valley, these cultivators who came to seek medical treatment thought that disaster was imminent. They dared to follow Lu Ye to break through the cultivator’s defense line, because there was no such thing in front of them. What a decent powerhouse sits, and Lu Ye takes the lead.

But in the face of such a famous powerhouse as Wuxie, they simply don’t have the courage to make trouble.

I thought that Lu Ye would definitely die, and they would also be killed to the last one. Who knew the situation would change so much.

They didn’t know that Wuxie was poisoned, they just thought that Lu Ye had hurt the other party and drove the other party away. For a while, Lu Ye was shocked.

The cultivators who came to seek medical treatment were shocked, and the remnants of the Tianhe Sect were even more shocked. Seeing their Ninth Elders flee quickly, they dared to stay in place and fled.

No one was chasing them, and they ran away quickly.

Lu Ye just fell down from in midair, a thoughtful look flashed in his eyes.

Although he has been in Cultivation Ba Blade Technique during this time, but strictly speaking, this is the second enemy he urged Ba Blade Technique to deal with.

Sure enough, the feeling of self-cultivation and fighting the enemy is not the same. In such a life and death battle, the tyrant Blade Technique is motivated, and he has a deeper understanding of this Blade Technique. His understanding and perception can also greatly contribute to his Cultivation on this Blade Technique.

The benefits are endless.

Although he didn’t know that Wu Xie was poisoned, he reluctantly retreated because he was afraid, but the words the other party said before leaving made him understand that the owner of Medicine Valley should have done this to him. What made him feel threatened.

If he really continues to fight, Lu Ye is not afraid. Maybe he will not be Wuxie’s opponent in a short time, but as long as he lasts for a while, he is sure to beat the opponent.

In any case, whether it is the blood-stained spiritual mark power, or the beast transformation secret technique, it is necessary to gather momentum to slowly exert the formidable power.

And once the battle situation was so intense that he urged him to activate the secret beast transformation technique, Wu Xie would surely die.

The Cloud River Ninth Layer Realms in this world are truly unimaginable. This is just the Ninth Elder. How strong are those who are ranked in front of him?

“Brother Ye, are you alright?” Zhuang Bufan asked with concern, mainly Lu Ye now looks somewhat miserable, in ragged clothes, with many wounds on his body, and his flesh and blood rolled.

Lu Ye shook his head: “Small injury.”

Zhuang Bufan admired: “Brother Ye is really good.”

He thought Lu Ye was a From which Disciple of Peak Great Sect, but after seeing the heaven startling blade, I suddenly woke up.

Isn’t this Ye Liu the Young Master of Blade Mountain Village?

That ferocious knife is undoubtedly the Blade Technique.

He had heard about the Ba Blade Mountain Village, but he didn’t know much.

A thirteen-fourteen year old with red lips and white teeth floated up from the depths of the Medicine Valley, bowed to give a salute, and said crisply: “Senior Brothers, my teacher has Please.”

Lu Ye returned the gift: “I had to break the rules of Medicine Valley, I hope the owner will forgive me.”

The medicine boy smiled and shook his head, as if he didn’t care.

Tianhe Religion has come aggressively, such a tyrannical cultivation thing, these drug boys have long been disliked, but their strength is low, and they can’t change anything at all. Now Lu Ye helps to drive Wuxie away, Another group of Tianhe cultivators were killed, and the medicine boys thanked him for being too late, so why would they care about the rules.

“Fellow Daoist, please go first!” Someone in the cultivator who came to seek medical advice stretched out his hand.

Others also chimed in.

powerhouse is respectable no matter where it is, and the Dragon Realm is no exception. I witnessed the battle between Lu Ye and Wu Xie with my own eyes. Who would be younger because of his age and cultivation base? To see him?

Furthermore, without Lu Ye, these people would probably still be stopped at Taniguchi and not allowed to enter.

Let Lu Ye go first, as it should be by rights.

Lu Ye didn’t refuse. He supported Zhuang Bufan, who was gasping for breath, and Yiyi, who was holding Ye Liuli, and walked towards the mountain within the valley. The others followed closely from behind.

Soon, Taniguchi was empty, only blood and corpses remained on the ground, showing the previous battle.

Led by the drug boy, a group of people quickly came to the grass cottage in the center of Medicine Valley.

The medicine boy bowed: “Master, someone brought it.”

Lu Ye cup one fist in the other hand, and said loudly: “Fengzhou Ye Liu, with her sister Ye Liuli You Zhuang Bufan, please help Xiaoyixian to help!”

