Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 32

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Lu Ye gorge oneself by the bonfire that burned out afterglow, eating a big snake, that big snake has ten feet long feet, thick arms, delicate white and tender meat, and it leaves fragrant lips and teeth. .

It has been half a month since his Spirit Pill has been exhausted. During this period, the results of cultivation are naturally not better than before, but better than what he estimated. According to the current progress, he will be able to break in another month. Open the barrier of the ninth Spirit Orifice.

The main reason for such progress is that he discovered one thing.

That is, the efficiency of Refining Essence into Qi is faster than the throughput of Spiritual Qi.

Where does the essence come from? Without Qi and Blood Pill, you can only eat!

He noticed when he ate the wolf meat before, and later hunted down some other beasts and found that the beast meat produced in Spirit Creek Battlefield is very supplementary. The bigger the beast, this situation The more obvious.

He is not good at handling Spiritual Qi, perhaps because of the low innate talent, it is difficult for him to guide Spiritual Qi into the body, but what he eats in his stomach is different, as long as it can be digested If it drops, it can replenish his Power of Qi and Blood, and he can refining his Power of Qi and Blood into spiritual power, which can also enhance his strength.

So in the past half month, the nearby beasts are in a mess. Lu Ye's appetite has been greatly appetite after his resuscitation. Now, after taking the path of Refining Essence into Qi, he eats more and more.

This actually caused the cave's several li powers, and there were no more beasts. Lu Ye also searched for a long time today before finding this big snake.

Halfway through the meal, the entrance of the cave darkened, and there was a fishy wind assaults the senses.

Lu Ye looked up and saw a huge silhouette standing at the entrance of the cave, and a low roar came from there.

Lu Ye quickly got up, took out the long sword from the storage bag, held the sword in one hand, and squeezed a Fire Snake Talisman in the other, and spiritual power secretly reminded him.

He lived here for a month, and he didn't meet any other cultivator or any powerful beasts. He thought it was a peaceful place, but he didn't want to be disturbed by an unexpected guest today.

Lu Ye had expected such a situation to happen, so although he was not disturbed, he quickly made a correct response.

This cave is small. If the opponent dared to rush up, the Fire Snake Talisman in his hand can give him a good look. Fire Snake Talisman can’t. He has other spirit talisman. If you don’t, take a picture of yourself. Vajra Talisman, the long sword in his hand is not a display.

Until then, Lu Ye could not see exactly what this uninvited guest was. It was a big tiger.

Covered with snow-white fur, spotlessly clean, with a huge king character on his forehead, and two Amber-colored tiger pupils.

Lu Ye's eyes met the pair of tiger pupils, and his spirit was in a daze, knowing that he was encountering a terrible thing.

During this time, he killed a lot of beasts, some bigger than this tiger, but there has never been a beast that can give him such an oppression like this big tiger.

You know, he also opened the cultivator of eight orificies now.

This is not an ordinary beast, it is probably a demonic beast with some cultivation base in the body!

There is a difference between demonic beast and beast. Demonic beast understands cultivation. It is rumored that some demonic beasts can be transformed into human form if some key Spirit Orifice is opened.

This is the origin of the phrase spread by Nine Provinces that it is difficult to transform a demon without resuscitation, and it is difficult to cultivation without resuscitation.

Many sects will also include some monster cultivator dísciples, because most monster cultivators are strong and strong, and they are good seedlings who are born to take the path of body cultivator.

Lu Ye doesn't know much about Nine Provinces cultivation world at the moment, so naturally he doesn't know this information.

He only knew that his current situation was a bit troublesome. He was in a cave and was blocked by the big tiger. Unless he was killed, there was no way out.

But he doesn't know the strength of this big tiger.

During the confrontation, big tiger roared at him, Lu Ye got even more nervous and almost inspired the Fire Snake Talisman in his hand!

"Boy, are you killing around?" A muffled voice rang out within the cave, shaking all around and the rocks rustled down.

Lu Ye couldn't help but stared at the big tiger in surprise.

"It's the king who is talking, the smelly brat is rare!" Seeing Lu Ye's doubts, the big tiger said again.

Lu Ye’s heart sank to the bottom. It’s cold now. He seems to have underestimated the strength of this big tiger. This guy can already speak up, and he doesn’t know the geometry of the cultivation base, but he seems to need it. Much better than myself.

"The king is asking you, why didn't you speak?" The big tiger had a bad temper, so he drank again and let out a threatening growl in his throat.

It’s a blessing, not a curse. It’s a curse that can’t be avoided. Lu Ye can only brace oneself and push two hundred fifty-six: "It’s not me!"

The big tiger raised his claws and slapped angrily The ground and the earth seemed to shook: "Who else could you be? You are the only human being in this area of ​​thirty miles!" It walked back and forth at the entrance of the cave, but Tiger Eye kept staring at Lu Ye and said, "Here This is the place of the king. Without the permission of the king, you dare to slaughter the king's food recklessly. It seems that you don't want to live anymore!" between.

But he does understand why the big tiger came to the door. This place is its territory. The beasts killed by himself are all food from its territory. This half a month comes to Lu Ye killed a lot and caught the big tiger's attention, and followed some clues to find it.

"Let's talk about it, how do you want to solve this problem?" Big Tiger said again.

By this time, Lu Ye was not as panicked as before. Although it was strange for a Demon Beast to negotiate terms with him, it was better than the other party killing him without a word.

He frowned and said: "I have eaten everything, how do you want to solve it?"

The big tiger fixedly looked at him, opened the mouth and said: "Take your Spirit Pill handed it over, that’s all about it. If you dare to spit a word, this place is your land of burial!"

"There is no Spirit Pill anymore." Lu Ye shook his head, if there is a Spirit Pill , He still needs to kill animals and eat meat.

Big tiger said: "Spirit Stone is fine too!"

"There is no Spirit Stone either."

The head teacher didn't prepare Spirit Stone for him, maybe Think Lu Ye is not available now?

"Neither, nor that, I think you want to die!" The big tiger was obviously a little impatient.

Lu Ye sighed: "Really not!"

"Then what's in your storage bag?" Big tiger asked.

"Some spirit talisman, and a bottle of Healing Pill." Lu Ye said truthfully.

"What a poor ghost!" Big tiger couldn't help but sneered, "Give me the Healing Pill, and that's all for it."

"You want Healing Pill to do it." What?" Lu Ye's expression was a little strange.

"What do you care about me? Give it to me!"

"Okay..." Lu Ye reluctantly complied, taking the bottle of Healing Pill from the storage bag Come out, hesitate for a moment, and slowly put it on the ground.

"Throw it over!" big tiger instructed.

Lu Ye looked at it: "Why don't you come and fetch it by yourself?"

"I told you to throw it over!" Lu Ye's attitude undoubtedly angered the big tiger, it violently Growl.

"All right." Lu Ye lifted his foot and kicked the bottle on the ground. At the same time, he urged the Fire Snake Talisman in his hand. Under the surging Spiritual Qi, the spirit talisman turned into one. red light, like a fire snake attacking the big tiger.

This was not over yet, he stepped on his feet, his figure resembling thunder and lightning, and then killed him with a sword.

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