Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 42

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Lu Ye looked at the aura of the to-and-fro cultivators for a while, and then looked at his own, as a comparison, probably guessed the cultivation base realm of these cultivators.

In general, Spirit Creek has more cultivators on the second and third floors, but less on the first floor, and loose cultivators are the majority.

Although as long as the cultivation base reaches the Spirit Creek First Layer, they are eligible to cultivation on the battlefield, but the small Sects will naturally wait for the disciplines cultivation base to be higher before allowing them if they have spare capacity. Leaving the Zongmen resident, this is also a life-saving capital.

It is those loose cultivators, no one to rely on. Although the battlefield is dangerous, there are opportunities everywhere. If you want to live and moisturize, you will naturally come out early and work hard.

This is a bit like the difference between a child from a poor family and a child from a rich family.

There are also the fourth layer of Spirit Creek, but the proportion is not large, and one or two will appear among dozens of cultivators.

Lu Ye also saw a guy who was suspected of being in Spirit Creek 5-Layer. His perception was extremely keen. When Lu Ye saw him, he turned his head and looked around. His scarlet eyes were like a pair of eyes. The beast pupils gave people a great oppression, and Lu Ye suddenly became cold all over his body.

After such an observation, Lu Ye has a spectrum in his mind.

Recall the Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng that he killed in the mine before. Lu Ye only knew that their cultivation base was not high, but the specific cultivation base was not clear at all.

Looking at it now, Manager Yang is afraid that there is a three-layer cultivation base of Spirit Creek. As for Zhou Cheng, it is at most Spirit Creek second layer.

However, one of these two people was interfered by Magnetic Essence Force Field, and the spiritual power of the other was difficult to perform. The other was seriously injured and was picked up by Lu Ye for a good price. Today, I am afraid that there are three zhang highs.

I don't know if it is an illusion. Lu Ye feels that the aura on his body is clearer than that in other Spirit Creek First Layer environments.

While observing like this, a person suddenly squatted down in front of him. The person picked up a piece of ore from Lu Ye's booth and asked: "How can this thing be sold?"

Where is Lu Ye? Know how to sell? He put these pieces of ore here for the purpose of asking for directions, so he thought of the prepared wording: "You make a price, sell it when it is suitable." From the aura of his body, it should be a cultivator of the Spirit Creek Second Layer Realm, but this guy's aura seems to be much muddier than others.

Lu Ye suddenly realized that this is what the head teacher said, spiritual power is obscure? If this is the case, it means that the person in front of me has taken too much Spirit Pill most recently and has accumulated pill poison in his body.

The man reported a number: "Two Spirit Stones!"


Although Lu Ye didn't know the value of his ore How much, but what is certain is that people come with the mentality of picking up cheap, so there is no need to think about it too much.

The man was not annoyed. He just looked at Lu Ye's silly look. He came over to see if he could take advantage of it. After confirming his eyes, he was not someone who could take advantage of it. Naturally, he would not miss Lu Ye. Encounter, put down the ore and left.

After that, someone came to ask for the price one after another. Lu Ye all asked them to quote their own prices, but there was no successful transaction.

What makes Lu Ye care about is that the magnetic essence ore is the most frequently asked, and others offer the highest price. It costs 20 pieces of Spirit Stone, and it was opened by the cultivator of Spirit Creek fourth layer. price.

It seems that this thing is indeed valuable, no wonder that both Manager Yang and Zhou Cheng used their positions to hide some privately.

Things of this kind of value are not a small asset to their level of cultivator.

Lu Ye did not open here. Instead, the stuff on the female cultivator stall on the side is decreasing. She sells herbs she mined from Azure Cloud Mountain. The audience is very wide, not big for half a day. They sold a clean one.

The female cultivator packs up her things and prepares to leave, and asks Lu Ye before leaving, "Do you want to know the value of these ores?"

She watched for a while, where Can't see Lu Ye's intention?


" Lu Ye nodded, "Senior Sister knows how valuable these things are?"

The female cultivator shook her head and said: "I don't have much research on minerals. What are these stones? I can’t recognize them, so I don’t know how much these are worth. But if you really want to sell, you can go to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce. Although they buy at a slightly lower price than the normal price, it’s generally fair. There is no deception. The main reason is that the cultivators here are not wealthy. You can sell some small things without any problems. But like you, magnetic essence ore, there are not many people who have the financial resources to buy, and the price offered is not much higher."

In fact, Lu Ye also discovered this problem, but he had no plans to sell his ore here. At this moment, after listening to the words of the female cultivator, he is very kind: "many thanks Senior Sister for guidance."

"Good luck, then!" The female cultivator laughed gently at Lu Ye, took a few steps, and disappeared into the crowd.

Not long after the female cultivator left, Lu Ye also accepted the booth.

He didn't set up a stall here to sell things, he wanted to observe other cultivators more conveniently and find a way to judge the strength of the cultivator.

Now that the female cultivator's guidance has been achieved, there is no need to waste time.

After time it takes to burn a stick of incense, Lu Ye stood in front of a huge circular building and looked up.

Such a building is definitely an eye-catching sign in the disorderly layout and disorderly market.

This is the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, and only one building reveals its deep heritage and huge financial resources.

The plaque of Chamber of Commerce is hung on the front door. The open door is like a beast's mouth. There are countless cultivators coming in and out. A pair of golden-bright and dazzling couplets are pasted on both sides of the door. Provinces guest, write a letter on the right to make money from all directions, and applaud a home away from home!

Lu Ye walked into the great hall with the flow of people. The strange thing is that although there are many cultivators in and out, the great hall is extremely quiet.

Immediately there was a female cultivator with a nice face and a slender figure. Yingying gave Lu Ye a blessing: "I have met Senior Brother."

Lu Ye gave a gift. , Couldn't help but look at the furry ears on the other's head.

This is another monster cultivator, and it is a monster cultivator without complete transformation. According to the previous fat cultivator, after these monster cultivator cultivation base profound, the characteristics of the demonic beast will gradually disappear. Gradually become no different from ordinary people.

So it’s not surprising to see a lot of monster cultivators with demonic beast features here, because the cultivator's cultivation base here is not high.

Although she noticed Lu Ye’s gaze, the female monster cultivator was already quite familiar, and she naturally did not show anything strange. She still asked in a gentle voice: "Senior Brother is going to buy or sell? Or is she here to shop? Go shopping?"

It seems that different choices have different hospitality, Lu Ye settled down and said: "Sell."

The female monster cultivator smiled and stretched out her hand: " Senior Brother, please."

Lu Ye followed her in that direction. There seemed to be many compartments over there, and it was vaguely visible that there were silhouettes sitting in those compartments and talking.

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