Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 36

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Lu Ye was not in a hurry to take the Barrier Breaking Fruit. He didn't know whether it was true or not. How dare to take it rashly.

Although the battle with the big tiger was short, the instant confrontation was extremely dangerous and he was injured. I have been confronting the big tiger before and didn't have the time to check his injuries.

At this moment, I took off my clothes and took a look, only to find that the flesh and blood on my chest was blurred, and there were several very deep claw marks on the whole chest. The blood had already dyed the clothes below the chest into red.

Fortunately, he is not a mundane body now. Before confronting the big tiger, he was more intentional to urge spiritual power to seal the wound, so the blood flow was not too serious, but the injury looked more hideous.

If you have moved your lower muscles and bones to make sure that there are no fractures, relaxed, but skin injuries, it's better to deal with it.

He also has eight Healing Pills in his hand, which has a very good healing effect.

Taking out the bottle with Healing Pill, Lu Ye poured out a pill and swallowed it, then took out another pill, crushed it with his fingers, and evenly applied the powder to the wound on his chest.

There was a grin of pain.

After finishing all these, he put on his clothes, sit cross-legged, and refining the pile power of Healing Pill.

One night later, Lu Ye feels much better, the wound has started to heal and healed, and it will probably take a few days to recover.

During the period, he ate the snake that he hadn't finished eating before, and replenished his energy.

At dawn, Lu Ye came to a water source a few miles away, caught a fat rabbit with no difficulty, and returned to the cave with rabbit ears.

After a while, Lu Ye sat in the cave, holding the Barrier Breaking Fruit in his hand, took out the long sword lightly and cut out a layer of flesh, then pinched the rabbit’s mouth and stuffed the flesh into the rabbit’s mouth. He closed the rabbit's mouth again and shook it vigorously for a while.

Make sure that the rabbit has eaten the skin and flesh thoroughly. Lu Ye let go of it. Maybe he was so frightened that the rabbit crawled on the ground and didn't move.

Lu Ye didn’t care about it, stuck at the entrance of the cave to make sure he wouldn’t run away, and started to investigate the storage bags that Yiyi took over. When Yiyi and Amber left yesterday, they didn’t want to go back here. Several storage bags, mainly because these things have prohibition locks, are of no use to them.

The storage bag is covered with dirt, as if it was dug out from the soil.

Picking up a storage bag casually, Lu Ye urged Spiritual Qi into the storage bag, but obviously felt that his spiritual power could not be submerged in the bag and was blocked by a strange force.

That is a prohibition lock. Each storage bag has its own prohibition lock. The key to unlock is the spiritual power of the master’s cultivator.

Lu Ye originally had three storage bags, one from Manager Yang, one from Zhou Cheng, and one from the head teacher.

Although Manager Yang had a prohibition lock, before Manager Yang died, he opened the prohibition lock in order to take the sword from the storage bag. The situation was urgent at the time, and Manager Yang had no spare capacity or effort. I thought to lock the storage bag again, so the contents in it were all cheaper Lu Ye.

Zhou Cheng’s storage bag was forcibly opened by the head teacher for him.

The two storage bags have been kept open with the prohibition lock.

The storage bag the head teacher gave him was a brand new storage bag. After Lu Ye got it, he used his own spiritual power to warm up the restraint lock in the storage bag, so that the spiritual power was immersed in the restraint. The lock can be opened and closed freely.

If his storage bag is accidentally lost, even if it is obtained by someone else, it cannot be opened easily unless there are special unlocking techniques.

Lu Ye naturally doesn't have any special unlocking skills, he just has the right to give it a try if he is bored.

The spiritual power slowly immersed in the storage bag and felt the existence of the restraint lock. Lu Ye continuously drummed up the spiritual power and rushed towards the restraint lock.

Once, twice, until the third time, the prohibition lock suddenly disappeared without a trace.

When Lu Ye was in a daze, the storage bag in his hand burst into flames and burned. He quickly threw the storage bag out and watched it burn into black in a very short period of time. Ash...

Can it be like this? Lu Ye frowned.

It wasn't until then that he understood that forbidden locks not only protect storage bags, they can prevent strangers from taking the contents of the storage bags, and even destroy the entire storage bag at critical moments.

This is a bit like jade fragments rather than tiles.

It seems that there is no special unlocking technique, so you really can’t mess around, ruining the storage bag is a small matter, in case there is any dangerous restriction hidden in those restriction locks, maybe you will be injured as a result.

Lu Ye put away the remaining storage bags and went to check the status of the rabbit.

No problem, it’s still alive and cute.

Holding the rabbit's head, fiercely twisted and ka-cha, such a cute rabbit must taste delicious.

Confirmed, even if Barrier Breaking Fruit does not break the barrier, it will not be toxic.

Lu Ye completely relieved, walked to the position of his cultivation, took out the futon, cross-legged, and then took out the Barrier Breaking Fruit and bite it down.

The juice overflowed, the lips and teeth were fragrant, and it was unexpectedly sweet. Lu Ye raised his brows and efficiently ate the Barrier Breaking Fruit clean.

This fruit has no pits, just like small tomatoes.

After a little aftertaste, Lu Ye closed his eyes and concentrated, feeling it quietly.

There was no change at the beginning, but soon there was a heat flow in the lower abdomen, which was similar to the feeling of taking Spirit Pill before. The difference is that after taking Spirit Pill, those Spirit Pill pill powers It can be transformed into spiritual power or Power of Qi and Blood, but the heat flow produced by Barrier Breaking Fruit is not spiritual power or Power of Qi and Blood. It is a power that Lu Ye has never experienced.

The heat flow accumulated in the abdomen, and Lu Ye tried to guide it into his Source Spirit Orifice.

Very smooth...

The heat flow is transferred to the second Spirit Orifice through the Source Spirit Orifice, and then flows into the third Spirit Orifice, the fourth Spirit Orifice...

Within a short time, he crossed the eighth Spirit Orifice and continued to hit the ninth Spirit Orifice.

In the next instant, Lu Ye felt that the Spirit Orifice barrier at his ninth Spirit Orifice was rapidly melting away, like snowflakes under the scorching sun!

This discovery shocked him. You must know that every time he opened one orifice, he took a lot of effort to guide the spiritual power to hit the barrier of Spirit Orifice again and again, and it gave people a feeling when impacted. It is also very uncomfortable, as if someone is holding a small hammer to hit the Spirit Orifice's location. The more times, it will inevitably give rise to a sense of soreness.

But now, there is no shock, and no discomfort. The medicine efficacy of Barrier Breaking Fruit is achieved, and the Spirit Orifice barrier is quickly ablated.

Compared between the two compartments, Barrier Breaking Fruit is simply the gospel of the cultivator's enlightenment.

No wonder that when I asked Yiyi what the Barrier Breaking Fruit is for, the woman looked a little strange at her expression. Now it seems that Barrier Breaking Fruit is definitely not an unnamed thing. Maybe every cultivator knows this. The existence of a Spirit Fruit.

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