Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 31

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For a minor repair with only three orificies, these things are undoubtedly a great asset.

The ore and spirit talisman are not available for the time being. If you want to increase cultivation base, it depends on the Spirit Gathering Pill and Qi and Blood Pill.

Lu Ye put the ore and most of the Spirit Pill spirit talisman into the storage bag given to him by the head teacher, then put it close to his body, and then divide the remaining things into two parts and put them in Manager Yang and In Zhou Cheng's storage bag, one is tied around the waist for easy access at any time, and the other is hidden on the chest for spare use.

After that, he changed a set of clean clothes. What he wore before was already tattered, and there were blood stains after the fight with Manager Yang. If it weren't for the clothes that were not changed, he would have lost it.

With new clothes and a new look, Lu Ye suddenly felt refreshed.

Everything was prepared, he took out a Spirit Gathering Pill, stuffed it into the mouth and took it, refining medicine efficacy.

A heat flow is quickly generated in the lower abdomen. It is the pill power that melts away and transforms into the spiritual power of Lu Ye, pouring into the Spirit Orifice.

The Spirit Orifice, which was not originally full, gradually fills up.

But soon Lu Ye discovered a strange thing, that is, there are some strange existences beside him. Those existences are invisible and intangible, but omnipresent. They can only be felt when Lu Ye calms down. To.

This reminded him of sitting on the disc Formation when he was testing the level of innate talent.

Is this...Spiritual Qi?

Infuse Spiritual Qi is one of the most important means of cultivator cultivation. When Spirit Stone is exhausted, Spirit Pill should not be taken too much, otherwise the pill poison will accumulate, and Refining Essence into Qi is not efficient, so In many cases, cultivation is the cultivation of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

between Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is omnipresent, just a few.

However, since Lu Ye's resuscitation, he has only felt the existence of Spiritual Qi when testing the innate talent, and that was because of the fog of Spirit Stone spiritual power on the array.

Other than that, he has never felt the existence of Spiritual Qi.

Until this moment!

Why did I suddenly feel the existence of Spiritual Qi? It is certainly not the reason for the increase in your own cultivation base. There is actually not much difference between opening one orifice and opening three orificies.

Putting it that way, is the Spiritual Qi rich enough here, so that I can notice it?

Lu Ye felt it quietly and found that the richness of all around Spiritual Qi was only a little worse than the environment at the time of testing, but it was much better than Evil Moon Valley or the outside environment.

Is this an environment unique to Spirit Creek Battlefield? Putting it that way, the cultivator is obviously more advantageous for cultivation on the battlefield.

Lu Ye vaguely understands the significance of Spirit Creek Battlefield to cultivators.

In fact, he is right. The Spiritual Qi in Spirit Creek Battlefield is indeed much richer than the outside world. This is still the wild of the battlefield. If Lu Ye can go to the Great Sect locations, he will I found that the Spiritual Qi there will only be more concentrated, the higher the grade of the sect, the greater the concentration of Spiritual Qi, the faster the cultivator cultivation will progress.

This is also the reason why new sects have sprung up continuously for so many years, because after establishing the sect, you can get the Heavenly Mystery Pillar, and then you can have a piece in the Spirit Creek Battlefield. The resident of my own sect, cultivation in the resident, is far more efficient than the outside world.

Moreover, the locations of the Great Sect on the battlefield are not only used for cultivation, but also for cultivating spirit plant spiritual medicine or doing other things.

It can be said that the station of each sect on the battlefield is the most important foundation of this sect.

Right now, Lu Ye doesn't know much about the situation on the battlefield. He just found Spiritual Qi all around which made him feel novel.

But he didn't go to Spiritual Qi cultivation, it was not efficient.

Of the several major methods of cultivator cultivation, the most efficient is undoubtedly drug use.

One day later, Lu Ye's three orificies were full again. He paused for a while, took out the wolf meat that had been cut before, grilled it, and ate it wholeheartedly.

Wolf meat is not delicious. Even if it is grilled, it still has a fishy smell, but Lu Ye knows that the main focus is to improve his strength now.

Naturally, he does not want to waste time hunting.

It is almost non-stop cultivation, and the Spirit Gathering Pill is taken continuously one after another.

half a day later, the barrier of the four orifices broke open, and after three days, the four orifices were full.

Three days later, the five orifices are full.

Three days later, the six orifices are full.

The consumption of a large amount of Qi and Blood Pill and Spirit Gathering Pill makes Lu Ye's Spirit Orifice open one by one.

After all Spirit Gathering Pill and Qi and Blood Pill are consumed, Lu Ye has opened eight orificies, and the time has passed half a month!

In half a month, I opened five orifices in a row and basically maintained the speed of opening one orifice in three days. It was considered three orificies before. Today, Lu Ye has become an eight orificies cultivator. It is only a short distance from Spirit Creek First Layer. One step away!

The speed of this kind of cultivation is amazing. Lu Ye doesn't know how fast other people's cultivation is, but it is absolutely impossible to have such a fast speed of its own.

Because of this half a month, he swallowed too much Spirit Pill.

At this moment, he has finally determined one thing, that is his own drug cultivation, there is really no big hidden danger, his spiritual power is still as pure as before, and there is no such thing as the head teacher said before. Spiritual power is obscure, the situation of pile poison accumulation.

Qi and Blood Pill and Spirit Gathering Pill are all consumed, and the barrier of the nine orifices has not been broken, which makes Lu Ye a little uncomfortable.

He tried to infuse Spiritual Qi cultivation, but found that this kind of cultivation was extremely inefficient, and it was difficult for him to incorporate Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi from the outside world.

Of course, it is not without effect. Lu Ye estimates that after three or five months of cultivation here, he may have the opportunity to break through the Spirit Orifice barrier of the nine orifices.

In March or May, the variables are too great. Lu Ye needs to achieve Spirit Creek Realm as soon as possible to barely qualify for survival on the battlefield!

He secretly regretted that the head teacher didn't help him prepare more Spirit Pills.

This is because he wants to cross it. Generally, as Lu Ye just started the cultivator, taking a Spirit Gathering Pill for three to five days is the correct way of cultivation. When the cultivation base gets higher, you can increase the amount of swallowing. The frequency of the Spirit Pill.

The head teacher prepared 20 pills for him at a time. Counting what he already has, it has been enough for his cultivation for a long time, not to mention some Qi and Blood Pill.

Who knows that he takes drugs like pacman, and consumes all Spirit Pill thoroughly in only half a month.

No one in this world has such a cultivation. For cultivators, vomiting Spiritual Qi or relying on Spirit Stone is the orthodox and safe way of cultivation.

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