Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 34

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Lu Ye’s eyes cannot tell whether this strange girl is a human or a ghost, but judging from the performance of the other party, the probability of human beings is extremely low.

This guy can appear top secretly behind her and perform sneak attacks, and her body is imaginary and real, and she can freely shuttle among the rock walls. This is obviously not what ordinary people can do.

It was the first time that Lu Ye encountered such a strange thing, he couldn't help being more vigilant, especially the other party was obviously in the same group as the big tiger.

At this moment, although he occupies a geographical advantage, any carelessness may lead to consigned to eternal damnation.

According to his thoughts, he is taking the initiative right now. It is best to start the spirit talisman and kill the big tiger directly, but he will not know how to deal with this girl who appears and disappear unpredictably for a while. Make trouble.

Lu Ye’s question seems to be a bit embarrassing to the girl, the other side hesitated for a while, opened the mouth and said: "My name is Yiyi..."

"I didn't ask what your name was." Lu Ye raised the spirit talisman in his hand. The threat was self-evident. This move made the big tiger lower and growl in a low voice.

The girl named Yiyi quickly calmed the big tiger. At the moment, I am a fish. If you want to survive, you have to cooperate obediently.

"Have you ever heard of being a tiger?" Yiyi asked rhetorically.

Lu Ye nodded.

Yiyidao: "Some tiger monster cultivators will awaken a divine ability as they grow up, which can transform the souls of people who have just died into ghosts."

"So... …Are you a ghost?” Lu Ye frowned, he had heard of it, but it was just an idiom, but he didn't want this idiom to have such a wonderful explanation in the world of cultivation.

"No." The girl Yiyi shook her head, her black hair flying.

"Are you teasing me?"

"Really not." Yiyi was a little anxious, "generally speaking, the ghost will be controlled by the monster cultivator that transforms it, and there is no spiritual wisdom. It’s different from autonomous thinking, but I’m different. Look at me, except that I have no flesh and blood, I’m the same as a living person."

"Then what are you?"

"Yun Ling?" Yiyi tilted his head.

Lu Ye stopped talking, his eyes flowed between Yiyi and big tiger, slightly squinting: "Then if I kill this big tiger, you will also disappear with it?"

"Yes...No!" Yiyi yelled. She noticed Lu Ye's murderous intention, "Don't kill us, we know it was wrong... We take money to buy our lives!"

Lu Ye's hands The twinkling rays of light gradually dimmed from spirit talisman. He almost inspired spirit talisman. It really fought. He was sure to get rid of this big tiger. As for the girl named Yiyi, he was still somewhat dreaded, but now that she is certain There is a symbiotic relationship with big tiger, so there is no need to care too much.

Her strength should not be high. Before sneak attacks, she herself could only use some tricks to interfere with her actions, but she could not hurt herself.

But this definitely requires paying a few spirit talisman, and he will definitely be injured in the battle.

If the price paid is too great, then this battle will not be worthwhile, especially as he is only one step away from the Spirit Creek First Layer realm. If the spiritual power in his body is consumed too much, it will undoubtedly increase. Time to achieve Spirit Creek.

In the last sentence of Yiyi, Lu Ye pressed the murderous intention and raised his eyebrows and said: "Take money to buy your life? What do you have?" A demonic beast living in Spirit Creek Battlefield, an accompanying ghost , What good things can there be?

"You wait! I'm going to get it!" Yiyi yelled, and she disappeared on the side of the rock wall.

But soon, she came up with a head from the rock wall: "You can't kill Amber! I'll be back soon!"

Amber...Lu Ye Glancing at the majestic and imposing manner in front of the big tiger, his face twitched.

Yiyi is gone, leaving Lu Ye and Amber facing off at a distance. He is also guarding against Yiyi. Although the girl is very sincere, it can be seen that people know each other and don’t know, who knows if she will hide in the dark Sneak attack yourself?

He currently has a low cultivation base, and there is no good way to detect the girl's whereabouts.

Yiyi did come back soon. Lu Ye only waited for a cup of tea time before the girl appeared again, but this time she came out from behind Lu Ye.

Lu Ye leaned against the rock wall and let the girl walk into the cave. Holding something in her hand, she lifted it up: "Let's take these things to buy our lives, don't kill us!" When Lu Ye saw the thing in the girl's hands, she was shocked, then It was actually a few storage bags!

A storage bag is a cultivator. It is very problematic to appear in a girl's hands, and there is more than one storage bag, at least four or five held by the girl's hands.

Sure enough, this lingering tiger is not a good thing, and the killing of people and goods is probably done.

"You misunderstood!" The girl saw Lu Ye's expression and she knew what he was thinking, "Amber is not strong, you should be able to feel it when you fight against it. It appears in Spirit Creek Battlefield. The cultivator is at least Spirit Creek First Layer. Amber can't kill them."

"Where did these storage bags come from?" Lu Ye certainly wouldn't believe her easily.

Yiyi was a little bit twitched: "Cheated...the cultivators were very courageous, so they just threw the storage bag away."

Lu Ye recalled his previous experience, If it weren't for the fact that the big tiger was not right, and he really didn't have Spirit Pill and Spirit Stone, maybe he would choose to lose money and eliminate disasters.

Compared with these extraneous things, one's own life is naturally more important.

Of course, the enchanting imposing manner of big tiger is indeed scary enough. A cultivator with a low cultivation base is stared at by its Amber-colored tiger pupils, and it is three points timidly. It threatens a few words, how can there be fighting spirit?

As everyone knows, UU reading hiding behind and talking scary is just a girl with a slender figure.

"Throw it over." Lu Ye instructed.

Yiyi yelled and threw a few storage bags in front of Lu Ye. Lu Ye lifted up one of his feet and probed it, his face turned dark.

This storage bag is locked...

Look at the second one, the same.

The third one is...

After checking all the storage bags, Lu Ye raised his head: "Are you kidding me?"

The locked storage bag It's not that there is no way to open it, but Lu Ye doesn't have the ability.

Yiyi was a little aggrieved: "Some guys ran fast and dropped the storage bag without even opening the prohibition lock. Some were ordered to open it, but we had already used up the useful things in it... …"

This is the truth. Yiyi and big tiger have harvested more than these storage bags in this jungle over the years. It’s just that the things in other storage bags are basically used up. Yiyi didn't bring the empty bag left.

Lu Ye's eyebrows drooped: "If you only have this sincerity, then there is no need to talk about it. These things are not enough to buy life."

"Why..." Yiyi I'm about to cry, I regret coming to provoke Lu Ye, mainly because he didn't expect this guy is different from the cultivator I've encountered before.

The cultivators and cultivation bases that haunt this area are not very high, mainly loose cultivators or some Small Sect dísciples, because this is regarded as the periphery zone of Spirit Creek Battlefield. These cultivators encounter a problem. The demonic beast of spitting words, anyone who has a bit of common sense is all horrified.

Because the demonic beast that can spit is definitely not something they can provoke.

Lu Ye has no common sense. He doesn't know what the demonic beast means. Without this preconceived notion, he only believes in his own judgment.

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