Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 23

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"Profound Heaven Sect hasn't taught this before?"

After some exchanges, Old Tang found that Lu Ye basically had a little knowledge of common sense on cultivation, and it was inevitable. Somewhat strange.

Lu Ye can’t explain the truth, he can only say: “Before he was young and ignorant, and had a stubborn personality. Although the elders in the clan taught him, dísciple did not listen.”

Old Tang Just laughed: "It's okay, you're still young, so you will have a good cultivation in the future."


Old Tang raised his hand and stretched out a finger towards Lu Ye clicked to the lower abdomen: "You are full of one orifice right now, and if you want to open the second orifice, then feel it quietly!"

Lu Ye immediately sat down.

Following Old Tang's guidance, he immediately noticed that external power invaded the body. It was Old Tang’s spiritual power, but this spiritual power is very gentle, so it won’t cause any harm to Lu Ye. .

That power flows through Lu Ye’s Source Spirit Orifice and slowly gathers at a location near the Source Spirit Orifice. This location Lu Ye is very familiar with, and it is what Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art does. The second Spirit Orifice, he couldn't find the location accurately after several groping, but Old Tang did it easily.

This is the benefit of entering the sect and having the elders to support the cultivation. At the beginning of the cultivation, you can save a lot of energy and time for your own exploration. The time of cultivation Early-Stage is the most precious time for cultivators. Starting at this stage faster than others, then cultivation will undoubtedly have more advantages in the future.

"This is the second Spirit Orifice of Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art. You can try to guide your spiritual power into it." Old Tang's voice sounded.

Lu Ye hurriedly acted.

The spiritual power overflowing in Source Spirit Orifice slowly poured into the second Spirit Orifice under his actions, but he clearly noticed that there was a barrier outside the second Spirit Orifice blocking the spiritual power. Infusion.

"Every Spirit Orifice has Spirit Orifice barriers. Only by breaking the Spirit Orifice barriers can the Opening Immortal Orifice be successfully opened. No one else can help with this kind of thing, so you can only rely on yourself."


With Old Tang’s cultivation base, it will naturally help Lu Ye to break the Spirit Orifice barrier easily, but if you do, it is very likely that Lu Ye’s Spirit Orifice will suffer irreversible damage, so he can What he did was just to guide the location of Spirit Orifice, and would not help Lu Ye open up.

Lu Ye also knew about the Spirit Orifice barrier. He turned on Source Spirit Orifice with the help of the Innate Talent Tree. Looking back on the situation at that time, he vaguely remembered that there was indeed something broken in his body. Now it seems that the broken one should be the barrier of Source Spirit Orifice.

Old Tang’s spiritual power didn’t stop, it continued to flow in Lu Ye, breaking the Spirit Orifice barrier is not a short-term thing, he has helped Lu Ye locate the second Spirit Orifice, and the rest It depends on Lu Ye's own efforts.

After a while, Old Tang closed his hand, opened the mouth and said: "According to the Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art route, I left you in the next eight Spirit Orifices in your body Some guidelines for spiritual power. Whenever you turn on the one orifice, you can feel the position of the one orifice. When you turn on the eight orificies, follow the route of work and let your own spiritual power run through the Source Spirit Orifice and this Eight orificies, Spirit Creek Realm is made by itself."

"many thanks head teacher!" Lu Ye saluted respectfully.

Old Tang smiled slightly: "Cultivation, this time back to Aoshan, it will take some time."

"Yes." Lu Ye complied, and did not change the place. Just cultivation directly.

Now the head teacher is in front of him. If something goes wrong with the cultivation, he can still let the head teacher take care of him.

Having determined the position of the second Spirit Orifice, Lu Ye also had a enthusiasm in his heart, urging the spiritual power in the Source Spirit Orifice, and rushing towards the barrier of the second Spirit Orifice.

I don't know what the barrier is. Lu Ye feels that every time he hits, he can loosen the barrier a bit.

But the feeling of impacting the barrier is not good. Every time the spiritual power impacts, it seems that there is a small hammer at the location of the Spirit Orifice.

One or two times is nothing, the more times, the second Spirit Orifice actually gave birth to a sense of soreness.

