Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 49

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In the blink of an eye, an ice ridge appeared in front of the white man, and under the dappled sunlight, the ice ridge reflected colorful rays of light!

Lu Ye suddenly felt bad.

Just now, he has gathered spiritual power in his eyes, and he can see the aura on the surface of the sneak attacker, and he has judged that the opponent is a cultivator of Spirit Creek level three or more, not the fourth layer.

The opponent's cultivation base is higher than his own, and from the situation where he inexplicably hit the opponent just now, his combat experience is also higher than his own.

Lu Ye cultivation time is short, without any rigorous cultivation, and no expert to guide him, holding a long sword is nothing more than the simplest chopping, stab and stab. There is no way or skill to speak of. .

The cultivation base is not as good as people, and the skills are not as good as people. Others can use magic techniques... The situation is no longer so bad.

Just as the ice ridge formed in the opponent's hand, Lu Ye stepped on the ground and rushed out with the help of the counter-shock.

Lu Ye's reaction stunned the Baijing cultivator. He thought that the opponent would run away immediately, but he didn't know that this opponent would not retreat.

His figure floated backwards again, and Bing Ling shot, extremely fast.

The sharp ice edge hit Lu Ye, and was blocked by the golden light on his body. Although it did not hurt him, the force of the counter shock made his chest feel stuffy. The forward momentum has slowed down a lot, and the golden light on the body surface has dimmed a bit.

After one ice ridge was shot, the white man's hand was filled with aura, obviously he wanted to condense the second ice ridge. Lu Ye's eyes jumped sharply, and the low-level cultivators fought against each other, knowing how to use spells. Obviously, the party has a big advantage.

"How many times can you block?" The white man kept a safe distance from Lu Ye, and ridiculed him. As soon as the two chased and retreated, Lu Ye was hit by three icy edges in a short period of time. , The golden light on his body is dim and about to be annihilated, but he can't even touch the corners of the opponent's clothes.

This kind of battle made him feel aggrieved, and he wanted to take a Fire Snake Talisman to teach him how to behave.

However, he suppressed this impulse. He was not sure that a Fire Snake Talisman could kill the opponent. It was a cultivator, not the wolves that he killed when he first came to the battlefield. There is no suitable location when competing with big tiger.

He already has a vague plan in his mind, but whether it can be implemented smoothly depends on luck.

After a cup of tea, when Lu Ye hit an ice ridge again, the golden light on his body surface finally disappeared. He was hit by that one after another ice ridge. He had suffered internal injury and the corners of his mouth overflowed. Under the blood and chill, he couldn't help but fight a cold war.

He looked at the white man bitterly, with an unwilling look on his face, and said the first sentence since the battle: "What hate do we have?"

Baijing The man hehe smiled: "No hatred and no resentment."

Lu Ye remained silent and waited for the following.

Sure enough, the white man said: "But if you can tell you where to find so many ores, I can kill you!"

There was a flash in Lu Ye's eyes. Severe light, the problem is determined. The confrontation at this time is not an accidental encounter. People came to him specifically! The cause is the ore that he sold.

To be honest, Lu Ye has always been very careful. He went to Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce three times, and he traded with different people, and he only sold a small part of the ore each time, so he didn’t dare to sell it. Many, just for fear of attracting the attention of interested people, even on the way back, they will make several circles to make sure that no one will be following them behind them.

But it turns out that someone really has a crooked mind, and it's useless for him to be careful, unless he doesn't sell things in the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce.

However, he wants to be a pill cultivator. Where can he go without going to the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce?

What can be determined right now is that this matter is not led by the Chamber of Commerce. The larger Chamber of Commerce, who is sincere and honest, has no reason to stare at him for such a small repair.

So this is most likely a small action by some people in Chamber of Commerce. Lu Ye recalled the three coalition cultivators that he had traded with, but couldn’t figure out which one was staring at him. .

These three transactions are very unusual.

To say that it is unusual, there is only the hint of the woman named Liu Ruiyin for the first time, but this does not explain the problem.

Judging from the white man's words, the other party suspected that he had found a vein containing various ores, so he wanted to find out the location of that vein.

He didn't even know that Lu Ye had no mineral veins at all, and all his minerals were brought from the Evil Moon Valley.

Seeing that Lu Ye didn’t speak, the pale man’s complexion darkened slightly: “refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” He made up his mind, beat Lu Ye half to death, and then asked the location of the vein. .

With that said, he took the knife and ran towards Lu Ye.

He didn't urge the ice edge technique anymore, mainly because it consumed a little bit. It broke Lu Ye's Golden Body Talisman, and he was confident that he could knead Lu Ye at will.

However, Lu Ye, who was still very tough just now, turned around and ran, fast.

The white man laughed angrily, looked at Lu Ye’s back, and said leisurely: "Did you run away?"

He caught up with him at a moderate pace, and at the same time Take out a Spirit Stone from his storage bag, hold the palm of his hand, and slowly recover.

He sees that Lu Ye has been terrified, and running so desperately will only increase the consumption of his own spiritual power. Once the low-level cultivator loses spiritual power, it is no different from a mortal. , Manager Yang who was killed by Lu Ye is a precedent.

So as long as he doesn't lose Lu Ye with him.

The two chased and fled, crossing a chaotic stone forest, crossing a small river, and when they reached a clearing, the white man found Lu Ye standing there, panting, his face pale as paper. Not moving.

Did you run out of spiritual power so quickly? The white-clean man let out a sneer, and slowly stepped forward, with a long knife in his hand and a scalpel: "Why didn't you run away?"

He stood at the ten zhang position in front of Lu Ye. A scene of abuse.

However, he soon discovered that something was wrong, because Lu Ye's expression was extremely frightened. He was looking in one direction, and his sword-holding hands were shaking violently.

The fishy wind swept through, and the roar came out. Behind a big tree, a sturdy, snow-white big tiger took a leisurely pace and walked out slowly.

Amber's colored pupils looked at the fair man, shocked his heart, and suddenly remembered a rumor he had heard in the market two days ago.

Wouldn't it be so unlucky? He wailed in his heart.

However, something that made him desperate happened. The big tiger opened his mouth and spoke human's speech: "Do you dare to disturb the King Qingmeng? I think you don't want to live anymore!"

The white man’s forehead was instantly covered with fine beads of sweat, and he finally understood why Lu Ye was so frightened.

The source of the panic is not him, but this big tiger!

When he was not knowing what to do, he heard Lu Ye say over there: "King Tiger, please be forgiving, we don’t know this is your site, let’s go!"

When the white man heard it, he turned his head into a chicken and pecked rice.

The big tiger roared and said angrily: "Come as you like, leave as you like, what place do you think this is?"

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