Great Sage of Humanity Chapter 706


Chapter 706 Drugs

Hua Ci That woman is more familiar, I am afraid this is what she looks like!

Lu Ye thought to himself.

“I think Xiaoyou is unfamiliar, but Xiaoyou’s Blade Technique is quite a true inheritance from his father, as if the student surpasses the master, and there are people in the Ye Family.” Xiaoyixian said, although his expression was still dull , but her voice itself gave a very kind and soft feeling.

Although she is a doctor, she is also a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm, which is why Wu Xie has not been rough before.

I really want to get started, Wu Xie is confident that he can take her down, but it will take some effort.

The battle between Lu Ye and Wu Xie at Taniguchi, she felt clearly, and it was not surprising to recognize the Blade Technique, after all, Ye Ying often came to Medicine Valley to ask for medicine over the years.

“Fellow Daoist overpraised.” Lu Ye restrained his thoughts.

Xiaoyixian frowned: “Your father calls me Senior Sister, you should call me Senior, I am much older than you think.”

impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Even if Xiaoyixian is ugly and unparalleled, Lu Ye has no psychological barrier to call a senior, but she is holding Hua Ci’s face, this senior is impossible to shout anyway.

“My sister’s old problem has happened again, and it seems to be much more serious than before. I also ask Fellow Daoist to help!” Lu Ye pretended not to hear what she just said, and then said: ” And this brother Zhuang…”

“He’s helpless.” The little doctor didn’t even look at Zhuang Bufan.

Zhuang Bufan’s blood was cold in an instant. His injury was really serious, and taking Healing Pill had no effect at all. In this world, only the little medical fairy could save him. If he said he was helpless, then he was really helpless.

He said with a sad face: “senior, I…”

“Although I don’t know what you did, but your vitality has been greatly damaged, and the Divine Soul has been injured, which is no longer my means. If you can cure it, you probably still have the essence of life in March. During this three months, your cultivation base will gradually drop, and eventually the spiritual power will dissipate, dry up and die.”

Zhuang Bufan’s heart is even colder.

Xiaoyixian didn’t even look at him, she had insight into his body condition, which undoubtedly showed that the name of Xiaoyixian’s medical skills is not in vain, but the more this is the case, the more it shows that her judgment is not in vain. will go wrong.

Is it the essence of life in March… Zhuang Bufan was muddleheaded like being bitten by lightning.

Before January, he was still living his life wantonly, and today, there is only life essence left in March.

This is a real impermanence.

My heart is full of annoyance, why did I get the thing, but I have so much curiosity, after a try, my body actually lost like this.

But after all, there is no Regret Medicine in this world, and it is useless to regret these things now.

“Is there really nothing that Fellow Daoist can do?” Lu Ye frowned.

Zhuang Bufan is still very good, his injury is already so serious, when he encounters mortals in difficulty, he still resolutely lends his hand to help, but such a person has only three months left due to some unknown reasons. life essence is somewhat regrettable.

Little Doctor Immortal shook his head.

Lu Ye was silent, but soon, he seemed to remember something, and quickly took out a jade bottle from the storage bag and handed it to the little doctor: “Fellow Daoist, look, this thing is useful to Brother Zhuang. Is it?”

Xiao Yixian took it, opened the jade bottle to watch, raised her eyebrows, and looked at Lu Ye in surprise: “Are you willing?”

jade bottle medium dress It’s nothing but soul-washing water.

Little Doctor Immortal said just now that Zhuang Bufan’s vitality was severely damaged and his Divine Soul was injured, so soul washing water should be useful.

Although he is strangers coming together by chance with Zhuang Bufan, he is worthy of admiration. It would be a pity for such a person to die like this, so even if Lu Ye knew in his heart that the people he met in this Secret Realm It may not be a real living person, but after all, I still can’t help but want to help.

“Since I have taken it out, there is nothing I can’t give up.”

Little doctor immortal dao: “If there is this thing, I can relieve his pain, but I want to Save him, but absolutely can’t.”

The cultivator’s body is like a balloon, even if he normally suffers any injuries, as long as the treatment is timely, it will not be a serious problem, but Zhuang Bufan’s body at the moment This balloon, in the eyes of Xiaoyixian, is full of holes, and it is not only solved by the soul wash.

Zhuang Bufan must have used means far beyond his own capacity, which caused such bad consequences.

“Brother Ye, don’t waste such a precious thing on me, Zhuang said with a carefree voice, it’s not a waste of life to meet someone like Brother Ye before dying. ”

He is also a Cloud River Ninth Layer Realm after all. Although he was hit suddenly, he quickly corrected his mentality.

Although I don’t know what kind of treasure Lu Ye brought out, it might make the little doctor immortal so moved, how could it be an ordinary treasure?

Little Doctor Immortal turned her head to look at him, and said gently: “You better accept his kindness, otherwise within three days, the pain you forcibly suppress will definitely drive you crazy, when the time comes life is better than death!”

Zhuang Bufan heard this and fought a cold war. For many cultivators, life and death are normal, and sometimes death is not terrifying, but if life is worse than death, That would be unacceptable.

