Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 37

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After a few ten breaths before and after, the barrier of the nine orifices Spirit Orifice broke open, and the blocked spiritual power gurgled into it.

At this time, Lu Ye only needs to penetrate nine orifices with his own spiritual power, so that the spiritual power forms a small circulation in the body, and Spirit Creek Realm is on its own!

This is also the ultimate goal of his efforts this month.

However, Lu Ye found that although the medicine efficacy of Barrier Breaking Fruit consumes a lot, there are still a lot of residues. At least the remaining medicine efficacy will be wasted.

This fruit is definitely a rare good thing, it is a pity to waste it.

So he just hesitated for a moment, and started urging his spiritual power, trying to locate the tenth Spirit Orifice.

The head teacher only helped him locate the ninth Spirit Orifice. From the head teacher’s point of view, with the Lu Ye one leaf innate talent, even if the Spirit Pill supply is sufficient, it will probably take two to three years. Cultivation to Spirit Creek First Layer.

It's not that the head teacher looks down on him, but the innate talent is too low, and the efficiency of cultivation is really poor.

But the head teacher didn’t expect that Lu Ye can get the nine orifices in just one month. This is still a lack of pills and medicines. If there is enough Spirit Gathering Pill, the speed is only Will be faster.

At this point, even without outsider help, Lu Ye's own spiritual power reserves can still locate the Spirit Orifice, but it is not as easy as the head teacher.

During this period, Lu Ye also took the time to study the Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art, so he probably knows the position of Spirit Orifice in the follow-up. As long as the luck is not too bad, positioning the Spirit Orifice is not a problem. .

After working hard for about one hour, Lu Ye finally located the tenth orifice. He quickly guided the remaining medicine efficacy of Barrier Breaking Fruit towards the tenth orifice. The Spirit Orifice of the tenth orifice was one barrier. As before, rapid ablation.

After a few ten breaths, the barrier of the tenth orifice Spirit Orifice broke open, and the medicine efficacy of Barrier Breaking Fruit is running low.

Lu Ye continues to locate the eleventh orifice.

After one hour, Lu Ye took a long breath and opened his eyes. At this moment, he can no longer feel the medicine efficacy of Barrier Breaking Fruit. The heat flow in the lower abdomen also disappears thoroughly, the wall of the eleventh orifice In the end, the barrier could not be broken, but it was already loosened a lot. When he re-cultivation in the future, breaking the barrier will become very easy, so it is not without gain.

A Barrier Breaking Fruit allows him to open his two orifices, and the barriers of the eleventh orifice are also melted a lot, which is a great harvest.

Lu Ye suppressed the idea of ​​immediately achieving Spirit Creek Realm, because he had a faint feeling. Now that Spirit Creek is achieved, he has a chance to succeed, but if he can cultivate his newly opened nine orifices to a full state If you do, it will be easier to achieve Spirit Creek.

By this time, he was not in a hurry.

Step aside, skin the dead rabbit and remove the dirt, light a fire and barbecue, gorgeous oneself.

In the next few days, Lu Ye hunted and killed nearby beasts, and his daily appetite was amazing, and all the things he ate into his stomach turned into his Power of Qi and Blood. Then Refining Essence into Qi, poured into the Ninth Spirit Orifice.

About six days later, within the cave, Lu Ye sat cross-legged.

Although he has eaten a lot of animal meat these days, his body has not become fatter than six days ago, but he has become thinner. The clothes that originally fit have become a little wider.

This is the result of Refining Essence into Qi, too much Power of Qi and Blood has been refined into spiritual power by him, and the feedback is like this on the Fleshy body.

Although he has become thinner, Lu Ye does not feel any discomfort, and feels that he is more powerful. The muscles on his body are distinct, and it is most appropriate to describe it as being strong.

He finally cultivated the nine orifices to the full extent.

After working hard for so many days, today is finally the harvest time, Lu Ye can't help being excited.

