Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 29

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Lu Ye fixedly looked at the back of his hand, before returning to his senses for a long time.

Looking back on everything before, the things on the back of the hand are undoubtedly related to the head teacher stamping the big seal.

He doesn't know what this is, but there are too many things he doesn't know in this world. The unknown is not terrifying, and now he can only face it calmly.

But the good news is that he has determined his position, and it really is in Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Looking at the prefix of this battlefield alone, Lu Ye feels uncomfortable. If you are not mistaken, this is the battlefield that Spirit Creek Realm is qualified to set foot on.

He is a small cultivator with three orificies. In this unfamiliar place, there is no doubt that danger lurks on every side. You just ran into a group of wolves, what if you encountered a group of cultivators?

As a battlefield, there must be a cultivator!

As for the two sides fighting in this battlefield, it is needless to think that they are also Grand Heaven Alliance and Myriad Demons Ridge.

He can understand the original intention of the head teacher to send him in. At that time, the head teacher took him to fight against others and forced a fight. His little cultivator must have nothing to end, and the head teacher sent him. Coming in was helpless, looking for a way out for him in a desperate situation.

The head teacher seemed to have stuffed something in his arms before.

Thinking of this, Lu Ye hurriedly checked.

Soon he found a storage bag. He opened the storage bag and took out a few bottles from it, as well as a few stacks of talisman paper, a few sets of clothes, and then a jade slip. .

He one after another checks.

There are only two kinds of Spirit Pill in a few bottles, one is Qi and Blood Pill and the other is Spirit Gathering Pill. Among them, Spirit Gathering Pill is the majority, and there are two bottles of almost 20 pills. , Qi and Blood Pill is less, only a bottle of less than ten pills.

As for the talisman paper, he has never seen it before, but he can vaguely guess what these all are.

Sure enough, after checking it, I found that it was a spirit talisman.

Among the external cultivators, there are those who are proficient in picture talisman. The spirit talisman can assist the cultivator to fight or cultivation, but Lu Ye has not been exposed to these before, so he has never seen it before.

There are many types of spirit talisman in the storage bag. There are Vajra Talisman that can be defensive, Fire Snake Talisman that can attack, Breath Restraining Talisman that is more supportive, Shadow Talisman that hides their tracks, and spirits one by one. The purpose of talisman has been clearly stated, for fear that Lu Ye is not clear, there are more than 30 copies.

Looking at these things, Lu Ye's heart gushes with warmth.

Undoubtedly, these things are specially prepared for him by the head teacher, because both the Spirit Pill and the spirit talisman in front of him are only suitable for Lu Ye level cultivator, and the head teacher does not use it at all. On these.

Not to mention the clothes, these are obviously clothes suitable for young men.

Recalling the days when the head teacher disappeared on the wyvern ship, Lu Ye understood that it should be those days when the head teacher collected these useful things from other sect disciples.

Maybe the head teacher planned to return to Aoshan and then give it to him, but when he encountered something like that on the way, he gave it to him in advance.

For a person who just entered cultivation, these things are undoubtedly a huge wealth. Not to mention the bottles of Spirit Pill, they are the spirit talisman, Lu Ye feels that it is very valuable .

Because he did not find spirit talisman in the storage bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng at all. It can be seen that spirit talisman should be very valuable, but the head teacher collected more than 30 copies at once. There are all uses.

Taking a light breath, Lu Ye put the things away and picked up the jade slip.

If you guessed right, this jade slip should be the one taken out by the head teacher on the escape route with him. At that time, the head teacher asked him if he had heard of Spirit Creek Battlefield. Lu Ye never returned. , The head teacher took out a jade slip and pasted it on his forehead.

There may be some information that the head teacher wants to leave him. The situation was urgent at the time and the head teacher had no time to explain, so he could only tell him in this way.

Lu Ye urged spiritual power and poured it into the jade slip, but there was no response, which made him puzzled.

Thinking about it,

He learned the way of a head teacher, sticking the jade slip on his forehead, and stimulating spiritual power again.

At this moment, a lot of information poured into his mind, and his spirit was shocked into a trance.

After a while, he put down his jade slip, with a complex look on his face.

There is indeed some information left by the head teacher in the jade slip about Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Nine Provinces is a world made up of nine Great Province lands, but Nine Provinces world is not limited to these nine Great Province lands. Apart from the nine Great Province lands, there are other spaces.

Spirit Creek Battlefield is one of them.

No one knows where Spirit Creek Battlefield is located in the Nine Provinces world. There was a Divine Sea Realm cultivator who wanted to explore this secret, but for countless years, no one got any useful clues. Over.

The battle between Grand Heaven Alliance and Myriad Demons Ridge is not only in the Nine Provinces world, but the battle in this space battlefield is the fiercest.

If you want to enter the Spirit Creek Battlefield, you must use the Heavenly Mystery Pillar, which is the water crystal pillar that Lu Ye has seen before. This thing has one for every sect, even if the sect is destroyed. It will be preserved. Over the past countless years, countless sects have been destroyed in the Nine Provinces world, so the Heavenly Mystery Pillar scattered in the wild is as numerous as stars.

Various sects cultivator enter Spirit Creek Battlefield through their own Heavenly Mystery Pillar, they will appear on a fixed site, this site will generally be built by the sects as their own resident on the battlefield, and they have strong all year round. The cultivator sits in town to avoid being sneak attacked.

But if a cultivator does not enter the battlefield through the Heavenly Mystery Pillar of its own sect, it will randomly appear somewhere on the battlefield.

So generally speaking, cultivators entering the battlefield will pass through the Heavenly Mystery Pillar of their own sect, and will not easily use other sects unless they are approved by that sect and are branded with a specific mark. The imprint, so that it can appear in the residence of that sect.

The situation encountered by Lu Ye and the head teacher at the time did not allow the head teacher to have too many choices. Beat.

After investigating the information in the jade slip, Lu Ye understood his situation.

He is now somewhere in Spirit Creek Battlefield. As for where he is, he doesn't know where it is, because the entire Spirit Creek Battlefield is so wide that it has a Land of a Province.

The thing that can't be seen on the back of his hand is the Battlefield Mark. Every cultivator that enters the battlefield has it. It records the origin, cultivation base and merits of this cultivator.

This thing is also related to his way out.

His Battlefield Mark was branded by the head teacher with the Jade Blood Sect head teacher's big mark. As a result, this mark has a sense of touch with the Heavenly Mystery Pillar at the Jade Blood Sect station. Just follow this layer. After induction, Lu Ye can go to Jade Blood Sect's station at Spirit Creek Battlefield. At that time, he can return to Jade Blood Sect!

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