Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 35

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Looking back now, the combination of Yiyi and big tiger did not show the intention to kill Lu Ye from the very beginning, and Lu Ye started the battle first.

They even said that the reason why they came to Lu Ye was also because Lu Ye broke into the territory of the big tiger and killed too many ominous beasts.

They probably want to drive Lu Ye away and ask Lu Ye for some benefits by the way.

If Lu Ye is a cultivator with a little common sense, their plan has already succeeded in all likelihood.

However, the situation did not develop as expected. Until now, trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, but Lu Ye was blocked in the within cave, a dilemma.

For Lu Ye, he doesn't have to share life and death with big tiger. Although killing tigers and eating meat is great for him, if the price paid is too great, the battle will not be a bargain.

It's just that he has consumed a Fire Snake Talisman, and his chest is still injured, so he naturally has to find some compensation from the opponent.

A few storage bags can't satisfy Lu Ye. All these things are locked. Who knows what's inside. And the storage bag of low-level cultivator doesn't have many good things, not everyone is as rich as his family.

"You can take these storage bags to Azure Cloud Market and find someone to open them. There must be good things in them." Yiyi said anxiously.

"Azure Cloud Market?" Lu Ye frowned.

"That is the market where loose cultivator gathers. It is only fifty miles away from here. I can take you there."

"No need!" The reason why he stayed in this jungle Because his cultivation base is too low, in his plan, he will not leave Spirit Creek Realm easily.

Lu Ye's lack of oil and salt made Yiyi a headache. She begged: "Can't you let us go? We already know that we are wrong."

Lu Ye indifferently said: "If you make a mistake, you have to pay a price. I have limited patience. You'd better not talk nonsense!" Yiyi took a mouthful of white teeth: "If you really fight, you won't be better, I don't believe it... "

"Really?" Lu Ye raised his hand and took out another spirit talisman.

Yiyi stunned in an instant, looking at the spirit talisman, shrinking his neck, knowing that he really kicked the iron plate this time, there are so many spirit talisman next to him, this person in front of him It must be the important dísciple of which Great Sect, facing such a person, the storage bags of a few low-level cultivators really can't move each other.

She seems to have made some determination, sighed, opened the mouth and said: "There is one more thing, I will fetch it for you."

That big tiger seems to understand her He immediately turned his head and whimpered at her. Yiyi smiled and raised his hand to touch the big tiger's head: "Wait for me here. I will come back as soon as possible. Don't conflict with him until I come back."

The big tiger roared again, and Yiyi sullenly said, "Observe!"

The big tiger couldn't help lowering his head.

Yiyi patted its head again, turned and sank into the rock wall, disappeared.

Lu Ye and big tiger are left to face off.

However, the exchanges between Yiyi and Big Tiger made Lu Ye understand that this demonic beast should be human, and I think it is. If it is not human, how can Yiyi cooperate with it to scare those low-level cultivators?

As time passed, Lu Ye's expression gradually became dignified, because the big tiger he was stuck in the within cave gradually became restless, walking back and forth in the within cave, looking up at Lu Ye from time to time.

Lu Ye smelled of danger, which made him more vigilant.

This time Yiyi has been away for a long time, about two hours or so, before Yiyi suddenly appeared again, but her state at the moment is obviously something wrong, and her body has become a little translucent, giving people a kind of Feeling extremely weak.

Lu Ye frowned. I don't know if the woman was pretending or was really hurt, but his attention was quickly drawn to the thing in Yiyi's hand.

It was a bright red fruit, baby fist sized. As soon as this fruit was brought in by Yiyi, it filled the inside cave with a peculiar fragrance.

"What is this?" He asked,

I don't know what this fruit is, but instinctively feels that it is definitely a good thing.

Yiyi said weakly: "Barrier Breaking Fruit."

"What's the use?" Lu Ye asked again.

Yiyi is a little puzzled. It is reasonable to say that Lu Ye, an important dísciple impossible from Great Sect, has never heard the name of Barrier Breaking Fruit. This thing is precious to any Spirit Creek Realm cultivator. Treasure, it’s just that she’s not in good shape at the moment, and she didn’t have the time to talk nonsense, so she explained: "It is used to break the Spirit Orifice barrier."

Lu Ye's eyes lit up when she heard it. He didn't know where Yiyi came from. I found this fruit, but if what Yiyi said is true, then this thing is too useful for him. He raised his head to signal Yiyi: "Throw... send it over!"

Yiyi shook his head: "Fruit I can give it to you, but you can afford the Heavenly Mystery oath, please Heavenly Mystery, you will never hurt us again after you get the fruit."

Even though she was weak and almost sleeping, Yiyi had not forgotten her current situation, if it were Lu Ye It is still disadvantageous for them to get the fruit, and there is no way to leave this place with one spirit and one tiger.

Lu Ye doesn't know what the Heavenly Mystery oath is, but he has heard the phrase Heavenly Mystery before.

I probably knew what Bai Yiyi meant, so he nodded and said: "Yes!"

After considering the wording a little, Lu Ye said: "Bing Province cultivator Lu Ye, please Heavenly Mystery , Ruo Yiyi handed Barrier Breaking Fruit to me. Without taking the initiative to provoke and hurt me, I will no longer be embarrassed by Yiyi and Amber!"

He thought it was just a simple vow, but let him What didn't expect was that after his voice fell, an invisible and mysterious force fell from the sky and crashed into the Battlefield Mark on the back of his hand.

That power didn't hurt him in any way, but it made him feel a strange feeling that if he violated what he just said, he would definitely have no good end.

This discovery made Lu Ye's heart startled, and he immediately understood that the oath in this world is not just talk about it, especially the Heavenly Mystery who has asked Heavenly Mystery to witness it.

After Lu Ye took the Heavenly Mystery oath, Yiyi relaxed and floated in front of Lu Ye, and gave him the Barrier Breaking Fruit in his hand.

"Are you injured?" Lu Ye picked up the Barrier Breaking Fruit and looked at Yiyi and asked.

"en." Yiyi nodded, turned to greet Amber: "Amber, let's go."

The sturdy Amber walked out step by step, Lu Ye pinched the spirit talisman and exited the cave.

After a while, Amber walked out of the cave, and Yiyi plunged into Amber's body and disappeared. The big tiger turned his head and snarled at Lu Ye. His stature jumped a few times and disappeared into the jungle.

Looking at the direction where the big tiger disappeared, Lu Ye pondered for a moment, then slowly shook his head. This half-day experience can be said to be bizarre to him, but fortunately, the final result was not bad.

Looking at the Barrier Breaking Fruit in his hand, Lu Ye's expression becomes hot. If this thing really has the effect of Yiyi's claim, then his achievement of Spirit Creek Realm is in front of his eyes!

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