Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 39

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One hour later, Lu Ye got up and headed towards the direction of Azure Cloud Market. Behind him, Yiyi floated in midair and sent off enthusiastically.

For Yiyi and big tiger, Lu Ye is an uninvited guest who broke into their territory. Too many beasts have been killed these days, which has affected the stability of this area. They went to trouble Lu Ye before. It is also for this reason.

If Lu Ye continues to stay, it may not be long before the food in this area will be killed. When the time comes, they have to find another place to survive, but there are too many in the mountain range. Too many demonic beasts, rushing into other sites means facing unknown dangers.

So after realizing that sending Lu Ye away is a good thing, Yiyi cooperated obediently, otherwise she wouldn't be so obedient.

Of course, Lu Ye warned them before leaving that if they fail to find Azure Cloud Market, or if they give any wrong information, he will come back.

In this regard, Yiyi patted her flat chest to ensure that all the previous statements are absolutely true.

Along the way, Lu Ye recalled all the information Yiyi had revealed.

Not only the information of Azure Cloud Market, Lu Ye later asked her a lot about Spirit Creek Battlefield, and finally came across a guy who can communicate with each other, and it’s natural to get everything Its use.

Yiyi also knows everything without saying anything!

Although the jade slip the head teacher gave him recorded some information about Spirit Creek Battlefield, the situation was too urgent at the time, and the head teacher did not know where Lu Ye would appear after entering the battlefield. , So the information left is not detailed.

On the contrary, the information obtained from Yiyi is more suitable for Lu Ye's current situation.

According to Yiyi, the entire Spirit Creek Battlefield is a circular area with an extremely large area, enough to have Land of a Province. If subdivided, it can be divided into three major areas.

The outermost outer circle, the middle inner circle, and the innermost core circle.

The deeper you go, the stronger the richness of Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, and some special areas, there are some magical output, such as rare mineral veins, rare Spirit Fruit, these all are cultivators they will desperately scramble for cultivation resources.

Each Great Sect of Nine Provinces has its own station in Spirit Creek Battlefield. The sect is higher the grade, and the station is located inward.

For example, Rank Three Sect of each state and land, their station is in the core circle, the stations of Grade 4 to Grade 6 are generally scattered in this area of ​​the inner circle, as for the stations of the forces of Grade 7 to Grade 9 , It can only occupy the outermost circle. Of course, the number of sect forces at this level is also the largest, so the outer circle is the most extensive area.

The good news is that Lu Ye is now located in the outer circle. No matter the intensity of Spiritual Qi or the resource output, it is no better than the other two areas, so it is unlikely that you will encounter the particularly powerful Spirit. Creek Realm.

But the bad news is that he doesn’t know the specific location of Jade Blood Sect. Jade Blood Sect is Rank Nine Sect. The station is naturally also in the outer circle. For good luck, he and Jade Blood Sect will not be too different. Far away, but if it’s bad luck, if he and Jade Blood Sect are scattered on the central axis of the circle of Spirit Creek Battlefield, then if he follows the mark of war, he will inevitably pass through the entire Spirit Creek Battlefield and break into it. Circle and core circle.

With his Spirit Creek First Layer’s cultivation base, he barely has a little self-protection capital in the outer circle, but if he breaks into the inner circle or the core circle, there will be no good end. The Spirit Creek Realm there must be powerhouse as clouds.

Nowadays, the best way is to take a curved route and follow the outer circle so that you can avoid encountering too powerful enemies.

Nine Provinces Continent, Grand Heaven Alliance and Myriad Demons Ridge are two camps with constant wars, and the rise and fall of the sects one by one. It can be said that the cultivator of Nine Provinces grew up in the flames of war and fighting, basically It is said that no matter which faction the dísciple of each Great Sect is in, as long as they have achieved Spirit Creek Realm, they will be put into the Spirit Creek Battlefield for training.

But the strength gap between Spirit Creek First Layer and ninth layer is too big, even those dísciples of Rank Sect do not have much advantage when the cultivation base is not high,

so the core The circle and the inner circle are not suitable for a cultivator with a low cultivation base to sharpen itself.

This derives a tradition.

All sects will send their own dísciple with a low cultivation base to the outer circle, where they can temper themselves and billowing waves washing the sand.

As for the method of delivery, naturally, it is with the help of Heavenly Mystery Pillar.

Heavenly Mystery Pillar has a variety of functions, one of which is the ability to locate and transmit.

After paying a certain price for the large and medium-sized sects in the core circle and inner circle, they can use the Heavenly Mystery Pillar to send their own dísciples with a low cultivation base to those small sects that have been handed in. Let them experience in the outer circle.

In return, these large and medium-sized sects will protect the safety of these Small Sects at an appropriate time, such as when the sect resident is attacked.

Therefore, the sects of the entire Nine Provinces Continent are very closely related. Often a Great Sect shelters dozens or even more Small Sects, and a Small Sect will also interact with several Great Sects. good.

After digesting this information, Lu Ye has a clear understanding of his current situation.

I have to say that his luck is really good enough. The head teacher sent him into the outer circle where Spirit Creek Battlefield appeared, which gave him the capital to continue to survive.

As for the Azure Cloud Market... In fact, there is more than one place. The entire Azure Cloud Mountain is huge. There are several markets at the foot of the mountain, all called Azure Cloud Market.

The market gathers cultivators from all over the Nine Provinces, fish and dragons mixed in together, not only from the Grand Heaven Alliance, but also from Myriad Demons Ridge.

The market has no owner, it is a spontaneous gathering place for cultivators, and a place for cultivators to trade and rest.

So under normal circumstances, it is safer in the market, because if you rush here, it is easy to cause a big melee between the two cultivators. There have been several precedents like this because of the grievances of one or two people. Hundreds of thousands of people were in turmoil, and there were countless casualties. From then on, anyone who dared to do something in the market would be besieged to death by a nearby cultivator in an instant.

This can be considered is an unwritten rule that cultivators entering the market will basically abide by.

Of course, if you have the ability to quietly solve others without being noticed, then you can be brazen.

The cultivators in the outer circle don't have a high cultivation base, so who can have this kind of ability.

This is undoubtedly good news for Lu Ye. In the Spirit Creek First Layer environment, he just qualified to enter the Spirit Creek Battlefield, saying that he is the group with the lowest cultivation base on the entire battlefield. There is no problem with whom. Nothing is cheap.

Following the clues given by Yiyi, Lu Ye first crossed a small river, and then through a chaotic stone forest, until he reached the foot of the mountain, a piece of various buildings covering the range of several li The dotted area appeared in the field of vision.

Azure Cloud Market is here!

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