“So, many thanks to brother Ye, thank Senior.” Zhuang Bufan gave a serious salute.

Xiaoyixian nodded lightly, put away the jade bottle in her hand, glanced at Ye Liuli again, and said, “She is an old problem, I can’t cure it, I can only relieve it, but the medicine recipes are all It’s ready-made, you can come to me tomorrow to get the medicine.”

“many thanks Fellow Daoist.”

“Thanks is unnecessary, it is the duty of a healer to treat and save people, and You also have to pay for the medicine.”

Zhuang Bufan said quickly: “I don’t know how much the medicine is? The Immortal Doctor interrupted him and just looked at Lu Ye, “Today, you retreated from Wuxie and killed the cultivator of the Tianhe Sect. The Tianhe Sect will definitely not let it go. I, in the Medicine Valley, have never fought against each other. I also don’t want anyone fighting within the valley to disturb the purity of the place.”

“I understand, Fellow Daoist can rest assured that the people from Tianhe Sect will not disturb you.”

“That’s the best.” The little doctor lowered his head and got busy again, “There is a cottage outside, find a place for yourself.”

Lu Ye led Yiyi and Zhuang Bufan to retreat. , looked for the two cottages on the side, and placed Ye Liuli and Zhuang Bufan properly.

“Lu Ye, that’s not Sister Hua Ci, right?” Inside the cottage, Yiyi said.

“Of course not.” Lu Ye shook his head.

Yiyi still couldn’t believe it: “But how can there be such a similar person in this world.”

That’s more than similar, it’s exactly the same, but Xiaoyixian is more than Hua Ci more mature.

It’s fine if they’re just similar in appearance. The key is that the voices are almost the same, which is somewhat unimaginable.

Lu Ye’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t know what to think, and said softly, “Maybe it’s not a simple similarity…”

“What is that?” Yiyi asked in confusion.

Lu Ye shook his head. Although he had some guesses, he couldn’t tell what the truth was. It would be interesting if things were as he thought.

Looking at the entire cultivation world, there are very few people close to me, Yiyi, Hua Ci, Second Senior Sister, Fourth Senior Brother, head teacher, Mrs. Yun…

Among them, I met Hua Ci in Weimo, although they didn’t spend much time together because of their different cultivation ways, but they have also experienced life and death together. Even if they haven’t seen each other for a long time, there will be no strangeness.

There is no doubt that Hua Ci can make him let go of all his defenses and make him feel friendly.

Even if it’s just the same as Hua Ci’s appearance and voice…

I can’t understand many things for the time being, but Lu Ye doesn’t believe that two different worlds can be so similar people.

This is totally unreasonable.

“Take care of Liuli, I’ll pay for the medicine.” Lu Ye ordered and walked out of the cottage.

There was a long queue outside the cottage where Xiaoyixian was located. There were cultivators coming in and out continuously. The people waiting were full of expectations, and the people who came out were very grateful. It can be seen that Xiaoyixian s method.

Generally speaking, the cultivators who come to the Medicine Valley to seek medical treatment pay all kinds of strange things, basically what they have, but most of them are Spirit Stone spirit pills or something.

Xiaoyi Xian didn’t ask Lu Ye for a Spirit Stone spirit pill. She has already made it clear. In today’s matter, Tianhe Sect probably won’t let it go, and will most likely return in a swirl of dust, so resisting the troubles of Tianhe Sect is the medicine Lu Ye needs to pay.

That woman, so confident in me?

Lu Ye felt strange in her heart, why did she think that her Cloud River sixth layer environment could withstand such a huge monster from Tianhejiao?

Do you just use your own sword to force Wu Xie back?

This is obviously not convincing.

Unless this woman knew something about him, for example, he was proficient in the formation path, and his accomplishments in the formation path far exceeded the entire Dragon Soaring Realm.

Things are getting a little more confusing.

But Lu Ye is not ready to shirk.

After all, it is not difficult for him to defend against foreign enemies that may come.

He arranged the many great formations in Huitian Valley himself one after another. Now it is no problem to set up another Medicine Valley, especially now that his formation skills are much higher than before.

After walking around the Medicine Valley to check the surrounding terrain, Lu Ye could indeed perceive the pure and rich Spiritual Qi beneath the Medicine Valley.

That should be where the leylines are.

This made Lu Ye feel a little bit more.

In the past, he only relied on the power of the Formation itself, but the real brilliant formation repair can use something like the spirit vein to let the Formation take root in it. In this way, the Formation It will be able to blend with the spirit vein, and its power will be greatly increased.

The spirit vein is not broken, and the Formation is not broken.

He didn’t do this before, mainly because of his lack of ability, but now, he has the capital to try.

If the leylines of Medicine Valley can be used as the base to lay a large formation, then the power of Formation here will be much stronger than that of Huitian Valley.

In addition, this also helped him improve his formation path. In this hands-on process, he confirmed what he had learned, and he was able to digest the huge gift of the Hundred Array Pagoda.

(End of this chapter)

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