And every impact on the barrier will consume some spiritual power. Lu Ye finally understands why the head teacher said at the beginning of the cultivation.

As the cultivation base improves, it will become relatively easy to open up.

If you compare Spirit Orifice to a bucket, the spiritual power is the water in the bucket. Lu Ye has only one bucket of water at the moment. If he has two buckets of water and three buckets of water, there will be more spiritual power available. The speed is naturally faster, maybe in a spurt of energy, it can break the Spirit Orifice barrier.

After one hour, Lu Ye can hardly mobilize his spiritual power, and the water in the bucket is almost drying up.

He took out a bottle of Qi and Blood Pill from Zhou Cheng's storage bag, took out two pills, and took it.

"Did you always use this to assist cultivation?" Old Tang's voice sounded.

Lu Ye quickly replied: "Exactly!" He saw that Old Tang's expression was wrong, and his heart shook, "head teacher, is there any problem with Qi and Blood Pill?"

Old Tang frowned: "The people from Evil Moon Valley told you that this is Qi and Blood Pill?"

"This is not Qi and Blood Pill?" Lu Ye astonished, he has taken this thing, and it can indeed Added Power of Qi and Blood. This is not Qi and Blood Pill. What is it?

Old Tang reached out and took the storage bag of Zhou Cheng, digging out some bottles and jars from it, one after another inspection, and then placed a bottle in front of Lu Ye: "This is what Qi and Blood Pill."

Lu Ye picked up the bottle and looked at it, and found that the Spirit Pill in it was very different from the Qi and Blood Pill he was taking. He had checked these things before. Just because I don't recognize it, I don't dare to take it rashly.

Who ever thought that Qi and Blood Pill that he thought was not Qi and Blood Pill, the real Qi and Blood Pill was something else.

"Then what is this?" Lu Ye asked, pointing to the bottle he was going to take.

"Refining the residue of Qi and Blood Pill." Old Tang explained, "Spirit Pill refining does not succeed every time. If it fails, it becomes a residue. The residue basically has no effect. , But there are still some residues of medicine efficacy. This is the thing after the failure to refine Qi and Blood Pill."

After listening to Old Tang’s explanation, Lu Ye’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he said When I took Qi and Blood Pill before, how could I always get a stale taste? He thought it was the taste of Qi and Blood Pill itself, but now it seems that it is not at all. What he took is just the residue, it is inevitable that there will be some Peculiar smell.

"What does the cultivator of Evil Moon Valley do with these things?" Old Tang puzzled.

"For our mine slaves." Lu Ye explained the contribution exchange mechanism on the mine.

Old Tang knew it, and put away the residue: "This thing cannot be taken, it will affect your future cultivation."

Lu Ye suddenly became nervous: "What will be the impact? "

"It's the three-point poison of medicine. The Spirit Pill used in our cultivation also has the pill poison. The lower the quality of the Spirit Pill, the worse the pill poison, not to mention the waste residue, the pill poison is the most. It is fierce, so although Spirit Pill can be used for cultivation, it should not be relied on too much. If you take too much Spirit Pill, you will accumulate too much pill poison in your body. In the slightest, the spiritual power is obscure, the magic is not effective, and the foundation is shaken in the worst. Damaged."

Lu Ye was panicked, knowing that he had eaten two or three hundred Qi and Blood Pill medicine dregs before. According to the head teacher, isn't he dead?

He swallowed his saliva and asked anxiously: "head teacher, there are standards for taking Spirit Pill to assist cultivation? How can I know how much pill poison is accumulated in my body?"

Old Tang said: "Looking at the spiritual power, I just said that once the pill poison is accumulated too much, the spiritual power will become obscure. The more pure the spiritual power of our cultivator, the more advantageous it is to fight against the cultivation, and vice versa. , I just saw that your spiritual power is pure, so don’t worry too much."

When he helped Lu Ye locate the second orifice, spiritual power flowed from Lu Ye’s Source Spirit Orifice. So the situation of Lu Ye spiritual power is very clear.

As soon as these words came out, Lu Ye's mood couldn't help becoming weird.

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