Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 28

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A body cultivator, a magic cultivator, and a ghost cultivator hid in secret to kill Old Tang, but was killed by him. Pang Zhen cleared his mind in a very short time.

And judging from the aftermath of the fight around here, the three guys killed were all Divine Sea Realm cultivators. As for the level of Divine Sea, it is unknown.

With one enemy and three, they killed the other three in such a short period of time. From this point of view, my conjecture over the years is true. The Old Mister’s cultivation base in front of him is more than superficial. It looks so simple.

After all, it was one of the three outstanding Nine Provinces back then!

"I'm here for you?" Pang Zhen broke the silence.

Old Tang shook his head slowly: "I'm here for that kid."

He initially thought that these three people came for himself, but only when they played against him did he discover that their goal was It turned out to be Lu Ye! The first target of the most hidden female ghost cultivator was Lu Ye, and she almost killed him. The wound on Old Tang's waist and abdomen was to protect Lu Ye from the knife.

Finally, when Old Tang sent Lu Ye away, the magic cultivator also shouted that the mission failed, which undoubtedly explained everything.

"No way." Pang Zhen frowned, "What about the kid."

He didn't see the youngster named Lu Ye.

"Sent into Spirit Creek Battlefield."

Only then did Pang Zhen see the water crystal pillar in the ruins, some astonished: "Heavenly Mystery Pillar? Here is... one hundred The White Dragon Yard that was extinguished sect years ago?"

If you want to enter the Spirit Creek Battlefield, you must use the Heavenly Mystery Pillar, and the Heavenly Mystery Pillar is a gift from heaven, and it usually stands Inside the major Small Sect.

Of course, there are also many Heavenly Mystery Pillars scattered in the wilderness. If you look back in time, you can know that every unowned Heavenly Mystery Pillar represents the destruction of a small sect. .

The Heavenly Mystery Pillar is strong in texture, sheltered by the sky, and difficult to be destroyed, so even if the sect is destroyed, the Heavenly Mystery Pillar will be preserved for many years. If anyone wants to establish the sect here again, As long as you invite Heavenly Mystery, you can get the ownership of the Heavenly Mystery Pillar and make it for your own use.

However, after the White Dragon courtyard was destroyed a hundred years ago, no sect established the sect here, and the place has been barren.

Pang Zhen himself is a native of Bing Province, he is also the Vice Sect Master of Righteous Qi Sect, and the Deputy Alliance Leader of the Grand Heaven Alliance. You can know which sect belongs to this Heavenly Mystery Pillar after just a few thoughts. .

"It's troublesome now." He frowned.

The Heavenly Mystery Pillar can indeed send people into the Spirit Creek Battlefield, but if a cultivator does not enter the battlefield through the Heavenly Mystery Pillar, there is only one result.

That is to be randomly sent somewhere on the battlefield.

Spirit Creek Battlefield is very vast, almost Land of a Province, the kid named Lu Ye was sent in, no one knows where he is at the moment, even if Pang Zhen is looking for hundreds of Spirits at the moment The cultivator of Creek Realm entered the battlefield to search, but he may not be able to find him.

even more how, that kid can only open one orifice......

This little cultivation base entered Spirit Creek Battlefield, basically the end of ten deaths without life, each Great Sect To send dísciple into Spirit Creek Battlefield to walk, the minimum requirement is Spirit Creek First Layer.

"Old Tang..." Pang Zhen shouted.

Old Tang turned to look at him, eyebrows drooping: "I have endured Jade Blood Sect for 30 years, but those people still refuse to give up, some are bully intolerably!"

Pang Zhen sighed in his heart, and was also very annoyed. Today’s matter seemed to be the sneak attack on the way back to Old Tang, but it was actually involved a lot, not to mention that three Divine Sea Realms died! These three Divine Sea Realm impossible came out for no reason, who is behind them? Maybe, Bing Province cultivation world will be shocked fiercely.