“The doctor treats the disease and eliminates the disaster. The voice, that voice seems to have a kind of magical power, which makes people feel like a spring breeze. Just listening to this voice makes people feel relaxed.

Lu Ye and Yiyi looked shocked at the same time, and they looked at each other, both of them could see the surprise in each other’s eyes.

The eyebrows were slightly frowned, and Lu Ye said, “Nursing.”

Saying this, he stepped inside.

The grass hut is not big, and it is filled with all kinds of complex and mixed herbal medicinal smells. A plump silhouette is immediately imprinted into the eyes of the actor. The silhouette has her back to Lu Ye, can’t see her face, and is wearing a A pale green dress with black hair hanging down to the waist.

The woman seems to be pounding the herbs, one by one, meticulously.

This woman is undoubtedly the owner of Medicine Valley, a little doctor.

Lu Ye stared at her back, Yiyi was dumbfounded.

After a while, Yiyi turned to look at Lu Ye, his mouth squirmed, but no sound came out.

But Lu Ye knew what she wanted to express and shook her head slowly.

Immediately afterwards, under Zhuang Bufan’s extremely shocked gaze, Lu Ye stepped forward, stood in front of Xiaoyixian, and stared at her face for a moment.

Looking at his face clearly, Lu Ye pupils shrank, and his thumb subconsciously rubbed the Iwayama sword on his waist.

Brother what are you doing?

Zhuang Bufan shouted in his heart, if it wasn’t for the inconvenience at the moment, he was afraid that he would rush forward to pull Lu Ye back.

We are here to seek medical treatment, so what is the decency to run in front of people and stare at people’s faces!

Looking at the whole Longteng world, Xiaoyixian’s network prestige is all Peak, and no one dares to look down on her because she is a woman, even if she is really beautiful, we shouldn’t be like this. rude?

And he feels that Lu Ye doesn’t seem like the kind of person who likes women.

I was anxious and couldn’t help coughing violently.

Being stared at so closely, Xiao Yixian’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle.

No one had ever dared to stare at her like that.

The action of pounding the medicine stopped, looked up at Lu Ye, and said strangely: “Little friend, is there something on my face?”

Little friend!

This title comes from the mouth of the owner of this face, but it is quite novel.

Lu Ye narrowed his eyes slightly and said lightly: “No, I just think Fellow Daoist is a little familiar.”

It’s more than familiar, it’s too familiar.

When they heard Xiaoyixian’s voice before, Lu Ye and Yiyi felt a little weird, because the voice was clearly the same as Hua Ci’s voice, but if you really want to compare it, Xiaoyixian’s voice The sound is more vicissitudes of some years.

Lu Ye and Yiyi felt even more incredible after entering the cottage and seeing the back of Xiaoyixian.

Because from the back view alone, the two almost thought that Hua Ci was standing here.

So even if Lu Ye thought it was impossible, he couldn’t help but want to check it out with his own eyes, so he couldn’t wait to walk up to Xiaoyixian and stare at her.

Looking at this, Lu Ye almost couldn’t help but ask: What are you doing here?

Without him, Xiaoyixian has a face exactly similar to Hua Ci.

If she encounters such a woman elsewhere in the Cloud River battlefield, Lu Ye must think that Hua Ci has been promoted to Cloud River Realm and will come to the Cloud River battlefield.

But here is the Dragon Realm Secret Realm.

He came in through the Transmission Formation in the fierce place outside the Hundred Array Tower. Looking at the entire Cloud River battlefield, except for the Transmission Formation that he can repair, no one else has this ability at all.

So Hua Ci can’t get in at all.

There was no sign of the battle mark either.

You know, whether he is Hua Ci, or Yiyi, both are Jade Blood Sect Disciple, and both have Battlefield Mark belonging to Jade Blood Sect, with the same mark, when the distance is close enough , can sense each other.

In those days, the Eldest Senior Sister bravely entered the Spirit Creek Battlefield with the cultivation base of True Lake Realm. Lu Ye had never seen or heard her before, but Battlefield Mark’s feeling was not. Let him understand that it is his own who came.

The woman in front of her whose body shape, voice and appearance are exactly similar to Hua Ci has no Battlefield Mark, which means that she is not Hua Ci.

Of course, the more important point is that this woman is more mature than Hua Ci.

In age, Hua Ci is not really big. Lu Ye estimates that she is one or two years older than herself, but Hua Ci’s temperament tends to be mature and plump.

And the little medical fairy in front of him is the kind of woman who is very mature.

It looks like a more mature Hua Ci, exuding amazing charm everywhere.

(End of this chapter)

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