Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 10

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"Big Brother Lu opened Spirit Orifice?" Yu Xiaodie asked.

"Why do you say this?" Lu Ye did not answer the question.

Yu Xiaodie pointed his finger at the storage bag on Lu Ye's waist.

Lu Ye knew it, and nodded: "Exactly." Then he asked, "Where are you?"

Yu Xiaodie raised a hand, and there was a touch of boldness on the palm of his hand. The light blooms.

She obviously also started Spirit Orifice, but Lu Ye didn't know how much she was a cultivator. This kind of thing is hard to ask, and they are not familiar with each other.

Both opened Spirit Orifice’s cultivator, and there are many topics in common between the two. Don’t look at the gathering of nearly a thousand people here, but among them, I’m afraid there are not many of them, and The cultivation base is extremely low.

Some of the real cultivation bases have already been absorbed by Evil Moon Valley and become the dísciple of Evil Moon Valley. You can imagine the end at this time.

Yu Xiaodie lowered his voice and said: "Tomorrow's chance is extremely important, absolutely not to be missed. If Big Brother Lu has any special innate talent, just show it as much as you want. This is related to your future."


She seems to know something.

Lu Ye responded: "Understood."

By the way, he doesn’t have any special innate talent, there is an Innate Talent Tree that others can’t see, but this thing. He must have shown it impossible.

After all, it is not good to be among a bunch of women, Lu Ye said a few words with Yu Xiaodie, and then left.

There are a lot of enslavers gathered here, and the range of activities is limited. Lu Ye looked around, and walked straight to a corner.

Over there, Liu's brother hid behind the crowd shiver coldly. Seeing Lu Ye walking, everyone looked pale.

When Lu Ye stood in front of them, the expressions of the two became more worried.

"You...what do you want?" Boss Liu yelled inwardly, while speaking, continuously looking in the direction where the fat cultivator was, as if he wanted to ask for help.

The answer to him was a fist that kept magnifying in front of his eyes. With just one punch, the bridge of Liu’s nose was interrupted and he fell to the ground. Lu Ye kicked the second Liu’s in front of him again. On his stomach, before he fell down, he grabbed his hair: "You don't seem to recognize me?"

Lao Er Liu is full of pain, and the Venus is staring in front of him. How can I answer?

Lu Ye coldly snorted, with a big hand, he shook Liu Lao Er behind him, fell his mouth and chewed on the mud, and lost two teeth.

Occupying the original position of Liu's brother, he sat down cross-legged, closing his eyes to calm his mind.

He is full of one orifice at the moment, but he can't find a place to open the second orifice. It is not good to continue the cultivation, so as not to waste Qi and Blood Pill.

In the evening, people from the Grand Heaven Alliance came to distribute food and bedding. Each of them received some. Lu Ye didn’t have enough food. Fortunately, Zhou Cheng also had food in his storage bag, so he took it. Came out, and started eating.

Other people on the side watched and swallowed, but no one dared to step forward.

Since Lu Ye taught Liu's brother, he has monopolized a large area, which saves a lot of trouble.

After Refining Essence into Qi, his appetite is getting bigger day by day, and he can eat the dried meat with keen interest pleasure.

No words for a night, until the next day, Lu Ye is full of energy, waiting for the so-called opportunity.

It wasn't until after breakfast that more than a dozen cultivators with different costumes came to the crowd. The leading one was a middle age person with hands behind ones back. Standing in front, glanced around, slightly said with a smile: "You youngsters come from different sects and families. You have been taken into captivity and enslaved here. You have had a lot of hard times, but this kind of life is over. Grand Heaven Alliance various sects. Those who are enlightened and those who have cultivation innate talent have the opportunity to enter various sects. Nian'er and others are good at grasping them. In the future, they may be able to fight side by side to slay demons and evils."

After speaking, he lightly Waved lightly.

The dozen or so cultivators with different costumes behind him took a step forward, and Number One Person stretched out and said, "You people, follow me."

A burst of spiritual power gushes out, wrapping up almost a hundred people.

When everyone came out, the cultivator led them to the side.

The same is true for the second person...

There are about a thousand people in enslavement, which is just enough for these ten cultivators.

Because Lu Ye is in the innermost position, he falls into the hands of the last cultivator.

As he didn't go far and came to a place, there was a cultivator who served the same cultivator as he came to maintain order, and everyone lined up in a line.

Lu Ye is in the middle of the team, looking around, seeing that the enslavements who were led out before him are all in this situation.

He understands that, I am afraid that some tests will be done to see if there is any enlightenment among these enslavements and suitable for cultivation.

Judging from the words of the middle-aged cultivator before, the one who opened the Spirit Orifice may have a greater advantage.

As for those who don’t have any knowledge or cultivation innate talent, they should not be taken seriously.

After the line was lined up, the cultivator who led them took out a table from the storage bag. He sat behind the table and said, "Go ahead."

The first slave walked to him at his sign.

The cultivator asked: "Have you ever opened up?"

The slave shook his head: "Never!"

"en." The crystal ball that came out pushed it over, instructed: "cover your hands on it."

The slavery did what it said, but the crystal ball didn't respond.

The cultivator behind the table shook his head: "There is no cultivation aptitude, next one!"

The enslavement was a little lost and hurriedly said: "I'm not ready, let me try again ."

"Next!" The cultivator waved his sleeves, and the chattering enslavement was swept aside and fell to the ground.

This scene made all the slaves who were still waiting in line feel sad. They knew whether their destiny could be changed or not, it was the crystal ball, and they were all suffocated.

Each enslaved step forward, all without cultivation aptitude.

Until the thirteenth person put their hands on the crystal ball, the crystal ball that had not responded suddenly lit up the rays of light of light azure.

"Finally there is one!" The cultivator behind the table smiled and looked up at the slave: "Name."

The slave's face flushed with excitement and answered truthfully.

The cultivator behind the table took out a jade token-like thing and activated it with spiritual power. Soon, the jade token side revealed the person's name.

Pass the jade token to him, instructed: "Take it carefully and use it later. Now go to the tent over there to find my Third Senior Brother to check the innate talent."

"Yes, thank you, sir." The slave was holding the jade token, like holding the most precious treasure, trotting towards the back, and behind it, there was a simple tent standing.

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