Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 40

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Azure Cloud Market does not have fixed entrances and exits. Lu Ye flows into and out of the market from Azure Cloud Mountain, which naturally blends into it.

The noisy atmosphere assaults the senses, tangled and complicated streets, to-and-fro cultivator one after another.

Lu Ye didn't expect that a small market could gather so many cultivators. He hadn't even seen a silhouette on Azure Cloud Mountain before. That's not right, but half of them.

It’s not surprising to think about it. No matter which sect, the number of cultivators at the bottom is always the most, and the outermost part of Spirit Creek Battlefield is the Converging Ground of the bottom cultivator.

From the appearance of these cultivators, they don’t know which camp they belong to.

He can't even tell the cultivation base of these cultivators.

Lu Ye was originally strange. Grand Heaven Alliance and Myriad Demons Ridge are two Great Factions that are opposed to each other. Under wars and conflicts, human brains have become dog brains, and both sides have absolutely irreconcilable hatred. How can the cultivator of Two Great Factions live together? He didn't realize until here that everyone didn't know which camp they belonged to at all. Even if they were mixed together, at best they could only respond to strangers with corresponding vigilance and impossible to act hastily.

To-and-fro's cultivator wore all kinds of costumes, which made Lu Ye dazzled. Some female cultivators wore extremely cool clothes, exposing large areas of white skin. It was really a beautiful landscape.

He only knew that the atmosphere of Nine Provinces was so open.

This is what he wants to cross. Nine Provinces is a big world. Nine Great Provinces have different local customs and customs. Some places have such customs. It's not just that you wear less clothes or you have an open personality.

"Boy, let me."

A thick voice suddenly sounded behind Lu Ye. Lu Ye turned around and looked at it. What caught your eye was a large group of black hairs. With a strong chest, under Lu Ye's attention, the two pectoralis major shook intentionally, showing the power of the explosion.

Lu Ye raised his vision and saw a burly silhouette, standing behind him, his height could only reach the other's chest.

The man had two curved horns on his forehead, which made Lu Ye look a little dumbfounded.

"Huh..." Two hot waves spurted from the nostrils of the burly silhouette, overlooking Lu Ye: "You got in the way!"

Lu Ye quickly jumped aside and lifted Hold the hilt in your hand.

But his vigilance was quickly dissipated, because there was a petite woman standing beside the brawny man. The key point was that the woman had two furry ears on her forehead, which looked like Cat ears should be the companion of brawny man with horns.

"Meow~" The woman looked at Lu Ye amusedly, yelled softly, and blinked at him, infinitely flattering.


Lu Ye looked radiant.

Under his reluctant gaze, the brawny man and cat ears quickly disappeared from the crowd.

"That's a monster cultivator with no shape." A voice suddenly sounded beside Lu Ye.

Lu Ye turned his head and saw a chubby silhouette standing beside him, looking at him with a smile on his face, eyes slightly narrowed.

The clothes that this man wears are inlaid with gold and jade, and he carries a few jade fingers in his hands. It doesn't look like a cultivator, but like a rich man.

"monster cultivator?" Lu Ye raised an eyebrow.

He has heard of monster cultivator, and the head teacher mentioned before that many monster cultivators have natural advantages in physique, so it is suitable to take the path of body cultivator. Many sects will also include monster cultivator as dísciple. .

It’s just that he has never seen a monster cultivator before. The first time he saw it, he couldn’t help feeling novel.

"Yes, but when their cultivation base is higher, those demonic beast features will gradually disappear. It seems that Fellow Daoist is interested in that... cute monster cultivator?" When the rich man spoke, he stretched out two fingers and gestured on his head.

Lu Ye hesitated for a moment: "See you for the first time."

"So that's how it is,

Fellow Daoist is loose cultivator, right?" The landlord laughed I asked, the main reason for this inference is that Lu Ye is alone and generally speaking. If a dísciple from the sect enters Spirit Creek Battlefield, it is absolutely impossible to be alone, at least with some same sect senior and junior brothers. Acting, so there can be a sympathy for each other, just like the two monster cultivators, they actually come from the same sect.

Lu Ye complied casually: "That's true." The head teacher told him that he should never mention his identity as Jade Blood Sect dísciple to anyone. Of course, he would not talk casually.

The rich landlord sighed: “It’s not easy to loose cultivator. Old Brother is also a loose cultivator and understands your situation.” Turning the conversation, chuckled said: “If Fellow Daoist treats that kind of cute thing. If you are interested, you can go to my Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce to take a look. As long as the starting price of Fellow Daoist, hehe, everything is easy to say."

Lu Ye said resolutely: "You misunderstood, I am not That kind of person!"

"Understand." The landlord repeatedly nodded, "Of course, if Fellow Daoist has any medicine pill, Spiritual Artifact, spirit talisman, intelligence, map, or something good to buy. You can go to my Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce to make sure you can meet the needs of Fellow Daoist."

Lu Ye was puzzled: "What do you Chamber of Commerce do?" This Chamber of Commerce The business scope seems to be very wide. What makes him care is that this Chamber of Commerce is named after Heavenly Mystery, which seems a bit unusual.

The local rich said: "Chamber of Commerce is naturally based on business. What kind of business makes money and what to do. UU reads to welcome customers from Nine Provinces, and likes to make money. But Fellow Daoist, please rest assured. Although I am a big business, I have always adhered to the concept of being honest and innocent, so no matter what kind of customers come to do business, we will treat them equally, and will never be different because of the level of the cultivation base. Treat it."

At this point, Lu Ye can be considered to have reacted.

This local rich man is a member of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce. He probably saw the performance of his countrymen entering the city, so he came to a close to see if there is any business to do.

"I am poor." Lu Ye shook the head.

The rich landlord hehe smiled: "Longyou is in the shallow water, but I think Fellow Daoist will certainly become a capable person in the future. It doesn’t matter if you are poor now, there will always be a time when the Fellow Daoist will rise. "

"With good luck!" Lu Ye nodded. Of course he would not believe that this guy really saw anything. If he was right, he would say that when he met any stranger. , The so-called forging a good relationship is nothing more than.

"If Fellow Daoist wants to go to the Chamber of Commerce, just go here, the most eye-catching building is." The rich landlord pointed a direction to Lu Ye, and cup one fist in the other hand bowed: "Then don't bother Fellow Daoist!"

After saying this, I will leave.

During a conversation, Lu Ye was somewhat concerned about the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, and I have to say that although the rich man came to strike up a conversation, he did not bring anything to Lu Ye from beginning to end. A bad feeling, even if he believes that Lu Ye is a loose cultivator, he still speaks appropriately, and it is easy to make a good impression.

You can go take a look.

Lu Ye naturally does not have the financial resources to buy anything, but he still has something to sell. Maybe he can go to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce to exchange for Spirit Pill or something.

But in no hurry, he just came to this market. It is important to be familiar with the environment and the atmosphere of the cultivation world.

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