Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 21

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In the cabin of wyvern, Lu Ye looked left and right. When he came back to his senses, he found that Old Tang was already sitting on the futon.

He quickly walked over and sat in front of Old Tang.

Sometimes fate is quite wonderful, meet in the mine, Lu Ye didn’t expect to worship Old Tang’s sect, but anyway, from now on him in this world there is one When he was there, he felt a hint of warmth when he thought of this place.

Choosing Jade Blood Sect is helpless, but if this is the sect where Old Tang is located, it is not unacceptable.

"old man Tang Yifeng!" Old Tang said, "Jade Blood Sect tenth generation head teacher."

Lu Ye was slightly startled.

Although he doesn't know much about the cultivation world, he still understands what head teacher means.

He previously guessed that Old Tang's status in Jade Blood Sect should not be low, but he didn't expect that this one was actually the head teacher.

He hurriedly saluted: "dísciple has seen the head teacher."

Old Tang nodded: "Although you are admitted to the clan today, it is state-owned and has clan rules. Now you are You can’t be considered Official Disciple. It’s only for registration. You need to pass some assessments before you can really get started. Don’t say the content of the assessment for now. You will know about it when you return to the clan, and with your current cultivation base, it’s still far away. It’s not time for the assessment."

Lu Ye listened carefully, and said: "dísciple understands."

Those mine slaves who wanted to join Evil Moon Valley also had to be assessed. , So Old Tang said so, he was not surprised.

It’s not just him. Those who have been selected by the Great Sect before can’t be considered Official Disciple. Each sect has its own assessment and has passed the temperament, character or morality of the disciplines. Other parties carry out some screenings from all sides, and only after passing these assessments can they be considered as a real entry.

"Jade Blood Sect is located in Aoshan, Bing Province. It has been established for a thousand years and cultivated 63,662 sect members and disciples, among which Divine Sea Realm is in total..."

In Old Tang's narration, the history of a small sect slowly unfolded in front of Lu Ye, giving him some basic understanding of the sect of Jade Blood Sect.

At the moment, he still doesn't know what the numbers represent. After he understands it in the future, he understands the weight of those numbers.

After a while, Old Tang looked towards Lu Ye: "If you have anything you want to know, you can ask the old man."

Lu Ye asked him very curiously asked: "head teacher, this time we attacked Evil Moon Valley, why didn't we see our senior brother and senior sister of Jade Blood Sect."

He didn't notice anything when Old Tang went to look for him before. Knowing that Old Tang was actually the Jade Blood Sect head teacher, he immediately realized a problem.

Jade Blood Sect ...... It seems that Old Tang is here alone, otherwise Old Tang will not be looking for him. Just leave this kind of welcome to a dísciple. How could it be? The labor head teacher personally took the initiative.

"Cough..." Old Tang clenched a fist and lightly coughed, "That's it, we don't have many people in Jade Blood Sect."

Lu Ye knows: "That means our talents are withered. , Sect is declining."

Think about it, Rank Nine Sect, is the lowest sect of Nine Provinces cultivation world. It’s not easy to collect sect members and disciple, just take this For the mine slaves who were rescued this time, out of more than 100 people, Lu Ye chose Jade Blood Sect alone. This is still Pang Dahai's guidance.

"You said that... it's not wrong." Old Tang felt helpless.

"Then head teacher, how many people are there now in the clan?"

Old Tang said: "Change the question."


"Are there any questions you want to ask about your cultivation?"

"Yes!" Lu Ye quickly nodded, "The dísciple is full of one orifice at the moment, but when you want to open the second orifice, I can’t find the location, please ask the head teacher for advice."

Old Tang slightly nodded: "At the beginning of the cultivation, it is really easy to encounter this problem, but if you want to open the second orifice, you need something suitable. Cultivation technique is good."

"I have a cultivation technique." Lu Ye said like this, and then began to undress and undress.

Under the stunned gaze of Old Tang, he will keep it close to his body. The second storage bag was taken out.

This is Manager Yang's storage bag. When he decided to leave the secret tunnel, Lu Ye hid it close to his body. There were many good things in it, and he was afraid of being caught by others.

Now that I have worshipped Jade Blood Sect and the head teacher is in front of him, there is no need to hide it.

Looking at the storage bag on Lu Ye’s waist, and then at the second storage bag he took out, Old Tang still doesn’t understand what’s going on.

This kid killed more than one person from Evil Moon Valley in that mine tunnel!

"Slick!" Old Tang commented.

Lu Ye sneered, took out a book from Manager Yang’s storage bag and handed it to Old Tang: "This Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art is a collection of a cultivator in Evil Moon Valley. I wonder if dísciple can Cultivation?"

"Since it is a cultivation technique, then it can be cultivation. What are you worried about?" Old Tang took it and opened it.

"This is the cultivation technique of Evil Moon Valley dísciple cultivation after all, and dísciple is worried that in case it is an evil art..." Lu Ye couldn't go on with the words.

Because some strange sounds suddenly came from Old Tang, in this silent cabin, the sounds sounded extremely harsh.

Lu Ye couldn't help but his eyes twitched.

Old Tang looked ecstatically.

The voice is getting more and more noisy, ahhhh having ups and downs, cadence, and some weird conversations.

If someone who doesn’t know listens to it, I’m afraid that someone in this cabin is doing something shameful.

Lu Ye couldn't help it, and half of his body stepped forward, looking towards the book in Old Tang's hand.

But seeing the spiritual power in Old Tang's hand, the originally rigid characters in the book came alive. The voice that Lu Ye heard was uploaded from this book.

By this time, he also reacted, he took the wrong thing.

There are a total of three books in Manager Yang’s storage bag, one is the biography of sword saint, one is Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art, and the other is what Old Tang is holding at the moment. Just took it casually, but didn't want to take this thing out.

When he read this book before, he only felt that the paintings of this book were extraordinary, and the characters on it were vivid, but he never expected that this book has such a magical place.

Did you open it in the wrong way?

Lu Ye was shocked!

Just when Lu Ye was shocked, Old Tang had already combined the readings in his hand, and immediately the pictures and sounds disappeared.

With four eyes facing each other, Lu Ye said: "head teacher, this book..."

Old Tang looked solemn: "This is a double/repair technique, but there are some advantages. , But you are still young and should not be contacted too early."

"It is not a head teacher, this is not my thing, it is the spoils of war I seized from an Evil Moon Valley dísciple." Lu Ye Quickly defended.

Old Tang nodded: "That's good, you are still small right now, this thing will be kept by the old man for you first, and when you are a little older, I will return it to you."

Lu Ye inexplicably feels that these words are a bit familiar...

Old Tang has put away the wonderful reading, and he hasn’t seen a storage bag on him. Lu Ye doesn’t even know what he received. Place to go.

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