Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 24

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The head teacher does not know his situation, but Lu Ye a person knows his interests.

Not to mention that a year ago, he successively redeemed 30 pills of Qi and Blood Pill medicine dregs from Manager Yang, even in that cave, after more than ten days of work. Two to three hundred tablets.

Under normal circumstances, taking so much medicine dregs will definitely cause great hidden dangers to oneself.

But the head teacher actually said that his spiritual power is still pure?

The head teacher shouldn't be mistaken about this. Lu Ye doesn't know how high his cultivation base is, but since he is the master of Rank Nine Sect, there should be Cloud River Realm.

In other words, I'm afraid there is really no problem with my spiritual power.

But what went wrong? Lu Ye immediately thought of the Innate Talent Tree. When he was in the mine before, he faintly felt that the Innate Talent Tree was more than just carrying the spiritual mark. Now it seems that his spiritual power is pure and it must be related to the Innate Talent Tree. , Otherwise there is no way to explain your current situation.

It’s not easy to tell the head teacher clearly about this matter. After thinking about it, Lu Ye said: "head teacher, if the pile poison is accumulated too much and the spiritual power is obscure, how to solve it?"

"Naturally, you can only suspend the cultivation and slowly dissolve the pill poison. This takes a lot of time. So relying too much on the pill cultivator will not increase the speed of the cultivation, but it will have the opposite effect, but you don’t have to worry about it. It’s no problem to use medicine pill appropriately. The key is to grasp the degree."

"dísciple understands."

"Well, your current cultivation base is still Shallow, it’s understandable to rely on medicine pill cultivation, but if you have Spirit Gathering Pill, why not use it, but instead use Qi and Blood Pill to Refining Essence into Qi. You must know that although both Spirit Pills can assist cultivation, The more important thing is to replenish qi and blood, Cultivating Body Strengthening Essence."

Lu Ye impressively: "dísciple does not recognize Spirit Gathering Pill..."

He just took it habitually. I came out of Qi and Blood Pill to take it. I just wanted to restore Spiritual Qi early and hit the barrier of Spirit Orifice without thinking too much.

Old Tang astonished laughed and pushed a bottle in front of him: "There is Spirit Gathering Pill. Although it is the lowest Spirit Gathering Pill, the quality is sloppy, and it suits you."

Lu Ye poured a pill from the bottle and saw the Spirit Gathering Pill clearly. My heart said that Manager Yang also has Spirit Gathering Pill. He looked at it in Manager Yang’s storage bag. I have been to this Spirit Pill, but I dare not take it casually.

Now that he has the guidance of the head teacher, he feels comfortable, swallowing the Spirit Gathering Pill in his mouth, and refining.

"After taking Spirit Pill, you need to guide the pill power to prevent the pill power from accumulating and leaving problems." The head teacher's voice rang in his ears, which is what he just said that the lowest Spirit Gathering Pill is just right. The reason for Lu Ye’s use is Lu Ye’s current one-orifice cultivation base. If you really take a very good Spirit Pill, the rich pill power will inevitably be too late to guide. Once too much pill power accumulates in the body, it will also have a great impact on his cultivation. Impacted.

Lu Ye heard the head teacher's words and acted like the law.

A heat flow slowly gushes out of the lower abdomen, that is the spiritual power of the Spirit Gathering Pill being released and transformed into the spiritual power that the cultivator can use.

With the guidance of Lu Ye, the spiritual power transformed by the pill power is slowly poured into the Source Spirit Orifice.

The Source Spirit Orifice, which had almost dried up, gradually became full.

The medicine efficacy of Spirit Gathering Pill is much better than the Qi and Blood Pill residue he took before!

Spirit Gathering Pill itself is more suitable for cultivation than Qi and Blood Pill. Lu Ye used to take the residue of Evil Moon Valley cultivator pill concocting. It has to go through a Refining Essence into Qi process. Converting its own Power of Qi and Blood into spiritual power naturally has no comparability.

Until this moment, he didn't really realize the joy of drug cultivation!

In less than half a day, the nearly dry Source Spirit Orifice was refilled, and the pill power of the Spirit Gathering Pill continued to function.

Lu Ye hurriedly guided the spiritual power in the Source Spirit Orifice, rushing towards the barrier of the second Spirit Orifice, time and time again.

Until a certain moment, he vaguely felt that something in his body was broken, and the spiritual power that was blocked from moving forward suddenly became unblocked.

The second Spirit Orifice,


The spiritual power overflowing from the Source Spirit Orifice, gurgling into the second Spirit Orifice, Lu Ye only feels physically and mentally refreshed.

The medicine efficacy of Spirit Gathering Pill still remained, until after a long time, he noticed that the medicine efficacy of Spirit Gathering Pill was completely consumed, and Lu Ye opened his eyes and was about to announce the good news to the head teacher. , The silhouette of the head teacher is gone.

He did not know when he had left.

Lu Ye didn’t care. The head teacher is a Sect's Master, and he has his own business to do. Anyway, the head teacher has helped him locate the next few Spirit Orifices. Then just follow the steps. , Good cultivation is enough.

Lu Ye’s goal is to open those Spirit Orifices as soon as possible, follow the path of the cultivation technique, and penetrate these Spirit Orifices with spiritual power to reach the Spirit Creek Realm. Only then can he be considered a real Entry cultivator.

I intend to test whether my previous conjecture about Innate Talent Tree is correct, Lu Ye did not stop, and took another Spirit Gathering Pill to serve.

The rich pill power turned into spiritual power, which was charged into his Spirit Orifice under the guidance of Lu Ye. After two days, after consuming almost six Spirit Gathering Pills, the second orifice was full.

Lu Ye was surprised by this speed.

You must know that it took him more than ten days since he was resuscitated to one orifice, but it took only two days for the same progress, and the gap was too big.

The medicine efficacy of Spirit Gathering Pill is not comparable to those residues, even if it is the lowest quality Spirit Gathering Pill.

He thought of Yu Xiaodie again.

Yu Xiaodie told her at the time that it took more than 20 days since her resuscitation to the fullness of one orifice, and she also took Spirit Gathering Pill, which was given to her by a cultivator from Evil Moon Valley .

In such a comparison, Lu Ye's cultivation speed is obviously abnormal.

What he can be sure of is that all of this has a lot to do with the Innate Talent Tree, but what kind of relationship it has, he can't find out at the moment.

In any case, this is a good thing for him. Maybe he can slowly unearth the secrets of the Innate Talent Tree when the cultivation base becomes stronger in the future.

The head teacher still did not show up. Although Lu Ye had been cultivating for two days, he was not exhausted, just panicked with hunger.

Since his successful resuscitation, he has a great appetite. He discovered this before in the mine, but for his current age, it is good to be able to eat. The more he eats, Power of Qi and Blood will be more abundant.

It's not easy to go out to find food. Fortunately, there are some food in Zhou Cheng's storage bag. Lu Ye didn't pay attention to it, so he took it out and ate and drank with clean water.

Lu Ye continues to cultivation after eating and drinking.

half a day later, Spirit Orifice of the third orificies is broken.

After more than two days, the third orificies were full.

Still consume six Spirit Gathering Pill.

He still wants to continue the cultivation, but as soon as he relaxes, he gets tired. He knows that his cultivation has taken too long, and he has no choice but to rest first.

Taking out the bedding from the storage bag, Lu Ye fell asleep, and soon fell asleep.

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