Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 27

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While shouting angrily , the thin man who is proficient in spells changes his skills, one after another exquisite spells are played, tall and sturdy man walks like thunder, imposing manner awe-inspiring, that slender The silhouette of the woman was still faintly discernible. In an instant, the three of them formed an encirclement and culled towards the head teacher and Lu Ye.

The head teacher flipped the palm of his hand, and a small flag appeared out of thin air, and he drew in a low voice: "Go."

The small flag flew to all directions and disappeared. .

"Get up!" The head teacher drank again, and the spiritual power all over his body surged and surged. In an instant, a transparent light curtain covered the great hall in a semicircular shape. Above the light curtain, one after another spiritual power mark flowing and swimming.

The magic spell cast by the thin man blasted on the light curtain, the light curtain hit gave rise to rippling debut, the tall and sturdy man's figure bumped up, the spiritual mark on the light curtain immediately shattered a few, The silhouette of the faintly discernible woman also reveals her silhouette. Her face is covered with strange patterns on her hands, covering her original appearance, making her look like a ghost, holding a snake-like dagger in her hand, fiercely Underlined, the spiritual mark is more fragmented.

"Formation!" The thin man's eyes narrowed. The intelligence did not say that Tang Yifeng was proficient in Formation, but seeing his speed of formation, he undoubtedly had the essence of formation.

"Three breaths!" tall and sturdy man shouted, which means that within 3 breaths can break the formation.

After all, this is an array arranged in a hurry by the head teacher. It is a great achievement to block three cultivators with the same cultivation base. 3 breaths time.

When the words fell, the tall and sturdy man was dantian, and slowly punched out. It seemed that his speed was extremely slow, but when his fist blasted out, his arm was constantly swelling and thickening.

In the array, the head teacher ignored the three people outside at all, but grabbed Lu Ye and came to the center of the shabby great hall. There was a tall, thick bucket, and it looked like a crystal.

"Put your hands up and activate spiritual power!" The head teacher shouted.

Although Lu Ye didn’t know what the purpose of doing this was, he knew that the head teacher would not harm himself, and he hurriedly acted like the law, just after his palm was placed on the crystal pillar of water to stimulate spiritual power, The silhouette of the head teacher standing in front of him suddenly began to blur.

He couldn't help but feel a sense of being further and further away from this world.

"After entering, find a place to hide immediately, must survive! Also... Never tell anyone that you are Jade Blood Sect dísciple!" The head teacher looked at him with a look of guilt in his eyes .

Lu Ye opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn't hear his own voice at all. The silhouette of the head teacher in front of him became more and more blurred, even with the entire world.

When I regained consciousness, the head teacher was no longer visible in front of me, and even his position changed.

ka-cha ……

Formation shattered, tall and sturdy man broke the formation and rushed to the head teacher in an imposing manner at the same time, punched out, secretly said in one's heart : "It's done!"

In the next instant, a violent air wave swept across, and the dilapidated great hall turned into a ruined wall, but the water crystal pillar was safe and sound.

The burly man shrinks his eyes and looks at the head teacher who burst his upper body shirt in front of him. He is a very muscular head teacher who caught his fist with one hand. The corner of his eyes throbs: "How is it possible?"

as everyone knows, Jade Blood Sect Tang Yifeng is taking the path of magic cultivator, but at this moment, where is this magic cultivator? This is clearly a body cultivator!

Moreover, the cultivation base that Tang Yifeng has revealed at this moment is by no means as simple as the intelligence said.

"Mission failed, intelligence is wrong, withdraw!" The thin man who was proficient in spells loudly shouted.

The slender woman who had already rushed to the head teacher did not hesitate at all, her figure quickly retreated, the mission goal was gone, and it was obviously not worthwhile to fight Tang Yifeng again.


Accompanied by a groan, the fist held in the palm of the head teacher was snapped a few bones, and the burly brawny man was also stiff, but there was no scream, but the next moment, a fist He came from an unexpected position, and fiercely hit his chin.

