Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 20

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One after another sect cultivator came to lead people, and fewer and fewer people remained.

Yu Xiaodie followed a female cultivator in Hundred Flower Valley and talked to Lu Ye before leaving.

Less than one hour, nearly a hundred people disappeared cleanly, leaving only Lu Ye alone.

After waiting for more than an hour, I still didn't see the people of Jade Blood Sect, and I don't know what they are up to.

Nothing happened, Lu Ye simply found a clean place, sit cross-legged, and tried to turn on the second orifice.

His first orifice is already full, and the Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art he got from Manager Yang has also been thoroughly studied, but he has not been able to find the second orifice, so the progress of the cultivation It was delayed.

Yu Xiaodie told him that this kind of thing is very common for cultivators who have just cultivated, because they do not have enough spiritual power in their bodies, so it is difficult to accurately locate their Spirit Orifice, think There are two ways to solve it. One is to explore slowly, try one's luck, and second is to ask the cultivator above Cloud River Realm to give pointers.

Lu Ye wanted to worship the sect, largely for this reason.

He fumbled a few times in the mine but failed to find the position of the second orifice. If he can visit the sect, he can ask the elders of the sect to give pointers, which can save a lot of trouble.

But now the Jade Blood Sect guys are always not showing up. They are idle and idle. At most, they waste a little spiritual power. If the good luck blind cat encounters a dead mouse, then he makes a profit.

After more than an hour, Lu Ye opened his eyes, his face was rather gloomy, luck, this thing really had nothing to do with him, and his attempt ended in failure.

Fortunately, these days he has a good diet, and Qi and Blood Pill is nourishing, the body is filled with inner Qi and blood, and refining some blood, it replenishes the loss.

There are more to-and-fro cultivators in the valley. Many cultivators are gathering on a large scale. Depending on the situation, it seems that they are going to evacuate here?

Speaking of which, Manager Yang told him before he died that Grand Heaven Alliance cannot hold this place for a long time. It will be evacuated for at most one or two months, depending on the situation.

So if Manager Yang could kill Lu Ye and hide in that secret path, he would still have a great chance to escape.

It’s a pity that he didn’t expect that a mundane man like Lu Ye dared to plot against him and led him to a place covered by Magnetic Essence Force Field, making him a cultivation base hard to perform, dead. It's unclear.

There was a shout not far away. Lu Ye followed the voice and saw a middle-aged cultivator floating in midair, with spiritual power surging all over his body, and something flew out of his palm.

The distance is not close, Lu Ye hasn't seen what it is, and the scene that he will never forget appears.

The thing that flew out from the palm of the middle-aged cultivator actually rose up against the wind, and in a very short period of time, it turned into a behemoth, flying across the air.

That is a big ship!

The big ship floating in midair!

The big ship has three floors up and down, and it is close to a hundred zhang. The hull is dark, and I don't know what material it is made of. The shape of the hull is smooth, and the inexplicable objects fixed on the hull give people a sense of awe.

Lu Ye had never seen such a bizarre scene before, and couldn't help being stunned on the spot.

There is more than one big ship. After the middle-aged cultivator didn't know how to get a big ship, several more big ships appeared one after another.

Immediately afterwards, someone shouted: "Various sects board the ship!"

Those Great Sect cultivators that have been gathered in one place have turned into multi-colored ones. The rays of light, drilled towards the big ships one after another, and from a distance, the scene was magnificent.

After a brief shock, Lu Ye's heart surged.

I have been here for more than a year. Although he knows that this is a world of cultivation, he keeps company with minerals all the time, and the people around him are also some lowly and precarious mining slaves.

He didn't expect at all, the things of cultivation will be presented in such a colorful way.

This is beyond the scope of his understanding,

makes him more clearly aware that this world is completely different from his original world.

"It's magnificent, isn't it?" Just as he looked at the situation over there dazzledly, a voice suddenly rang around him.

Lu Ye complied instinctively, only then did he react, and turned his head to look, only to see that a half-old man was standing beside him for some time.

The half-old man smiled and stroked his beard, looked at the large ships floating in the sky, and slowly said: "This is the wyvern ship of the Grand Heaven Alliance. Will be dispatched."

Looking at the side of the half-old man, Lu Ye recognized him as the old man who took him out of the mine. Recalling what others had called him before, he quickly saluted: "Old Tang ."

Old Tang slightly smiled as a response, saying: "Let's go."

"Where to go?" Lu Ye puzzled.

Old Tang raised his hand and pointed: "I'm on board!"

Lu Ye hesitated: "But I have to wait here for the senior brother and senior sister of Jade Blood Sect... "At this point, he vaguely realized what, "Old Tang belongs to Jade Blood Sect?"

Old Tang suddenly came to find himself without reason, and told himself to board the ship, unless he was Jade Blood. Sect people.

"I dealt with some things temporarily, and it was delayed for a while, didn't you wait?" Old Tang asked kindly.

He is really Jade Blood Sect!

"No no." Lu Ye was a little excited. Although the people who came to lead were some handsome Senior Brother and gentle Senior Sister, when I arrived at Jade Blood Sect, he was an old man, but This old man is a very nice person.

This can be seen from the fact that he helped him open the prohibition lock of Zhou Cheng storage bag before. Although Lu Ye didn’t know what the Old Tang cultivation base was, at that time, if he really wanted Zhou Cheng Lu Ye has no right to refuse the storage bag.

But old fogey only took a bottle of Dragon Tiger Pill as a reward, so he returned the rest to Lu Ye.

"Let's go." Old Tang smiled, and his figure rose into the air. Lu Ye only felt a gentle force wrapped around him, but he followed Old Tang to one of the wyvern ships.

On board the wyvern ship, Old Tang went straight to the inside of the cabin, and Lu Ye followed at every step.

There are many cabins in the cabin. At this moment, people coming and people going are all Great Sect cultivators. Those oncoming cultivators will salute respectfully when they see Old Tang. This is what Lu Ye sees. Clicking one's tongue in wonder.

Jade Blood Sect is just a Rank Nine Sect. Judging from the knowledge that Yu Xiaodie instilled in him before, Old Tang should be just a cultivator of Cloud River Realm, because if there is True Lake Realm, Then Jade Blood Sect is more than Grade 9.

In this way, although this Old Tang cultivation base is not high, he is still very respected. Maybe it is because of his old age?

Walking to the innermost position, one old and one young stood at the door of a wing. Old Tang raised his hand and flicked, a rays of light flashed on the door, and immediately opened the door. enter.

Lu Ye followed and closed the door smoothly.

Entering inside, Lu Ye looked around and found that it was a very simple cabin with very simple furnishings. There were no beds or even tables, only a futon on the ground.

There is a window, but that window cannot be opened either. The round window is sealed by something transparent like glass, allowing you to see the outside scenery.

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