Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 30

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After finishing all the clues, Lu Ye has a general idea of ​​his current situation.

It is undeniable that his situation is not so good. The biggest problem is that the cultivation base is too low. A group of evil wolves can besieged him on the tree. Any malicious cultivator will definitely be powerless. Revolt.

The good news is that with Battlefield Mark, he knows which way to go is the way out.

But he doesn't know how far he is from the site of Jade Blood Sect.

If you want to go to Jade Blood Sect's location at Spirit Creek Battlefield, you must have a certain cultivation base, so the top priority is to improve your strength first!

He now has a lot of Spirit Pills available. If he can absorb all of these Spirit Pills and refining, his strength will definitely increase a lot. I dare not say that it has been upgraded to a few floors of Spirit Creek, at least more. Some self-preservation.

With a plan, Lu Ye looked down at the wolves gathered below. If he wanted to cultivation, he had to get out of the trap first. This kind of environment is not suitable for cultivation.

Although these evil wolves can't do anything to him, they make a lot of noise, and they can easily attract the attention of others, which is a potential danger.

After thinking about it, Lu Ye took out the spirit talisman from the storage bag the head teacher gave him, picked it up, and pinched out a golden wheel talisman.

There are more than 30 spirit talismans, only half of them are for attacking spirit talisman, the others are either for defense or auxiliary use, and all of the more than ten spirit talismans for attacking are Fire The spirit talisman of Attribute or Metal Attribute is used by people like Lu Ye who are the main fire and auxiliary gold of Five Elements.

The head teacher undoubtedly took this into consideration when collecting these spirit talisman.

I didn’t choose those few Fire Attribute spirit talisman, mainly because Lu Ye suspected that those Fire Attribute spirit talisman would make a lot of noise. After all, names such as Explosion Talisman and Fire Snake Talisman look like Gives a sense of violent violent.

How to motivate spirit talisman is a problem, Lu Ye has never used it before.

But now he has to try anyway, he has to get out of trouble as soon as possible.

Squeezing the spiritual talisman in his hand, Lu Ye urged spiritual power to pour it in, cautiously.

The spirit talisman immediately poured out a layer of golden light, and then, the golden light condensed into a disc-like thing in front of Lu Ye.

The golden light disc is brilliant, translucent, and the size of a washbasin, in which the spiritual mark flows.

Before Lu Ye had time to react, a golden blade cut out from the disc. The blade was like a crescent, and disappeared in no time.

With a muffled sound, Lu Ye looked up and saw a very deep cut mark on a tree not far away, which was hugged by several people.

" Chi..." In the translucent golden disc in his hand, one after another crescent-like blade was continuously cut out. In a moment, all around the trees were broken, and one branch and bud was cut off, crash-bang Fall down.

"It turned out to be like this!" Lu Ye understood, and quickly adjusted the direction of the disc in his hand, aiming at the wolf pack below.

chi chi chi ……

The sharpness golden crescent broke through the barriers of space, slashing on the wolves gathered in one place, blood spattered suddenly, blood and flesh fly.

Once the little calf-like wolf is cut, it will be cut in half instantly.

The wolves were obviously panicked, and they dodged around. Lu Ye constantly adjusted the direction, trying to make the blade cut to the densest place of the wolves.

A wolves were killed, bloody air filled.

Moments later, the wolves also noticed something wrong. After a wolf howl was heard not far away, the evil wolves gathered below quickly fled with their tails between them, leaving a dozen dead wolves behind. .

Lu Ye controlled the disc in his hand, chased and killed the evil wolves in the direction where they were fleeing for a moment, and became addicted to his heart.

Spirit talisman is indeed a good thing. A spirit talisman can make him, a cultivator who runs three orificies, unscrupulously kill. The only flaw is that he uses spirit talisman for the first time and doesn’t know how to control it. Direction and accuracy, otherwise you can kill more.

While thinking like this, Lu Ye suddenly felt exhausted, his heart was pounding, and Venus appeared in front of him.

He shook his body and almost fell from the tree trunk.

This frightened him very much, and quickly stabilized his figure, gasping for a moment.

After recovering a little bit, Lu Ye looked down and found that the translucent golden disc had disappeared, and the spirit talisman held in his hand had become dull, and the lines on the symbols were obscure.

This spirit talisman can no longer be used, Lu Ye has a clear comprehension in his heart.

But what happened to me just now?

After some inspection, Lu Ye understood the truth of the matter.

The spiritual power in my body is exhausted! The three Spirit Orifices were empty, and the spiritual power originally stored in them was completely dry.

That's why I feel tired.

He quickly took out a Spirit Gathering Pill, plugged it into his mouth, and took it.

Naturally, a Spirit Gathering Pill can't fully recover him. He didn't even wait for the pill power to completely dissolve before he jumped off the tree.

The bloody air here is too rich, and it is easy to attract more beasts, so it is better to go first. As for the pill power accumulated in the body, it is the same to dissolve the pill power while walking, but it is less efficient.

He also took the time to take out the long sword and cut a few large pieces of wolf meat into the storage bag.

After this incident, Lu Ye learned a lesson. When using the spirit talisman, you must not get complacent, and always pay attention to the consumption of your own spiritual power.

This time I just kill the wolves. If I encounter a hostile cultivator next time, once the spiritual power is exhausted, I can only wait to die.

The big half a day later, a dry and gloomy within cave, Lu Ye sits cross-legged with a futon under his ass.

The most indispensable cave between the mountains and the wild is this kind of cave for shelter. After Lu Ye's inspection, it should be an ownerless cave. If you live here, you don’t have to worry about being returned by someone. The beast of the house bothers.

The environment of within cave is average, but it is not the time to pay attention to these at the moment. If nothing happens, Lu Ye feels that he might live here for a while.

All around The environment he checked before, and there are no traces of ferocious wild beasts, but there are many small beasts.

This is good news for him. If he becomes hungry in the future, he can go out hunting at any time so that he won’t be hungry.

In front of Lu Ye, there are a lot of messy things, he is checking his family property.

There are three storage bags, one from Manager Yang, one from Zhou Cheng, and one from the head teacher. These are not valuable. Anyway, the cultivator Lu Ye saw is basically a manpower, maybe more. .

There is no head teacher, but the head teacher must have other storage methods, which is not something Lu Ye can know.

Twenty-five Spirit Gathering Pills, of which 20 were given to him by the head teacher, and five were obtained from the storage bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng. Originally there were six, but the wolf was killed. After that, Lu Ye took one pill.

There are a total of 16 Qi and Blood Pill pills, most of which are given to him by the head teacher, and the other half are obtained from the storage bags of Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng.

Eight Healing Pills.

There are more than 30 large and small magnetic essence ore, and there are other ore that Lu Ye can't name.

One story book!

One Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art!

There are nearly thirty photos of various spirit talisman.

Five sets of various styles of clothing.

The messy medicine pill previously stored in the Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng storage bags are gone. About the time they were cultivation on the wyvern ship, they were confiscated by the head teacher. Those bottles of medicine pill should be nothing. good stuff.

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