Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 11

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Seeing this scene, Lu Ye suddenly understood that this test is divided into two levels, one is to check the aptitude of cultivation, and the other is to check the level of innate talent.

aptitude and innate talent are not the same. The former determines whether a person can be cultivated and qualified for cultivation, while the latter determines how high a person’s achievements will be in the future. In theory, innate talent The better, the higher the achievement will be in the future.

Of course, the innate talent test here is only a general test because of the limited conditions. It is not guaranteed to be completely accurate, but it is always pretty close, and the deviation will not be too large.

Lu Ye is not worried about aptitude. He has learned his skills and can definitely be cultivation.

As for the level of innate talent, this is not true. He doesn't know what his innate talent is, and he has to go to the tent behind to test it before knowing it.

The first person with a cultivation aptitude has already appeared, adding a bit of vitality to the originally silent queue, and suddenly giving birth to a feeling that I can do it again.

However, the reality is cruel after all.

In the next test, more than a dozen people were eliminated before finally one with cultivation aptitude appeared.

As the previous scene is re-enacted.

The long queue is constantly shortening, one after another slavery from expectation to disappointment...

Generally speaking, there will always be one person with cultivation aptitude among more than ten people, this ratio The situation is similar to what Lu Ye knows.

He is standing in the second half of the queue, but because the detection speed is very fast, he is standing in front of the table before time it takes to burn a stick of incense.

"Have you ever opened up?" the cultivator behind the table asked the same.

"Opened one orifice." Lu Ye honestly replied.

The cultivation base immediately lifted the head, looked up and down Lu Ye, and said with a smile: "Okay, finally there is an enlightenment."

Although there were seven before Eight people passed the aptitude test, but the seven or eight people didn't get the hang of it. In the queue here, Lu Ye was the first one who actually opened the Spirit Orifice!

"Come on, put your hands on this." The cultivator pointed to the crystal ball on the table.

Lu Ye puzzled, isn't this thing for testing aptitude? I opened the Spirit Orifice myself, what else do I need to test?

The cultivator should have seen the doubts in Lu Ye's mind, and explained: "My side, not only test aptitude, but also check the genus."

" "Lu Ye is even more at a loss. He has never heard of such a thing.

Probably because Lu Ye opened the Spirit Orifice, the cultivator patiently explained: "Among Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Five Elements, everyone’s spiritual power will be biased towards a certain This is the category, and each category has a different focus."

"so that's how it is!" Lu Ye suddenly realized, and then wondered: "Before that..."

cultivator said with a smile: "They didn't even turn on Spirit Orifice, they didn't have spiritual power, and they couldn't detect the genus."

"That's it." Lu Ye got it and lifted it up. Cover the crystal ball with both hands.

"Motivate your spiritual power and inject it into it." That cultivator instructed.

Lu Ye acted according to his words, while staring at the change of the crystal ball, he was also curious about his own behavior.

The crystal ball lights up rays of light first, which means that Lu Ye has a cultivation aptitude, but for a person like him, this result is meaningless.

The next change is the test of the line.

Under Lu Ye's attention, an orange-yellow flame suddenly appeared in the crystal ball, and it was burning!

This scene made his pupils shrink a little, because the orange-yellow flame looked... so familiar.

"oh?" The cultivator behind the table raised his eyebrows and said enthusiastically: "Five Elements is the main fire, um, there are some gold shops, not bad, well, let's stop."

The main fire of his Five Elements, Lu Ye is understandable. After all, he was able to resuscitate thanks to the Innate Talent Tree. It was the Innate Talent Tree who swallowed a group of orange-yellow flames that made him suddenly open. Spirit Orifice.

The leaf carrying the sharpness spiritual mark on the Innate Talent Tree is also burning.

But Jin Xing couldn't figure it out, he only wondered if it was his original profession.

"Gather this thing, and find me the Third Senior Brother in the tent at the back." The cultivator handed Lu Ye a jade token, and Lu Ye thanked him for it. Only the jade token was carved with himself There is a word at the bottom of the name, which should represent one orifice, and on the other side is engraved with one's own behavior.

Crossing the table, Lu Ye walked towards the back.

There is a temporary tent not far away. Those people who have passed the aptitude test before have entered here to check the innate talent.

Standing in front of the tent, Lu Ye first made a guilty complaint, then opened the curtain and walked in.

The space in the tent is not small, there is a meticulous look, a cold-faced cultivator, sitting cross-legged on a futon, closing his eyes and resting. I want to come here to be the Third Senior Brother.

Not far in front of the Third Senior Brother, there is a circular disk made out of some kind of wood. The disk is the size of a tabletop and has eight pits on the edge. Some bare young saplings grew by the pit.

Lu Ye came to him and cup one fist in the other hand gave a salute: "Lu Ye has met Senior Brother. This is my jade token. Please also senior Brother to check it."

Then the Third Senior Brother opened his eyes, took the jade token, looked at the front and back, and raised his brows: "It's opened up?" He stretched out his hand and motioned: "Sit down."

It looks like this circle The disc is to detect the height of the innate talent. Lu Ye walked up, sat cross-legged in the center, and inadvertently glanced at it, and found that the disc was engraved with many complicated patterns and patterns.

spiritual mark? Lu Ye suddenly became interested and looked carefully, but with his current eyesight, he couldn't see what these spiritual marks were for.

The only spiritual mark he knows is sharpness.

There are many spiritual marks engraved on the disc, which are very dense, closely connected to each other, and integrated.

This is not just a spiritual mark. Lu Ye woke up and remembered something he had heard.

This is a Formation!

Is Formation constructed by spiritual mark?

"Cough!" The Third Senior Brother interrupted his thoughts with a light cough, and Lu Ye quickly sat down in a distress.

With eyes facing each other and a brief silence, the Third Senior Brother opened the mouth and said: "My Azure Jade Sect is located in Cangluan Mountain in the hinterland of Bing Province. There are 300 Spirit Peaks of different sizes. The comprehensive strength lies in Bing. Province ranks in the top five. Both the sect master and the Vice Sect Masters are Divine Sea Realm. Under the sect master, there are hundreds of True Lake Realm cultivators..."

Lu Ye thought that the Third Senior Brother was He is a taciturn person, but now I find myself wrong.

As soon as the Third Senior Brother opens his mouth, he will be endless, continuously introducing the various situations of Azure Jade Sect, listening to Lu Ye in the cloud and mist, I don't know how to be fierce.

And somehow, the rhetoric of Third Senior Brother actually gave him a strong sense of sight.

When the Third Senior Brother talked endlessly about "How is the Sword Sect in the door, how is the Fazong...", Lu Ye's dusty memory rolled up.

Lu Ye twitched his mouth slightly, wondering if this is the introduction to the recruitment of cultivation world?

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