Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 12

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The cold- faced Third Senior Brother talked endlessly . They were all introducing the situation in Azure Jade Sect. It took a while before the conversation changed: "You are the main fire of Five Elements. , I remember that Zongmen has a set of Great Flame Burning Desolation Judgments, which should be very suitable for you. Of course, you can develop in the direction of metal. There are also many metal cultivation techniques in the Zongmen. And if you enter my Azure Jade Sect, even if it is a trial dísciple , There are also two Spirit Gathering Pill shares every month. If you pass the assessment and become an Official Disciple, the share will double, can you remember?"

Lu Ye quickly nodded: "Remember. "

I am puzzled, what does this mean, and how does it sound like you are soliciting yourself? If you put it that way, your own one-orifice cultivator really has a great advantage.

He was secretly proud.

Third Senior Brother said again: "Just remember, sit down, calm down, you may feel some pain later, but don’t worry, this is just the process of testing the innate talent, and it’s also necessary. Don't push the spiritual power to resist."

"Yes!" Lu Ye responded, putting his hands on his knees, palms facing up, and closing his eyes.

Next moment, he felt there was a surge of spiritual power. Although he was curious about what the Third Senior Brother was doing, he couldn’t open his eyes to see. When the spiritual power surged, it came from underneath his butt. There was a slight vibration, Lu Ye guessed that the Formation on the disc had an effect.

As he thought, at this time, the eight pits on the edge of the disc have been put into eight cocoon-sized crystals by the Third Senior Brother. This is the Spirit Stone commonly used by cultivators in arrays. It is Lu Ye has never seen something.

When the Third Senior Brother actuated the disc array, the Spirit Stone embedded in the eight pits released a faint mist. The mist is the spiritual power stored in the Spirit Stone. The transformation of array becomes pure Spiritual Qi.

The rich Spiritual Qi quickly filled the space enclosed by the disc, but the disc all around seemed to have an invisible barrier, and Spiritual Qi was bound in the disc.

Lu Ye, who was sitting upright, moved his heart. Although he closed his eyes, he felt that there were many wonderful things around him. These things were digging into his body, causing him to give birth to a kind of extreme Comfortable feeling.

Is this spiritual power?

Lu Ye immediately reacted, vomiting Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is one of the main methods of cultivation for cultivators. When he was in the mine before, Lu Ye tried it, perhaps because of the terrain. He didn't feel the existence of Spiritual Qi in the mine, so he could only choose Refining Essence into Qi.

After being taken out of the mine by the surnamed Tang old man, he forgot to perceive the Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth.

Until this moment, he directly felt the existence of Spiritual Qi this thing.

But remembering the previous instructions of the Third Senior Brother, he resisted this temptation and didn't hesitate at will.

Opposite him, the Third Senior Brother now pinched a magic decision in his hand, continuously stimulating the power of formation, while staring at the small saplings at the edge of the disc.

The array on the disc is specifically used to detect the level of innate talent. When the Third Senior Brother urges the formation's prestige, the eight spiritual stones embedded on the disc will release the stored spiritual power, turned into a rich Spiritual Qi.

Through his actions, these Spiritual Qi will be introduced into the subject, and then flow into the formation of the disc. In this way, the small saplings at the edge of the array will undergo some changes.

In short, the body of Lu Ye sitting on the disk at this moment is a transit station. Spiritual Qi will transfer to the array through his body, and then let the eight small tree saplings grow up. Some changes.

The more the number of small saplings that have changed, the higher the aptitude of the subject, and vice versa.

At its root, this kind of test is to see whether the circulation of the Spiritual Qi introduced into the body is smooth. The smoother the circulation, the more suitable for cultivation and the higher the innate talent.

Because the cultivator cultivation is simply the Spiritual Qi that strengthens itself, if even the Spiritual Qi does not circulate smoothly in the body, what else is there for cultivation?

Next to the disk array, the Third Senior Brother continued to do it, and the eight young saplings remained stable. His eyebrows were slightly frowned, which increased the formidable power of the array.

