Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 46

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When he came out of the mountain, Lu Ye seemed calmer. He came to the Azure Cloud Market at the foot of the mountain and then came to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce.

Without waiting for the enquiry of the maid at the door, Lu Ye uttered a word: "Sell!"

Sitting in the cubicle, still drinking the spirit of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce Tea, but it’s a pity that I only drank a pot this time, and someone walked in.

"Let Fellow Daoist wait a long time!"

With the voice, a middle-aged man walked into the cubicle and gave a salute to Lu Ye: "My dear Liu Quan, see you Through Fellow Daoist."

Lu Ye nodded, then Liu Quan took the seat and went straight to the subject: "I wonder what Fellow Daoist wants to sell?"

Lu Ye then prepared what he had prepared before. A few pieces of ore were taken out. Of course, the magnetic essence ore was the big one. Last time those ore could sell those Spirit Stones, and most of them were the value of the magnetic essence ore.

The magnetic essence ore that I took out this time is a little bigger, and the price may be more expensive.

Liu Quan checked one after another, and then offered a quote for each piece of ore. During the period, Lu Ye didn't speak, and only drank tea.

Finally, he put down the magnetic essence ore, opened the mouth and said: "This thing is rare in the outer circle. It can be valued at 38 Spirit Stones. If the total price is 51 Spirit Stones, Fellow Daoist thinks it's okay, we can trade."

"Can't it be higher?" Lu Ye looked at him.

Liu Quan shook his head and smiled bitterly: "It can't be higher. These things are confiscated, and they need to be refining and extracted by a special person. Finally, they become useful things. If they are higher, Chamber of Commerce will have no profit margins. "

This guy is more difficult than Liu Ruiyin! Lu Ye slandered in his heart. Last time he had a bargain with Liu Ruiyin, the other party immediately added four Spirit Stones. Although she was a woman, she was much more refreshing than this Liu Quan.

He didn't know that Liu Ruiyin was willing to raise prices for him because of an unwritten rule. At the same time, Liu Ruiyin wanted to do another business on him, which was so refreshing. As a result, Lu Ye didn't know the rules at all, and he didn't even give someone a reward. Liu Ruiyin was a little unhappy.

Liu Quan is a man. He doesn't expect to do other business with Lu Ye, so he has an official attitude.

Lu Ye stayed silent for a while, and was too lazy to spend any words, then took out four storage bags: "Do you have a way to open these things?"

This is what Yiyi took before The one who came over to him once told him that someone in Azure Cloud Market could open the prohibition lock in the storage bag, but Lu Ye forgot about it last time.

Liu Quan calmly took over the storage bags. Obviously, he saw too many such things. He checked a little and said: "If Fellow Daoist wants us to help open it, it's okay, but it's Some fees will be charged."

"How to charge?"

Liu Quan quoted a number.

Lu Ye's face turned dark, the asking price is a bit high.

Liu Quan said with a slight smile: "Of course, Fellow Daoist can sell these things to us Chamber of Commerce, and each storage bag is priced at this amount."

He reached out and gestured. For a moment.

Lu Ye smiled: "This number is lower than the previous one!"

In other words, it is unexpected to find the Spirit Stone that Chamber of Commerce needs to pay to open the storage bag. More than selling storage bags directly to Chamber of Commerce, this is a bit unreasonable.

Liu Quanhan said with a smile: "I know what Fellow Daoist thinks in his heart, but it is indeed at this price. Fellow Daoist must understand that the storage bag of the outer cultivator is not valuable, maybe what's in it None, just an empty bag, and Chamber of Commerce has to take some risks for this, so the price will not be as high. Of course, if Fellow Daoist wants to take a gamble, see if you can get anything out of these storage bags A valuable treasure, you only need to pay some unlocking fees, just look at how Fellow Daoist chooses."

Lu Ye remembered the three cultivators previously robbed by Yiyi and the big tiger, and their storage bag There is really nothing good in China.

Suddenly had an idea, and bargained with Liu Quan. The last four storage bags were priced at 20 Spirit Stones and they were packaged and sold to Chamber of Commerce.

Counting the previous ones, that is seventy-one Spirit Stones!

The business is settled,

Liu Quan is obviously also a little happy, and asks: "How will Fellow Daoist deliver? Spirit Stone or Spirit Pill?"

Lu Ye said: "You have Spirit Is the map of Creek Battlefield?" The reason for this question is that Lu Ye remembers that when he first entered the market, the local rich man he met told him that there are maps for sale in Chamber of Commerce.

If he wants to go to the Jade Blood Sect station, he must understand the specific location of Jade Blood Sect. It is naturally more convenient to have a map in hand.

Liu Quan suddenly became enthusiastic: "Naturally, there are. I wonder what kind of map Fellow Daoist wants?"

"How many kinds of maps do you have?"

"There are three-point maps, seven-point maps, and ten-point maps."

"What's the difference?" Lu Ye couldn't help frowning and selling a map. What a lot of work.

"It's like this..." Liu Quan explained. After listening to his explanation, Lu Ye slowly understood the difference between the three types of maps.

In the entire Spirit Creek Battlefield, there are countless locations of large and small forces. After all, the sect forces of the entire Nine Provinces have their own locations on the battlefield. The forces between each other are crisscrossed, and the locations will frequently change hands. So drawing a map is very troublesome. UU reading www.

However, Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce has this ability, because this Chamber of Commerce has countless alliances in the entire battlefield, and it can be easily drawn by summing up the situation of a piece of area. The map of the entire battlefield is an ability that no power has.

The complete map includes the situation of all the stations of Spirit Creek Battlefield, which belong to that camp, and the grades of those sects are described. Not only that, but also the various terrain and terrain of the battlefield are marked.

This is the tenth map.

The seven-point map is a castrated version of the ten-point map, which only includes the general situation of the 70% of the forces in the battlefield...

There are even fewer three-point maps, only 30% of the sites. The situation, as for the original terrain and landforms in the battlefield, there is no such thing as...

For Lu Ye, if you want to buy it, you must buy a tenth map, because Jade Blood Sect is just a Rank Nine Sect, a three-point map There may not be a mark on the and Qifen map. If you buy it and you can’t find Jade Blood Sect, you will lose blood.

And there is an advantage of buying a ten map, that is, you can go to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce to update the map at any time in the future. Because of the continuous wars, the station frequently changes owners. Maybe today this station belongs to the Grand Heaven Alliance. , Tomorrow will belong to Myriad Demons Ridge. If you don’t pay attention and plunge into it, there will be no end to it. Having a map that can be updated in real time can virtually avoid a lot of risks.

Only after Lu Ye asked about the price, he gave up this idea.

A tenth picture, the price is 600 Spirit Stone, which is still discounted.

As for the three-point chart that Liu Quan highly recommends, it also needs dozens of Spirit Stones, but what does Lu Ye want for the three-point chart?

In the end, this transaction can only be ended. Seventy-one Spirit Stone remains, and the remaining seventy dollars I bought seven bottles of 63 Spirit Gathering Pills. I have so many Spirit Gathering Pills. , His achievement of Spirit Creek second layer is just around the corner.

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