The tall and sturdy man skyrocketed, and the Venus stared straight ahead.

"I want to go after I stroke the tiger's whiskers?" The head teacher's eyes drooped, and the person appeared in midair and kicked out.

With a touch of the ground, the silhouette of the slim woman who had been concealed and was fleeing in the distance was kicked out of her whereabouts, screaming and planting towards the mountain below.

The head teacher raised his hand again, and a rope-like treasure flew out and rolled towards the thin man.


A moment ago.

In the cabin of the wyvern ship, Pang Zhen sits upright, kneeling in front of a chubby silhouette. It is Pang Dahai. This guy is holding his ears with his hands and has a pitiful expression on his face.

Pang Zhen shot the case, and said angrily: "damned bastard, do you know what you did!"

Pang Dahai aggrieved: "Don't just point to that Lu Liye, let Did he choose Old Tang's Jade Blood Sect?"

"Then do you know that this violates the rules of the league?" Pang Zhen was even more angry.

When Pang Dahai pointed out Lu Ye and Yu Xiaodie at the time, he didn't avoid others. Although others didn't know what they were talking about, many people saw them.

After checking, it is easy to find Pang Dahai.

Over the years, Old Tang has carried out many missions with the Grand Heaven Alliance and rescued many enslaved people, but those rescued with cultivation aptitude and innate talent, when they finally chose the sect Jade Blood Sect is rarely chosen, let alone an independent choice.

There was an exception at this time.

Pang Zhen felt that this matter was a bit weird, did someone secretly point out, and as a result, when he checked, he found his own family members.

"Well, how about it, or uncle you did me according to the rules of the league?" Pang Dahai looked at Pang Zhen, blinking his small eyes.

"You damned bastard, if it wasn't for your mother's face, I slapped you!" Pang Zhen raised his hand to shoot while speaking, Pang Dahai couldn't help but shrink his neck. Seeing that Pang Zhen's slap was not really taken, he laughed again.

Looking at his frivolous appearance, Pang Zhen became more and more irritated. He sighed for a while, opened the mouth and said: "Fortunately, you still know how to measure. That kid only has one leaf innate talent, and there will not be any in the future. Too Great Accomplishment. According to Old Tang, I will find a chance to send him to other Sects cultivation when I look back. I hope it won’t cause any trouble."

Pang Dahai frowned: "Uncle, Jade Blood Sect The dísciple has not been included in 30 years. If it is not included, the entire sect will be deposed according to the rules of the league. Old Tang and Senior Sister are good people, and I can't stand it, so I went to point to Lu Liye. Uncle, what happened back then, those people want to suppress Jade Blood Sect to this point?"

"Don’t ask what you shouldn’t know, you remember, this deep water is very deep, it’s not you Cloud River Realm can intervene, so don't make your own opinion in the future."

"Yes!" Pang Dahai quickly responded, knowing that the catastrophe was over, Shi Shiran stood up from the ground.

"Who made you stand up?" Pang Zhen raised his eyes.


Pang Dahai knelt down neatly.

Pang Zhen gave him an angry look, and was about to reprimand him for a few more words. Suddenly he was frowned and looked down towards the finger on his thumb. In the next moment, his complexion greatly changed, he grew up and rushed hurriedly. Go out!

After a few ten breaths, a stream of light fell into the mountains, revealing the silhouette. It was Pang Zhen who rushed in. After receiving the call from Old Tang, he did not make any delay.

Looking around, the mountains and plains are in a mess, and there are traces of wars everywhere.

The corpse of a tall and sturdy man stood sideways, with a big hole in the chest, which seemed to be bombarded by a fist. On the other side, the body of a woman with ghost prints was twisted and folded and inlaid. On a mountain wall, another person was trampled underfoot by Old Tang, his head shattered and his brains all over the floor.

Old Tang is naked, his whole body is tumbling, spiritual power is transpiring.

The corner of Pang Zhen's eyes jumped.

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