Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 38

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After achieving Spirit Creek Realm, Lu Ye discovered one very interesting thing, that is, his perception of Spiritual Qi in the surrounding environment has become more acute.

The Spiritual Qi of Spirit Creek Battlefield is much richer than the outside world. In the outside world, even if Lu Ye is in a cultivation state, he does not perceive the existence of Spiritual Qi. But here, as long as Lu Ye can calm down, Basically can perceive Spiritual Qi all around.

Now that the nine orifices Chengxi, Lu Ye found that even if he didn't deliberately perceive it, as long as he focused a little bit, he could clearly feel the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi all around.

This is undoubtedly a huge improvement.

Does it mean that you can vomit Spiritual Qi cultivation? Lu Ye thought so, and his heart became excited. If this is true, then his future cultivation will surely be much smoother.

Try it now.

After one hour, Lu Ye darkened his face and stopped his cultivation.

The situation is the same as before. I don’t know what’s going on in my own body. Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is difficult to be guided into the body. According to this kind of cultivation speed, I want to cultivation the tenth trick. To the full state, no one about a year is impossible.

It seems that I tested the innate talent before, and I got a leaf of results, not without reason.

But at this time, Lu Ye also has a faintly clear comprehension. The way the cultivator swallows Spiritual Qi cultivation does not mean swallow it with the mouth, but swallow it with the body. In that state of cultivation, the cultivator Hundreds of millions of pores all over the body are breathing in a wonderful way, attracting Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi into the body, turning it into the spiritual power of the cultivator!

However, he really can't use this kind of cultivation method.

Standing up, Lu Ye felt it was time for him to go out and take a look.

More than a month ago, I was sent into this Spirit Creek Battlefield by the head teacher. Good luck, I fell into this jungle. I haven't encountered a too powerful enemy for so long, so I came to ask for trouble. Yiyi and Big Tiger were fiercely knocked on by him.

But life impossible is always so lucky.

If he keeps hiding here, he will always encounter a powerful and invincible cultivator. At that time, he will not have the power to resist.

In more than a month, he has grown from a cultivator that opened three orificies to the Spirit Creek First Layer. He has learned ten more and has grown tremendously.

It is undeniable that he is still very low on the cultivation base, but if he is supplemented by the spirit talisman given to him by the head teacher, he is somewhat self-preserving.

As for where to go... I have to find the big tiger and the girl. I heard some interesting news from the girl before.

Two days later, Lu Ye found the snow-white big tiger sleeping on the ground in a within cave, but just as he walked in, a translucent shadow floated out of the big tiger, vigilantly Looking at Lu Ye: "What are you doing?"

It is the ghost who claims to be Yiyi. This guy looked extremely weak when he left that day. Nearly ten days have passed, and her body is still It appeared translucent, unable to condense into a solid body, and it seemed that the damage was not light before.

As soon as there was movement on her side, the sleeping big tiger immediately woke up, stood up and snarled at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye didn't go inside, so as not to irritate this spirit, even more how, with Heavenly Mystery swearing, he couldn't do anything to the pair.

"Don't panic, I just came over to ask something." Lu Ye said.

"What are you asking?" Yiyi looked at him.

"I heard what you said before, Azure Cloud Market, can you tell me more about it?"

"Do you want to go to Azure Cloud Market?"

" Exactly!"

Lu Ye can't get through Spiritual Qi, and Refining Essence into Qi is not a long-term way. The beasts around here are almost killed by Lu Ye, and the drug cultivation is the only way to go. The source of happiness, Azure Cloud Market is a trading place where cultivators gather. Lu Ye is going to go there to see, maybe he can get some Spirit Pill to eat.

At the worst, he can also open his eyes. Since he entered the cultivation world, he has been working behind closed doors, which is not a good thing.

"That's it..." Yiyi tilted his head for a moment, and stuck his tongue out at him: "I won't tell you, if you want to know, find it yourself!"

I was so wronged by Lu Ye before, how could Yiyi obediently cooperate with him? Now there is Heavenly Mystery's vow to restrain her. As long as she and big tiger don't actively provoke and hurt Lu Ye, Lu Ye can't do anything to her. Why are they afraid?

Lu Ye looked at her fixedly for a moment, then turned around and left.

"Ah?" This made Yiyi somewhat unexpected. Didn't expect Lu Ye to walk so straightforwardly. After a little hesitation, her figure swayed and floated to Lu Ye's side, opened the mouth and said: "But if you can beg me, maybe I'll tell you if I'm in a good mood."

Lu Ye glanced at her and felt her bad personality.

"Please beg me, if you don't beg me, I won't tell you. Otherwise..." Yiyi smiled and floated in front of him, happy as a butterfly," Say you are wrong, and I will forgive you!" Lu Ye stopped, took out the long sword from the storage bag on his waist, and slowly drew the sword out of its sheath.

"What are you doing?" Yiyi was so frightened that Huarong was pale, and she immediately drew aside, hiding behind the big tiger who followed, and the big tiger also leaned down and snarled.

"I told you that there is a Heavenly Mystery vow that you can't mess around, otherwise you will die without a burial site!" Yiyi big tiger poked out a small head behind him and warned him.

Lu Ye ignored her, just the sword pointed to the void ahead, spiritual power poured into the room, the long sword flashed light, and he whispered softly: "It's decided!"

" What to decide?" Yiyi was confused.

"Starting today, ten beasts will be killed every day, until there are no more beasts in this area!" Lu Ye clanged loudly, and then touched his stomach again after speaking, "I'm hungry!"

"clang!" Long sword enters sheathe, Lu Ye moves forward.

Yiyi was taken aback for a moment, and then his expression became bitter, and the big tiger turned his head to look at her, rolling the eyes humanely.

"Senior Brother please hold your steps!" Yiyi shouted, chasing Lu Ye.

After time it takes to burn a stick of incense, under a big tree, Lu Ye looked at the graffiti-like patterns on the ground, and Yiyi pointed out the location in front of him: "This is Azure Cloud Mountain, the market at the foot of the mountain is Azure Cloud Market, our location is here, you walk from here, go east, twenty miles later, you will cross a small river, ten miles, there will be a chaotic stone forest, and then go two You can reach Azure Cloud Market in thirty miles."

Lu Ye frowned into a word Sichuan, and said impatiently: "Just tell me where to go, don't say anything East, South , West, North ."

"Here!" Yiyi decisively reached out and pointed in one direction.

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