After taking a few deep breaths, calmed down his mind, Lu Ye followed the course of Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art, first started with the spiritual power of Source Spirit Orifice, poured into the second Spirit Orifice, and led the first The spiritual power of the second Spirit Orifice pours into the third Spirit Orifice together, and then the spiritual power of the third Spirit Orifice pours into the fourth Spirit Orifice, so continue to do so... until the ninth Spirit Orifice!

The location of the Ninth Spirit Orifice is near the Source Spirit Orifice. After Spiritual Qi flooded into the Ninth Spirit Orifice, Lu Ye guided them back to the Source Spirit Orifice. The nine Spirit Orifices thus penetrated, forming a closed The ring is for small circulation!

If the spiritual power previously stored in the Spirit Orifice is a pool of stagnant water, then it becomes living water at this moment. A spiritual power starts from the Source Spirit Orifice, flows through the other eight Spirit Orifices, and then to the Source Spirit. Orifice ended up, flowing endlessly.

Lu Ye suddenly gave birth to a different feeling.

But he did not stop there, but continued to guide the spiritual power, continuously performing the work of small circulation, repeating the cycle.

In the nine Spirit Orifices, the spiritual power flows faster and faster until the breakthrough reaches the limit. At that moment, Lu Ye’s eyes and ears hum, even with his eyes closed, it’s covered in white After being flooded, the snow white recedes, sharp ears and keen eyes, the whole person has a sense of sublimation.

A circle of air waves visible from naked eye, centered on Lu Ye, suddenly spread in all directions, blowing sand running stone in the cave.

Spirit Creek Realm is completed!

Lu Ye didn't open his eyes in a hurry, but quietly felt his own state at the moment.

I have not guided the spiritual power to flow at this moment, but the spiritual power is still flowing continuously among the nine Spirit Orifices, gurgling like a stream, infinite cycle, doing the work of small circulation.

This is the mark of the achievement of Spirit Creek Realm.

Unless Lu Ye dies, or the spiritual power is exhausted and the Spirit Orifice is broken, from now on, the flow of spiritual power will not stop.

Slowly opened his eyes, lifted a palm, and slightly stimulated the spiritual power. A faint light rushed from the palm of the palm. It was the rays of light of spiritual power, but now his own spiritual power gives him the feeling But it is very different from the past.

Although the reserve of spiritual power has not increased compared with before, the spiritual power at the moment is obviously more destructive power.

At this point, Lu Ye can clearly feel that his strength has more than doubled compared to before. If he fights with the big tiger at this moment, Lu Ye is confident that he can not borrow the spirit talisman. Take it down.

After a little meditation, Lu Ye understood the whole story.

Although he had opened many Spirit Orifices in the past, he could only activate the spiritual power in a certain Spirit Orifice every time. If the spiritual power of this Spirit Orifice is exhausted, he can only activate another One Spirit Orifice can’t activate two or more at the same time.

But now the nine orifices are connected. The spiritual power is Heavenly Conduct Merit by Xiao Zhou. The spiritual power he urges is not just a spiritual power of the Spirit Orifice. It is the nine orifices he urges. Power.

Of course, the destructive power is not as big as nine times the difference, but there is still a one-time difference.

As for the tenth trick, although it has been opened, it is within the scope of the Spirit Creek second layer environment. It is temporarily out of the system with the nine orifices of the First Layer Realm, and there is no way to bring too much to Lu Ye. Upgrading, at most, is to increase his total reserves of spiritual power in the future.

In the final analysis, the cultivation of Spirit Creek Realm is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. When enough Spirit Orifices are turned on, the spiritual power can penetrate through those Spirit Orifices, and the strength will be achieved after small circulation is performed. A leap-like improvement! Prior to this, the greatest effect of resuscitation was to increase its spiritual power reserve, and would not directly increase its strength.

This is common sense in cultivation. Every cultivator will be taught by the teacher at the beginning of the cultivation. However, Lu Ye lives in Spirit Creek Battlefield, no one to rely on, no one will teach him this, only I can feel it on my own.

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