Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 48

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After one day of dressing, Lu Ye feels that the exhaustion caused by the days of cultivation has been wiped out . It is time to head towards the Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm!

He did not rush to take Spirit Pill, but urged his spiritual power to locate the position of the 19th orifice.

Now in the second layer of Spirit Creek, the spiritual power is much stronger than two months ago, so the positioning of Spirit Orifice is more handy.

Before time it takes to burn a stick of incense, he found the 19th orifice.

Until then, he took out a Spirit Gathering Pill and took it, refining pill power, and guided his spiritual power towards the Spirit Orifice barrier of the 19th Orifice.

Three days later, nearly eleven Spirit Gathering Pills were consumed, and the 19th orifice was full.

This result is expected.

Before the achievement of Spirit Creek Realm, the frequency of his resuscitation was about three days one orifice, which required six Spirit Pill pills.

In the Spirit Creek First Layer environment, the frequency of resuscitation has not changed much. The Spirit Pill consumed for each one orifice has increased, and it looks like eight or nine pills.

Now that the Spirit Creek second layer is in the environment, the consumption has increased again, reaching eleven, and there is still not much change in time. The main reason is that the cultivation base is high and the efficiency of Spirit Transformation Pill is also high. Improved some.

From this point of view, the higher the cultivation base realm, the more Spirit Pill will be spent on resuscitation in the future.

At the moment, he has 20 Spirit Pills left, and he should be able to get two more resuscitations.

Lu Ye did the calculations silently. If you use the frequency of one orifice for three days and open up to three hundred and sixty orifices, it will take a full 1,000 and 80 days!

This result makes him secretly speechless. He doesn't know how other cultivators cultivation, but his cultivation speed should not be slow, but even so, if you want to cultivation to Spirit Creek Ninth Layer Realm, that’s also It takes nearly three years.

In the next few days, Lu Ye stayed home until the last Spirit Pill was exhausted before he walked out of the cave.

The result was similar to what he expected. Spirit Orifice opened to 21st orifice, which was not full.

If you want to cultivation to 27 orifices, then at least nearly 70 Spirit Gathering Pills. The ore in his hand is now only the magnetic essence ore, and the other miscellaneous ore was twice before. In the transaction, they were all sold to Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce.

This time I have to sell two magnetic essence ore to buy back 70 Spirit Pills.

half a day later, Lu Ye walked into the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce. When he came out again, there were 81 more Spirit Gathering Pills and a few Spirit Stones in the storage bag.

The slender silhouette stood at the window on the second floor of the Chamber of Commerce, looking at his leaving back, the man hesitated for a long time, and then sighed, he reached out and put his hand on the back of his hand, the back of that hand A mark immediately appeared on the top. Unlike the blue Battlefield Mark on the back of Lu Ye's hand, the mark on the woman's hand was yellow.

She spoke softly and spoke to the imprint a few times, and the imprint disappeared.

After a cup of tea, she walked out of the Chamber of Commerce, and someone acquainted with her greeted her with a smile.

In Azure Cloud Mountain, Lu Ye moved towards the cave and flew towards him. He didn't know if it was his own illusion or something. After leaving Azure Cloud Market, he felt a strange feeling.

But he couldn't tell what was weird in the end.

It wasn't until a few days ago that he made a few big circles in the jungle. He suddenly found a silhouette haunting him. However, before he could see it clearly, the silhouette disappeared.

Have you been targeted? Lu Ye suddenly became alert.

He is extremely careful every time he enters and exits the market, especially when he returns. There were no surprises in the previous two times. This time he was spotted by an inexplicable cultivator, which made him a little puzzled and unclear. Is this person who is chasing him specifically looking for him or is he met by chance?

If it's the latter, that's all, if it's the former, it's a bit intriguing.

Fortunately, the opponent's speed is not very fast. With Lu Ye's full effort, it is difficult for the person to catch up with him. From this point of view, the opponent's cultivation base is not very high.

This is not difficult to understand. The cultivator and cultivation base that can be found outside the battlefield are not much higher.

While thinking like this,

there was a sudden surging of spiritual power behind

, and then a chill came, Lu Ye turned his head and looked, only an ice ridge broke through the air. The blink of an eye is right in front of you.

Lu Ye was shocked, turned around in a hurry, drew his sword and cut out, while the spiritual power urged, the long sword broke the icy edge, dispelling the coolness and spreading Lu Ye's face.

Affected by the impact of the icy edge, Lu Ye couldn't stop stumbling back a few steps, and he rolled over. Only then did he regain his stature and become extremely embarrassed.

However, when he got up, the sneak attacker rushed forward. It was a man several years older than him, beardless white face, with two fist-sized earrings hanging from his ears. Some exotic flavors.

The weapon in his hand resembles a sword like a sword. It is longer than a normal sword, but only half the width of a normal blade. It looks a bit similar to the legendary Embroidered Spring Blade.

Before Lu Ye got up, the white man repaired and slashed.

In a hurry, Lu Ye has no time to urge the sharpness spiritual mark to bless the long sword, so he can only carry the sword to block it.

There was a clang, the fire was splashing, Lu Ye's tiger's mouth was numb, and the long sword in the hand of U U Reading almost flew out. He was also short by this blade, almost kneeling. Fell to the ground.

"oh?" The white man looked a little surprised, didn't expect Lu Ye to block his ready blow.

Just when he was surprised, Lu Ye's long sword opened his weapon, and a sword pierced his chest.

The Baijing man was not surprised. The long sword shook slightly. Before Lu Ye realized what was happening, he felt a pain on his arm and the long sword that was pierced became weak. The other party easily avoided.

This sword pierced the air, causing Lu Ye to lean forward, a blade light imprinted in his eyes, Lu Ye was cold all over his body, and only felt Death Aura assaults the senses.

Clang... With a sound, the long knife slashed Lu Ye's chest, but without the feeling of slashing the flesh, it slashed Lu Ye away.

Look at Lu Ye again, his body is covered with a layer of golden light. It is this layer of golden light that protects him and saves him from the bad luck of serious injury! However, he realized that he was not an opponent, and hurriedly took out a defensive spirit talisman and patted it on him.

"Golden Body Talisman?" The white man's eyes are a little red, not because he is jealous that Lu Ye has a spirit talisman available, but that this spirit talisman was supposed to be his spoils of war, but was so white by Lu Ye Waste makes him feel heartache.

However, he was sure that the information he got was correct. The loose cultivator in the Spirit Creek second layer is really rich. Otherwise, there is no spirit talisman available. You know, just a copy of the spirit talisman. The value is a dozen or twenty Spirit Stones. The use of spirit talisman is rare in the fight between low-level cultivators. Most people don't have any financial resources, and at most they are prepared for one or two emergency use.

Looking at the golden light shrouded in Lu Ye, the white man drifted back a few feet, one hand hold blade, one hand pinch, and a sneer from the corner of his mouth, naked eye visible spiritual power Converged on his fingertips.

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