Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 13

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"By the way, how is your innate talent?" Lu Ye asked, turning his head .

Although Yu Xiaodie’s attitude shows that her innate talent is not too bad, Lu Ye still can’t help but want to compare. He has to know how bad his innate talent is. It actually caused the Third Senior Brother's words to be very different.

Yu Xiaodie originally held her jade token in her hand, and she shrank instinctively after hearing Lu Ye say this. This was not what she wanted to hide, but she didn't want to hit Lu Ye too much.

Lu Ye teased: "I despise me? A man like a creature, the more you get hit, the more motivated you are!"

Yu Xiangdie helplessly said: "Big Brother Lu Really want to see it?"

Lu Ye said with a smile: "Anyway, the result has come out, no matter how bad it is, it won’t be too bad."

Yu Xiaodie thought for a while. : "That's right, Big Brother Lu is really free and easy." She admired.

Lu Ye has already talked about this, but she was lucky to refuse. The information recorded on the jade token is not something that cannot be shown.

extend the hand and pass your jade token to Lu Ye.

Lu Ye took it, fixed his eyes, and saw that Yu Xiaodie's name was engraved on this side of his moved towards himself. He turned to the other side, and on it was her genus, a wooden character, look It looks like the main wood of Yu Xiaodie Five Elements, and there is a number under the wood.


Lu Ye looked a little dumbfounded, which seemed to him...something different?

He asked, "No, Miss Yu, how could this be 38? Isn’t the highest eight?"

He remembered clearly that there was only How could there be such an outrageous number 38 for eight small saplings.

"The highest is sixty-four." Yu Xiaodie was confused by Lu Ye's words, pinched fingers to calculate, muttered: "Eight trees and eight leaves, it is sixty-four, theoretically. Say, the highest heaven endowment is 64 leaves."

Lu Ye raised his eyes to look at her, his eyes slowly lost their luster...

Yu Xiaodie was startled and yelled softly. He said: "Big Brother Lu? Are you okay?"

Just now, what kind of creatures such as men are being hit, the more energetic they are, why are they hit like this in a blink of an eye?

Sure enough, he shouldn't show him his jade token, Yu Xiaodie secretly blamed himself.

"Cheer up Big Brother Lu."

"Let me be quiet!" Lu Ye waved at her, looking up at the sky, his eyes blank.

He probably understands that the word engraved on the back of his jade token does not represent a small sapling, but a leaf on a small sapling!

In the innate talent test, each sapling can give birth to eight leaves, and a total of eight saplings, the limit is 64 leaves.

The 38 of Yu Xiaodie jade token represents that in the innate talent test, the young saplings gave birth to a total of 38 leaves, and he only has one leaf, not a tree!

Lu Ye was really hit hard.

He has tried his best to lower his psychological expectations, but in the end he realized that what he thought was the bottom line expectations was nothing at all.

Bottom in the eighth gear and bottom in the 64th gear are completely different.

"Big Brother Lu..." Yu Xiaodie looked at him worriedly, only feeling that Lu Ye's whole person was enveloped in a grayish aura, and the vitality just disappeared thoroughly, "though the innate talent It’s important, but it doesn’t mean everything, Big Brother Lu, I’ve heard someone say something called heaven rewards the diligent......"

"Then you must have never heard anyone say that Heaven and Earth is indifferent to everything As a dog..."

"Ah?" Yu Xiaodie felt strange.

Lu Ye has taken a deep breath and recovered. Although he still feels a little uncomfortable, as he said before, the result has come out, so you can only face it calmly.

even more how, he still has the Innate Talent Tree!

Even if your innate talent is not high enough, this magical Innate Talent Tree should be able to make up for it.

"Tell me what is the basis for testing innate talent?" Lu Ye asked.

Although he tested it in the tent just now, he didn’t know how to test it. Clearly, he closed his eyes during the whole process.

Yu Xiaodie did not immediately explain, but looked at him seriously.

There is still some worry in her eyes, Lu Ye said with a smile: "I'm really fine."

Yu Xiaodie sighed, opened the mouth and said: "Big Brother Lu since If you want to know, then I will tell you what I know."

She will tell you the principle and testing process of the array one after another.

Lu Ye can understand: "That is to say, Spiritual Qi is difficult to be introduced into my body? So my innate talent is very low?" He can't help but think of his own feelings during the test, those external Spiritual Qi burrowed hard into his body, but couldn't get into it, stabbing him with pain all over his body.

Yu Xiaodie nodded and said: "Exactly."

"So that's how it is!" Lu Ye probably understood, and then he was puzzled: "But these can What do you mean? Why can you judge a person’s innate talent from these appearances? Don’t get me wrong, Miss Yu, I don’t care about my innate talent, I just want to know the reason."

Look at him. With the solemnly vowed expression, Yu Xiaodie somewhat didn't know whether to cry or laugh, and patiently explained: "Does Big Brother Lu know what way the cultivator needs to become stronger?"

Lu Ye said: " Taking Spirit Pill, vomiting Spiritual Qi, Refining Essence into Qi, relying on Spirit Stone?"

"That's it." Yu Xiaodie nodded, "But the most important thing is to vomit Spiritual Qi and rely on Spirit Stone. In addition, the two way is only a supplementary method. If it is difficult for the external Spiritual Qi to be introduced into the body, the cultivation efficiency will naturally be low, and the innate talent will be low. With the same time and resources, a cultivator with a high innate talent can open more Spirit Orifices, and future achievements will be natural. The higher it is. Now that Big Brother Lu has opened Spirit Orifice, I also feel the difficulty of cultivation."

Lu Ye remembered the days when he was all black, no daylight in the mine, eating every day After eating Qi and Blood Pill, and then Refining Essence into Qi, I feel that I am getting stronger a little bit. It seems that it is not very difficult, but there is still a little... little happiness?

Yu Xiaodie said that cultivator cultivation mainly relies on inhaling Spiritual Qi and Spirit Stone, and taking Spirit Pill and Refining Essence into Qi are supplementary methods, but he seems to be... the other way around.

He vaguely felt something was not right, so he opened the mouth and said: "Ms. Yu, after you opened the first Spirit Orifice, how long did it take until the Spirit Orifice was full?"

If there is an intuitive comparison, he can judge the efficiency of his cultivation. He feels that his innate talent should not be that low.

"It looks like more than twenty days." Yu Xiaodie replied. She didn't ask Lu Ye about the situation because she felt that this problem would hit the other party again.

One leaf innate talent, if you want to fill up the first Spirit Orifice, even with the assistance of Spirit Pill, I am afraid it will take several months.

With the kindness that Lu Ye saved her before, she still feels grateful to Lu Ye. At this moment, the more she looks at Lu Ye, the more pitiful she feels...

Sure enough, in her After saying that sentence, Lu Ye dumbfounded murmured and repeated: "Are you more than twenty days?"

Yu Xiaodie hurriedly said: "Big Brother Lu, our situation is different. An Evil Moon Valley dísciple was taken away. She probably wanted to use me to cultivation some witchcraft, so she helped me prescribe Spirit Orifice and gave me a Spirit Gathering Pill to take. I can get Spirit Orifice for more than 20 days. Full."

Is this still the speed of Spirit Pill's cultivation?

Lu Ye, on the other hand, eats the cheapest Qi and Blood Pill. From resuscitation to fullness of Spirit Orifice, it should only take more than ten days, faster than Yu Xiaodie.

What is the situation?

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