Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 16

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After a while.

"You brat Interesting." Pang Dahai has collected the two ore.

Yu Xiaodie stood aside trembling in fear. Not only was he not angry, but he smiled happily. I really didn't understand what the Senior Brother was thinking.

Having seen enough sincerity, Pang Dahai bluntly said: "Cultivation is a lifetime thing, so in the early-stage cultivator, it is best to determine the cultivation according to your own profession or innate talent. Of course, the innate talent I was talking about is not the cultivation innate talent you just tested, but the fit with a certain faction."

"Faction?" Lu Ye keenly grasped the key point. , Some doubts, don’t you want to point out the selection of the sect? What faction did you say?

"Yes, faction!" Pang Dahai nodded, "There were many strange factions in the Nine Provinces cultivation world, but in the end there are not many factions survived. There are only six main factions, majoring in fleshy body. The body cultivator, the weapon cultivator for close combat, the magic cultivator for studying magic, the medical cultivator for hanging pots, the ghost cultivator for psychic ghosts, and the external cultivator for pill concocting, picture talisman, arrays, and other foreign objects. Of course, there are some other small factions that have been preserved, but they are not common. If you have the chance to encounter them in the future, you will naturally know."

"It can be said that this Six Great Sects includes Nine Provinces. Ninety-nine percent of the cultivators in the cultivation world also determine the direction of their cultivation. If you choose the right direction, then the cultivation will naturally double the results for half the effort in the future. For example, someone with Innate Divine Strength and strong physique is the natural choice. The path of body cultivator, for example, some people are born with extremely excellent innate talents in spells, that is naturally the path of magic cultivator, and some people don’t like to fight and kill, then go to pile concocting to save people. It’s a choice that suits you, so it’s important to determine your faction. Otherwise, if a person who wants to be a sword enters the Hundred Flower Valley, no one can teach you."

Pang Dahai talked about it. After that, both Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie who listened to it were even nodded, and even Yu Xiaodie had never heard of this information.

"According to the Senior Brother, different sects focus on different factions?" Lu Ye vaguely understood what he meant.

"Did I say it?" Pang Dahai astonished.

"Senior Brother just said that people in Hundred Flower Valley don't teach swords."

"You are smart." Pang Dahai gave Lu Ye a glance with approval, didn't expect him I just infer some things through my own words, "Generally speaking, a small sect has only one impossible faction, ranging from two or three to four or five or more, such as the top ten and one Rank Sect. All factions are complete, and of course there are exceptions. Northern Profound Sword Sect has only one weapon cultivator faction, and it is the most extreme kind of weapon cultivator.” Speaking of this Northern Profound Sword Sect, Pang Dahai couldn’t help the fat on his face. After smoking it, it seemed that some unpleasant memories came to mind.

He paused, and then said: "Although a small sect is composed of several factions, there are always different focuses. In this case, the lower the grade, the more obvious the sect, because They don’t have much energy and resources to let all factions go hand in hand. Take Burning Moon Mountain this time as an example. They use the magic cultivator and the pill cultivator of the external cultivator as the main ones, and the pill cultivator of Burning Moon Mountain is refined. Spirit Pill, looking at the entire Bing Province, is well-known. If Five Elements fire people want to visit Burning Moon Mountain, they will undoubtedly have a greater advantage, because the spiritual pill concocting requires the spirit of the fire industry. power."

When he said the last sentence, he glanced at Lu Ye, and the hint was already obvious.

Lu Ye suddenly said: "This is what Senior Brother said before, determine the faction based on one's own profession?"

"Exactly." Pang Dahai nodded, "Golden master sharpness, yes Take the path of weapon cultivator, magic cultivator, and body cultivator. The tree is vital, and you can take body cultivator, medical cultivator, magic cultivator, pill cultivator, the path of formation repair, the water travels softly, contains all things, all factions are not repulsive, Fire Element violent, except medical cultivator ghost cultivator is not suitable, other factions can be compatible, the soil is heavy, the most suitable to become a body cultivator, so what path you want to take in the future depends not only on your interests, but also on yours Belonging to the line.

There is a saying in mortals that men are afraid of entering the wrong line. This is the same in the cultivation world."

"Everyone has been tested right now, and someone will give it to you later. To distribute some things, it’s up to you to stay, but you have to make a good choice, which sect you want to visit, it is best to determine which factions that sect focuses on, and whether these factions conflict with your belongings."

"Understood." Lu Ye was nodded, cup one fist in the other hand and said: "many thanks Senior Brother."

Although Pang Dahai seemed a bit greedy for money, he took him two yuan Ore, but these words he said are indeed unheard, enough to offset the value of the two ore.

Pang Dahai waved his hand: "They are all common-sense things, so you have less contact with the outside world, so I don’t know."

"I also need to ask Senior Brother, I The attribute is the main fire and auxiliary gold. Which sect is better this time?"

"Well, you..." Pang Dahai glanced at him up and down, then smiled: "I feel that you choose whichever sect you choose. No show."

Lu Ye's face was as dark as the bottom of a pot: "Then Senior Brother just told me so much and why?"

Pang Dahai was overjoyed: "I heard that one One leaf innate talent guy, I came to see a strange one! You know that for so many years, I have not seen one leaf...hahaha!"

His whole body of laughter is shaking, Lu Ye I can't wait to rush up and hammer him to death!

I don’t know which bastard has passed on his innate talent. UU Reading really means that good things do not go out and evil things go a long way.

Just when Lu Ye almost couldn't bear it, Pang Dahai suddenly stopped laughing, lowered his voice and said to Lu Ye: "If I were you, I would lower my expectations to the lowest level, and don't half-hearted. , So... or it may get what you want!"

After finishing speaking, he turned to look towards Yu Xiaodie and said with a smile: "little girl, is there anything you want Senior Brother to give me advice?"

Yu Xiaodie couldn't ask for it, and hurriedly said: "Senior Brother thinks which sect is better for me to worship?"

"Do you like to fight and kill?" Pang Dahai asked.

Yu Xiaodie shook his head into a rattle, how can a girl like to fight and kill.

"Then go to Hundred Flower Valley." Pang Dahai said, "Most of Hundred Flower Valley are medical cultivators. You don't need to fight and kill them, and even if you are captured, you won't be too harsh. "Hundred Flower Valley..." Yu Xiaodie looked thoughtful and gave a salute: "many thanks Senior Brother."

Her Five Elements main tree, is It is suitable for Hundred Flower Valley, Pang Dahai clearly knows how to give advice.

Pang Dahai left, leaving Lu Ye standing there in a bad mood.

Yu Xiaodie had the heart to comfort him, but didn't know how to speak, and simply broke the topic: "Senior Brother, there is something I didn't understand."


"You just gave that senior Brother Pang four ore that he didn't want, why did you take two and he asked for it?"

Lu Ye casually explained: "In his It seems that those four stones belong to him. I don't know how to cherish what I have. Only when I lose it can I know how precious it is."

Yu Xiaodie hearing this fell into deep thought, only to find that it made sense.

Of course, this also has something to do with the low value of the two ore that Lu Ye took. The real value is the two remaining.

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