Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 44

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There are many people in the Chamber of Commerce, such as Liu Ruiyin, who are responsible for dealing with cultivator. Although they have monthly salary, they are not high enough to meet their cultivation needs.

Guests’ rewards are one of their additional sources of income. Of course, someone like Liu Ruiyin who is willing to lay down and serve the guests is another way to make money.

Everyone in the Chamber of Commerce was born as a loose cultivator. Before entering the Chamber of Commerce, they were impoverished. More than any cultivator, they knew the cruelty of this cultivation world and the difficulty of survival, so they did not serve the guests. It's not hard to accept, it's all forced by life.

Out of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, Lu Ye sighed.

He originally wanted to ask if those storage bags could be sold, but Liu Ruiyin forgot about it.

It's not good to look back. He can only wait for the next time. He originally planned to set off for the Jade Blood Sect station, but now it seems that he doesn't need to be too rushed.

There are some good things on hand. It is the right way to digest them and completely transform them into your own cultivation base. A higher cultivation base makes the road safer.

As for staying in the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, Lu Ye didn’t think about it. He is currently in short supply. The price of a Spirit Stone per night does not seem to be much. It's a huge expense.

With four Spirit Stones left in his hand, Lu Ye found a Medicine Pill Shop according to his memories in the daytime, spent two Spirit Stones to buy two Spirit Gathering Pills, and came again On the street where the stall was set up during the day.

Randomly took a few pieces of ore from the storage bag and placed it on Lu Ye sit cross-legged, then took out another Spirit Stone.

This is the first time he got the Spirit Stone. This thing can assist cultivation.

Lu Ye has tried drug cultivation. Now he wants to try to use Spirit Stone cultivation to compare and see how efficient it is. If the efficiency is possible, there is no need to spend Spirit Stone to buy Spirit Pill in the future. NS.

Although I have never used Spirit Stone cultivation, I have always seen pigs running before eating pork. During the day, he saw many stall owners here, selling things while holding a piece of Spirit Stone cultivation. , Very at ease.

Nowadays, there is a good way to learn, but it makes Lu Ye discover a benefit of using Spirit Stone cultivation.

That is, the cultivation can be interrupted at any time. Unlike Spirit Pill, the pill power will dissolve in the abdomen. If it is not guided in time, it will cause the pill power to accumulate.

It's different if you use Spirit Stone to cultivation. If something happens, it will directly interrupt the cultivation without any impact.

This street is also very lively at night. From time to time, cultivators come to ask for the price. Lu Ye handles it like a day, and a magical deal is made. One of the ore is sold for five Spirit Stones. .

At dawn, Lu Ye stopped the cultivation, opened his palm to look at the Spirit Stone, only shrunk a small circle, and then looked at the spiritual power added in his tenth trick. Situation, Lu Ye slightly frowned.

After a night of trials, he came to several conclusions.

It is safer to use Spirit Stone cultivation than Spirit Pill. The cultivation process can be interrupted at any time, and there will be no hidden dangers in Spirit Stone cultivation. This is the same as the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. .

But the efficiency is far worse than swallowing Spirit Pill.

Perhaps because of his innate talent problem, it is difficult to guide Spiritual Qi into the body. Lu Ye feels that with his own cultivation efficiency, he may have to cultivation for several days without rest to consume a piece of Spirit Stone.

Other cultivators may be more efficient, but they are definitely not as efficient as taking Spirit Pill.

As for the cost performance...

The value of a Spirit Stone is basically the same as a Spirit Gathering Pill. The spiritual power that can be increased after consuming a Spirit Stone is compared to consuming a Spirit Gathering Pill. The increased spiritual power is roughly the same, so the price/performance ratio is similar.

Through this test, Lu Ye understands why everyone needs to replace Spirit Stone with medicine pill for cultivation. In terms of efficiency, taking Spirit Pill is indeed higher, and naturally it is more popular with everyone.

The sky will be bright, Lu Ye closes the stall and walks out of the market.

Since I don’t want to spend the wrong money on accommodation in the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce,

then I have to look elsewhere.

He is going to return to the cave where he was in Azure Cloud Mountain before. It is still safe and will not be disturbed during his cultivation.

The reason why I did not leave at night is that it is not safe to drive at night.

Before leaving, he spent two more Spirit Stones to buy a lot of food, hunting in the mountains is very time-consuming, and there are not many animals in that area.

I checked my current assets, 47 Spirit Gathering Pill, 5 low grade Spirit Stone, nearly 30 spirit talisman, 6 Healing Pill, and nearly 30 large and small magnetic essence ore. Block, there are some ore that Lu Ye can't name, four sets of clothes changed.

Compared with the time when I first entered Spirit Creek Battlefield, the assets are almost the same, but the cultivation base is greatly improved.

Lu Ye believes that if he can transform all of these things into strength, he may be able to advance to Spirit Creek several levels.

But this kind of thing doesn't come in a hurry, and it has to be done slowly.

There are many cultivators in and out of the market, most of them go in groups, and there are also lone wolves like Lu Ye, who are loose cultivators that grandma does not love and uncles do not love.

Lu Ye went out of the market at the same time before dawn, he was alone, and he had to be careful when he acted.

After entering Azure Cloud Mountain smoothly, Lu Ye rushed all the way. During the period, he deliberately circled a few circles to make sure that no one was following him, so he proceeded along the way out of the mountain.

Before noon, Lu Ye hurried back to his previous cave.

To his surprise, there was movement within the cave. He cautiously touched it in, holding a spirit talisman in his hand, ready to go, and when he fixed his eyes, his nose was almost crooked.

That within cave, a snow-white silhouette is lying on the ground, hu hu sleeping, who is it if it’s not a big tiger?

Yiyi big tiger floated out of his forehead, facing Lu Ye's eyes, the scene was a bit awkward.

"What are you doing in my house?" Lu Ye asked.

Yiyi also asked: "Didn't you go?"

"I'm back again!"

After a while, the big tiger's sturdy silhouette He burst out of the cave and snarled at Lu Ye. On the big tiger's head, Yiyi was very angry, gnashing teeth: "Big liar! No faith and no righteous!"

"Go away!" Lu Ye sipped. The sound came from within cave.

To drive away the spirits and tigers of the dove occupying the magpie's nest, Lu Ye has eaten something, and then he enters the cultivation state.

He first took out the two Spirit Gathering Pills he bought with Spirit Stone, took one of them, and waited for the pill power to dissolve in his abdomen, and then guided the spiritual power into the Spirit Orifice.

The spiritual power of the tenth orifice slowly accumulates.

A pill of Spirit Gathering Pill’s power was completely consumed. Lu Ye opened his eyes and found a problem. The medicine efficacy of Spirit Gathering Pill he bought from the market didn’t seem to be the ones the head teacher gave him. Well, the gap is not too big, but there is a gap. This can be inferred from the spiritual power accumulated in the Spirit Orifice.

He did not stop and took another Spirit Gathering Pill. After the pill power was completely consumed, he became more and more certain of the result.

Then he took out the Spirit Gathering Pill he got from the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce and served it.

After some comparisons, he finally came to the conclusion that Liu Ruiyin did not lie to him. The Spirit Gathering Pill in the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce is indeed better than the ones sold outside, so I asked the head teacher to give him Those are equivalent.

From this point of view, I didn't waste any money. If I buy Spirit Pill in the future, I still have to go to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce. At least the quality is guaranteed.

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