Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 17

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Pang Dahai said that soon someone will come to Lu Ye and distribute something to them and let them make some choices. As the cultivator of Righteous Qi Sect, he undoubtedly knows the subsequent regulations.

Sure enough, not long after he left, all those who passed the test and possessed the jade token were summoned to one place.

There were thousands of people who had been rescued from slavery, but only a hundred people are still standing here at the moment, which is as low as 10%.

Everyone stood there quietly. A cultivator came over and handed out a piece of paper to everyone. Lu Ye took it, looked down, and saw that there were ten stories written on the paper from top to bottom. The name of the door.

Among them, Righteous Qi Sect is at the top, Azure Jade Sect is second, and there are some other sects that Lu Ye has not heard of, but he saw what Pang Dahai mentioned before. Burning Moon Mountain and Hundred Flower Valley.

These should be the sects that came to attack Evil Moon Valley this time.

The grade of the sect is marked on the back of each sect.

Among them, Righteous Qi Sect and Azure Jade Sect are undoubtedly both Grade 1 and the remaining sects have a large span of grades, basically all from Grade 4 to Grade 7.

At the back of the grade, there is a line of words indicating that the factions covered by this sect are all the information that Pang Dahai mentioned before.

Lu Ye is a little grateful to Pang Dahai at the moment, otherwise he probably can't understand the content on this paper now.

Just as he was investigating carefully, in front of the crowd, a cultivator opened the mouth and said: "You waited for a sect to visit, so he came forward and got a pen at that sect. Draw a circle on the name, you can choose up to three, but which sect you can finally visit depends on your luck and the decision of various sects, good luck, maybe you can get into the top two and one Rank Sect. "

After he finished speaking, the court was quiet for a while, and soon someone asked: "Senior means that while we choose the sect, the sect is also choosing us?"

"That's the truth!" The cultivator faintly responded, "So don't think about being able to ascending to the skies with a single leap. If the aptitude innate talent is not enough, even choosing a Rank Sect is useless."

Someone asked: "What if none of the three sects I chose has chosen me?"

"Then I won't be involved in cultivation, and then I will be placed with those who don't have cultivation aptitude!"

As soon as these words came out, many lucky people woke up secretly.

Just now, many people are thinking of choosing all the two big and one Rank Sects, but if you really do this, there will be no good results, because no matter Righteous Qi Sect or Azure Jade Sect, included dísciple’s requirements will not be too low. Once we are eliminated by the Two Great Sects, there is only one last chance left. In case the last chance is not grasped, then this chance will be missed.

For people like Lu Ye, being able to join the cultivation is undoubtedly the best way out, and no one wants to miss it.

At this time, everyone's expressions became more cautious.

On the contrary, it was Lu Ye, holding the piece of paper in his hand, and listening to the cultivator's words, his expression was extremely weird.

How is it like filling in a volunteer?

When testing the innate talent, the Third Senior Brother of Azure Jade Sect recites the introduction to him. After testing, the jade token obtained can be regarded as the test score. Each sect is like a university, and the faction is Professional, now everyone is here to fill in their volunteers.

There are also the first choice, the second choice and the third choice...

Looked towards the Great Sect on the paper. The top two are undoubtedly Peak's. A prestigious institution, the following four Grade 5 books can be regarded as ordinary books? The next six Grade 7 are two books and three books?

Lu Ye moved his gaze down to the end, suddenly startled.

How come there is a pheasant university!

The last Jade Blood Sect is Rank Nine Sect, and I didn't notice it just now.

Now the situation is very obvious. The more than one hundred people who have passed the test need to choose three of these sects. Although it is not difficult, there is actually a secret competition.

If too many people choose a small sect, they will definitely be eliminated.

Lu Ye held his jade token, sighed in his heart, his one leaf innate talent has no competitiveness in this kind of thing.

But always try it.

Considering that he belongs to the profession, the main fire and the auxiliary gold, Lu Ye gradually has a plan in his heart.

A table was placed in front of the talking cultivator, and a few pens and inkstones were placed on the table.

Someone came forward one after another, picked up a pen and sketched on their own paper, and handed it to the cultivator together with the jade token.

Soon, there were only about half of the more than 100 people left.

Yu Xiaodie came over: "Big Brother Lu, have you decided?"

"Um...have it."

Yu Xiaodie said: "Then let's go together?"

"You go first, I'll think about it." Lu Ye had already made a decision, but thinking of his one leaf innate talent, he still had no idea.

There are ten sects with more than one hundred people. On average, one family can accept more than ten people, but this is only the ideal distribution. Lu Ye is sure that Righteous Qi Sect and Azure Jade Sect are at most It will only charge two or three people, and will never charge too much.

In this way, other sects need to accept more people.

Lu Ye didn't expect to be able to join the two big and one Rank Sect, but if the competition is too big, even if he chooses those six Grade 7 sects, he will also be eliminated.

He came to Nine Provinces for more than a year and worked as a mine slave in Evil Moon Valley for a year. Although he has successfully rehabilitated now, he can't find the second Spirit Orifice. What about cultivation?

It's different if you can worship into the sect. com when the time comes can ask the expert in the door to point him, so he doesn't want to miss this opportunity anyway, even if the starting point is lower.

Thinking like this, he walked forward, came to the table, took a pen, and first drew a circle on the Jade Blood Sect. Jade Blood Sect is the lowest grade. Lu Ye estimates that there will be no one to choose other than himself, so this is an insurance to ensure that he can enter the sect.

After choosing Jade Blood Sect, he raised his pen to Burning Moon Mountain.

With the tip of the pen, he suddenly thought of Pang Dahai's last words to himself.

He allowed himself to keep his expectations to the lowest level, not half-hearted, so that he could get what he wanted.

Lu Ye didn't understand it at the time, and only thought that this was his advice to him, but now it seems that this obviously meant something.

And Pang Dahai is not optimistic about himself. When Lu Ye asked him which sect to choose, he bluntly said that there was no good choice.

He is the cultivator of Righteous Qi Sect. Although he is a bit greedy for money, there is no need to entertain himself for no reason. In other words, even if he chooses other sects, there is a high probability that he will not succeed.

Lu Ye closes his eyes. Every choice at the fork in the road of life is extremely important, especially the one in front of him.

He suddenly looked up, looked towards the cultivator in front of him, opened the mouth and said: "Dare to ask Senior Brother, what if I only choose a small sect?"

Then The cultivator is looking at him with interest, because no one has chosen Jade Blood Sect before Lu Ye. It is foreseeable that there will not be after him, because the grade of Jade Blood Sect is too low.

But what made the cultivator didn't expect was that Lu Ye not only chose Jade Blood Sect, but also asked him such a question.

The cultivator wiped the

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