Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 15

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"You can choose the sect carefully. If you choose well, you may not be able to get what you want." A voice suddenly came from the side.

Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie turned their heads and were surprised to find that there was a fatty beside them. They were looking at them with a smile, their small eyes were squeezed by the flesh on their faces. Can't see it anymore.

It was that fatty who registered and checked the identities of the slaves before.

When did he come here, Lu Ye didn't notice at all.

"I have seen the Senior Brother!" Yu Xiaodie quickly gave a salute, with a cautious expression. Although she had a few tricks, a fat cultivator still exists for her as aloof and remote. At this moment It is inevitable to be nervous.

Lu Ye followed suit.

"I can't help but come over and have a look after listening to you guys talking, don't you mind?" The fat cultivator patted his fat belly with one hand, his expression amiable.

"Don't dare." Yu Xiaodie waved his hand quickly. Although nervous, his thinking was clear. Realizing this was an opportunity, he deliberately asked: "Dare to ask Senior Brother, what was the sentence just now? What do you mean?"

Although she knows more about the cultivation world than Lu Ye, but her knowledge is also limited. How can she compare to the Grand Heaven Alliance cultivator, such as the fat cultivator.

"Of course it means literally, do you want to know?" The fat cultivator smiled more cordially, replying to Yu Xiaodie's words, but looking at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye doesn’t know what this guy is staring at him, he always feels that he has a bit of harboring malicious intentions, but it is related to his own future, or he politely said: "Please also Senior Brother for advice."

"If you want to know..." The fat cultivator affectionately patched Lu Ye's shoulder, "It depends on whether you have enough sincerity."


Lu Ye raised his brows, remembering the first time he saw this fat cultivator before, and the other person stared at the storage bag around his waist.

No way? Shouldn't it be like this?

People are also a cultivation base profound cultivator anyway, can they be guilty of the idea of ​​hitting yourself as a nobody?

But the implied meaning in and out of the other party's words is very obvious, as long as it is not a fool can hear it.

After being silent for a while, Lu Ye tried to lift his hand and put it into the storage bag around his waist, but when he saw that the fat cultivator narrowed his eyes, he slowly opened a little and smiled. More heartfelt.

He put his hand down, and the fat cultivator returned to its previous appearance.

He raised his hand, and the fat cultivator's eyes opened a little more...

After so many times, Lu Ye finally confirmed that things were really what he thought.

The fat cultivator can’t stand it anymore. I haven’t seen Lu Ye so blatantly tossing people, unhappy with his sleeves: "It looks like you don’t want to know."

Then he turned around and held hands. The upper body sank, the fat cultivator looked down, and saw a bottle of Qi and Blood Pill stuffed in his hand, and Lu Ye standing in front of him had an expression of several kilograms of meat cut on his face.

The fat cultivator couldn't help his mouth twitching: "This is your sincerity?"

What kind of shit, he came here specially for such a bottle of rubbish!

"Then what does Senior Brother want?" Lu Ye asked.

The fat cultivator really can’t stand him, he simply pointed out: "Ore!"

Lu Ye said curiously: "Senior Brother, such aloof and remote characters, can also be seen. Those ore?"

The fat cultivator said: "Then you don’t know. The ore produced by the vein of Evil Moon Valley are all fine products. They are rare. Besides, you want to Knowing information naturally has to pay a price. I can’t tell you something for nothing, and we don’t have much friendship."

"This makes sense." Lu Ye agreed, nodded, since I took a piece of ore from the storage bag and handed it to the fat cultivator.

The fat cultivator did not immediately accept it, his eyes narrowed into a slit, and he shook his head lightly: "I can't see your sincerity."

"Such a big piece!" Lu Ye held it up. The ore with the big washbasin is the largest piece of ore in the storage bag around his waist.

The fat cultivator hummed lightly, ignore him.

Lu Ye couldn't help but snorted, with a painful expression on his face, put the ore in his hand by his feet, and took another piece of ore from the storage bag.

He has been digging in the mine for more than a year, and he knows something about these ores. Although they don’t know the specific value, they can be easily found. They must be of low value. The two ore that he took out look like The size is not small, but in fact it is not uncommon when he is mining. It belongs to the type that is easier to find.

Zhou Cheng’s storage bag contains not many ore, only five or six pieces. Most of them are common ore, but Manager Yang’s storage bag. There are many rare things.

The second piece of ore was taken out, and the fat cultivator’s face had a little smile: "Boy, don’t think I’m taking advantage of you. Righteous Qi Sect Pang Dahai is somewhat famous in this Bing Province cultivation world. Others want me to give pointers, but I don’t even bother to take care of it."

On the side, Yu Xiaodie sees these two people doing this under broad daylight. Because of this, the fat cultivator still keep on saying that he is Righteous Qi Sect, and only feels that something is broken in his heart.

Lu Ye can't stand it a little too: "Are you from Righteous Qi Sect?"

How about your awe-inspiring righteousness?

While speaking, he has already taken out the third ore.

Pang Dahai's eyes are still narrowed, obviously he still can't see sincerity.

Lu Ye's eyes twitched, wishing to poke his eyelids open so that he could see clearly.

Helplessly, it was definitely not his opponent, so he took out the fourth piece. This time he chose a precious piece of magnetic essence ore.

Pang Dahai frowned and kept smiling.

Lu Ye patted his hand, pointing to the four ore on the ground: "Is sincerity not enough?"

Pang Dahai smiled and said nothing.

"Okay, there is no way." Lu Ye sighed, under the stunned gaze of Pang Dahai and Yu Xiaodie, he squatted down and took the first piece of ore into the storage bag. , And then looked up at Pang Dahai: "Is it enough?"

Pang Dahai's eyes opened completely, and he looked at Lu Ye with a shocked look, and his heart was in a mess.

Yu Xiaodie was also shocked by Lu Ye's harassment, and didn't understand what this Big Brother Lu meant.

Lu Ye took the second piece of ore back again, and raised his head to ask Pang Dahai: "Is it enough?"

"I..." Pang Dahai seems to be I wanted to curse, but I held back the words to my lips, trying to maintain an expert demeanor, but the expression was already flustered and exasperated.

Lu Ye has grabbed a pair of magic claws towards the third ore. One hand pressed his arm. Lu Ye looked up and saw Pang Dahai gnashing teeth looking at him: "Enough, enough Up!"

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