Lu Ye suddenly brows knit, because he felt a faint tingling pain in his body, as if a lot of spiritual Qi from outside was burrowing into his body, making him feel like he was pierced by countless needles , And as time goes by, this pain becomes more and more obvious.

When he was almost unable to bear it, the tingling sensation all over his body suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the voice of the Third Senior Brother came from his ear: "It's okay."

Lu Ye quickly opened his eyes, took a long breath, met the gaze of the Third Senior Brother, and found that he was looking at himself with a very complicated gaze.

This made him feel a little bit bad.

"Dare to ask Senior Brother, how is my innate talent?" Lu Ye asked.

The Third Senior Brother did not speak, but glanced at the disc, stretched out his hand to flick Lu Ye's jade token, and handed it back to him.

Lu Ye took it and found that the back of the jade token was engraved with the side of his profession, and there was one more word.

What does this mean?

Lu Ye wanted to ask what happened, but the Third Senior Brother obviously didn’t want to talk anymore. He was also hopelessly muddled. He stood up from the disc and greeted the Third Senior Brother: "many thanks Senior Brother !"

When I turned to the outside, I saw eight bare young saplings on the disc, one of which had grown a crisp leaf...

The one on the back Does the word mean a small tree sapling? He secretly guessed.

"Little friend!" The Third Senior Brother suddenly said.

Lu Ye walked to the door and turned around: "What's the order of Senior Brother?"

Third Senior Brother said: "Just what I said to you, little friend Quan should not listen Come on."

Lu Ye:...

Stepping out of the tent, taking a few deep breaths, a strong sense of crisis rises in the mind.

Although he is not sure whether his innate talent is high or low, just looking at the rhetoric and attitude before and after the Third Senior Brother, Lu Ye feels very bad.

My innate talent is probably a bit... extraordinary.

Still have to find someone to confirm it.

Lu Ye turned his head and looked around, suddenly saw a silhouette standing quietly in a corner, and walked straight over.

Halfway through, the silhouette also saw Lu Ye and smiled and waved.

Approaching, Lu Ye greeted: "Miss Yu."

Yu Xiaodie gave a gift: "Big Brother Lu."

I can see it, at this moment. Yu Xiaodie's mood is much better than yesterday.

She has completed the test and the result is not bad.

Lu Ye picked up the jade token in his hand and handed it over: "You help me see, what's the matter with my innate talent?"

Yu Xiaodie took it and passed it. He smiled and said: "Big Brother Lu can open Opening Immortal Orifice, the innate talent is definitely not... bad!" When she said the last two words, she saw the one on the back of the jade token Words, eyelids couldn't help but jump, and his tone hesitated.

Seeing her reaction like this, Lu Ye suddenly understood.

Does my innate talent really seem to be unsatisfactory?

"Miss Yu, how is your innate talent?" Lu Ye asked.

Yu Xiaodie said: "Similar to Big Brother Lu."

Lu Ye waved his hand: "You don't need to comfort me. I probably understand that the smaller the number, the innate talent. The lower it is?"

Yu Xiaodie pursed her lips to comfort Lu Ye, but she didn’t know how to speak. In the end, she could only nodded: "Yes."

"No wonder." Lu Ye Thinking of the last sentence of the Third Senior Brother, I secretly thought that cultivators are also very realistic.

Yu Xiaodie said: "Big Brother Lu does not need to be discouraged. Today's test can't be considered, and the array used is not high level. Sometimes there are errors."

Lu Ye smiled: "Although I don't know what the array is, but once the result comes out, then I can only face it calmly."

Yu Xiaodie looked at him curiously: "Big Brother Lu is serious Don’t think it’s okay?” Lu Ye’s free and easy way doesn’t seem to be pretended, and most people will definitely get a little frustrated when they get such results.

Lu Ye looked towards not far away, said with a slight smile: "Compared with those people, I am very lucky to be able to open my eyes."

Follow him Looking at it, a large group of desperate people gathered over there, all of whom were eliminated without cultivation aptitude.

Brother Liu's two are among them.

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