He can clearly feel Old Tang's suppressed anger, like a volcano about to erupt. He has never seen Old Tang in this state.

"I didn't say that I had to accept that child into the sect. I was thinking about sending him back to other sect cultivation." Old Tang sneered: "But at this moment, those people are waiting. Not in a hurry."

He looked towards Pang Zhen,

Endless anger burned in his eyes: "I want to know, whoever stretched out his paw!"

Pang Zhen understood, and nodded. Said: "This matter will definitely give you an explanation."

Old Tang left from the wyvern boat, and was sneak attacked within a short time. How did the sneak attacker know the whereabouts of Old Tang? How can you arrange the sneak attack location so precisely? There are obviously some nasty things that are not well known.

"Lu Ye..." Pang Zhen hesitated, opened the mouth and said: "Do you need me to come forward and find someone to enter Spirit Creek Battlefield?"

Old Tang shook his head sadly: "No need."

In that situation, leaving Lu Ye will undoubtedly be a death. Old Tang brought him impossible to fight with others.

In desperation, Old Tang can only send him to Spirit Creek Battlefield, but how likely is it that a cultivator that hasn't been cultivated for a long time will survive in that place? even more how he has not entered the battlefield through the Heavenly Mystery Pillar of this door. Heaven knows where he will appear. In case he appears on the site of which sect in Myriad Demons Ridge, he may have been chopped into meat sauce at this moment. .

Even if you survive by chance, it is impossible to move a single step in Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Old Tang now only hopes that Lu Ye's luck is good enough to appear in no one's land, so that he can have a glimmer of survival.

Of course, the search is definitely what you are looking for, but you will not borrow the hands of others. This matter should not be publicized. Otherwise, let those who are interested know that there is a Jade Blood Sect dísciple in Spirit Creek Battlefield. Adding trouble to Lu Ye, when the time comes, the life becomes dead.

It is with this consideration that at the last moment, Old Tang will urge Lu Ye not to reveal his identity!


On a big tree hugged by a few people, Lu Ye straddled a tree trunk, his expression lingering fear.

Dozens of sturdy wolves gathered below, and the wolves were born like calves, and grinned at Lu Ye above.

He doesn't know why he appeared in such a place, and he doesn't know where the head teacher is.

Earlier, he put his hand on the crystal pillar of the water as instructed by the head teacher, the entire world became blurred, and after the all around scene became clear, he appeared in this jungle middle.

There was a wolf not far away, facing each other, and the wolf came to kill. Lu Ye quickly took out the long sword and tried his best to kill it, but more wolf gathered around.

Forced, Lu Ye could only escape, and finally climbed onto this tree.

Riding on the tree trunk, looking around, the eyes are full of the kind of big trees surrounded by a few people. The huge canopies cover the sky, and only in the cracks of the leaves, a little bit of sunlight is shining.

Where is this? What about the head teacher? What about the three people who chased the head teacher? How could I appear in such a place?

Lu Ye's mind is full of questions.

Looking down at the wolves gathered below, it seems that they will not retreat for the time being. Lu Ye is also very helpless. Know where this is.

He tried to recall the previous conversation with the head teacher, and quickly grasped a key word.

"Spirit Creek Battlefield?"

The head teacher asked him if he had heard of Spirit Creek Battlefield before. In that kind of emergency, the head teacher would not ask him something insignificant. The problem.

After that, the head teacher took out the big seal and asked Heavenly Mystery to testify, accepting him as the Jade Blood Sect Official Disciple, and stamping it on the back of his hand.

Thinking of this, Lu Ye quickly probed the back of his hand, but found nothing. He groaned for a while and urged spiritual power to pour into the back of his hand.

Next moment, a magical scene appeared.

A blue spiritual mark suddenly appeared on the back of the hand, and the spiritual mark squirmed and changed, and quickly turned into a few lines of large characters.

Name: Lu Ye

Identity: Jade Blood Sect dísciple.

cultivation base: open three orificies.

Location: Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Merit: None.

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