Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 50

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Tigers are standing in the mountains and forests, majestic, and in front of the big tiger, two figures are extremely stiff.

Just when the white man was not knowing what to do, he listened to Lu Ye over there saying: "King Tiger calms down, I understand the rules, follow the rules of the king, the king can't hurt my life!"

Saying like this, he took off his storage bag from his waist, pretended to urge spiritual power, and dropped the storage bag. Not only that, he also lost the long sword in his hand.

Big tiger looked at him, lightly snorted: "Since you understand the rules, you can go around you."

"Thank you, King!"

big Tiger turned his head and looked towards the Baijing cultivator: "Where do you brat? Do you want to die, or do you want to live?"

"Want to live!" The Baijing cultivator blurted out, with a painful expression on his face, learning Lu With Ye's appearance, he unlocked the storage bag from his waist, unlocked the restraint lock, and threw it to the ground in front of him.

He has heard some rumors in the market before that there is a demonic beast that can speak human's words in Azure Cloud Mountain. Many cultivators have encountered it, but the demonic beast generally does not hurt people’s lives. Interested in Spirit Pill and Spirit Stone, as long as the cultivator is willing to pay some price, he can escape from the tiger's mouth.

He didn't expect that he was just chasing Lu Ye into the mountain, and he unexpectedly ran into this Demon Beast. This was really unlucky.

Big tiger is still satisfied with the performance of the two, and opened the mouth and said: "Don't play any tricks, if you tell me to know that you haven't opened the prohibition lock, hmph!" it goes without saying.

"It's open!" Lu Ye and Baijing cultivator said in unison. Not only that, Lu Ye also reached out and pointed at the Baijing cultivator: "My lord, he hasn't lost his weapon yet. I'm afraid he wants to treat you. Not good!"

The Baijing cultivator was taken aback, scolded Lu Ye bloody in his heart.

The big tiger was obviously startled too, but soon it turned its head and looked towards the white cultivator with a threatening growl in its throat.

When crying...

Baijing cultivator simply dropped the long knife in his hand, almost bleeding from heartache! You must know that the long knife in his hand is a spiritual artifact. Although the grade is very low, it is also a spiritual artifact. The low-level cultivator has a spiritual artifact and does not have a spiritual artifact. That is a completely different concept. It can be said that a spiritual artifact can Increase his strength by 10%!

However, it is important to save his life right now. If he angers such a Demon Beast, he must have no good end. Compared with his own life, everything outside of the body can be thrown away.

"My lord, if there is no other order, then we will leave first." Lu Ye opened the mouth and said.

"Go away." big tiger roared casually.

Lu Ye and the Baijing cultivator both stepped back slowly without exposing their backs to the big tiger. This is a normal response. Anyone who faces threats will report it to be vigilant. Heart.

However, after a few feet of exit, the Baijing cultivator was surprised to find that Lu Ye suddenly rushed out, grabbed the long sword thrown on the ground, and rushed towards him like a thunder.

Baijing cultivator turned pale in fright, completely didn't expect Lu Ye to have such an outrageous operation. At present, the big tiger should not be important to save its life? Where does he have the courage?

He didn’t have time to think about it. Almost at the next moment when Lu Ye moved, he also rushed forward, came to his weapon a few steps, grabbed it, and poured spiritual power into the long knife and the knife. The halo is flowing on the body.

The strong wind assaults the senses, the white cultivator didn't even have time to think, and the long knife in his hand greeted him.

With a clang, the body of the Baijing cultivator, which has not yet fully stood up, was overwhelmed and knelt to the ground.

One was premeditated and the other hurriedly responded. This time, Lu Ye had the upper hand.

Baijing cultivator suddenly raised his head and saw Lu Ye's calm and indifferent eyes. At this moment, he vaguely noticed something.

Can't tolerate what he thinks, Lu Ye has already stabbed with a sword.

Baijing cultivator hurriedly urged spiritual power to protect the whole body, and at the same time slashed towards Lu Ye, but what he didn’t expect was that his body protection spiritual power did not have the slightest effect, that handle The long sword pierced his heart directly and came out through his body.

Lu Ye kicked out again,

kicked the white man out, and the long sword brought out a string of blood from his heart.

In a flash, the two have already decided the winner. Lu Ye didn’t know if the other party was dead, and did not rush forward. Instead, he took out an attacking spirit talisman from the storage bag and squeezed it in his hand. Be prepared for a rainy day.

If the opponent dares to stand up, he immediately inspires this spirit talisman.

But looking around, the body of the white man lying on the ground twitched abruptly, and there was no movement. It seemed that his sword was stabbed to the point.

The battle between cultivators is so thrilling, and they can often be born and die within a short period of time.

The ground was blood dyed red, and the pungent smell of blood permeated, Lu Ye gasped for a few times, calming the fierce heartbeat.

A little red light suddenly flew out from the direction of the corpse of the white clean cultivator and swept into the back of Lu Ye's hand.

"How..." On top of the big tiger, Yiyi's silhouette appeared, looking at Lu Ye in confusion.

Just now, Lu Ye suddenly rushed here and said to her anxiously: "Help me rob."

Immediately afterwards, the Baijing cultivator was chased and killed, Yiyi Knowing what happened to Lu Ye, he cooperated with big tiger to make a scene. Anyway, the two of them are good at it, and they can rob some good things by the way. Why not do it?

But... isn't it robbery?

Why did you die?

Yiyi slowly reacted. It was her and the big tiger who wanted to rob, and Lu Ye wanted to kill from the beginning to the end, only taking advantage of them.

"You lie to me?" Yiyi glared at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye glanced at her and criticized: "The acting is too exaggerated!"

"What?" Yiyi was confused.

Lu Ye was about to say something, a slight noise suddenly came not far away, he just hesitated for a moment, and then rushed out, and at the same time a voice came: "Your secret is exposed. Someone is in the vicinity, come here if you don't want to die!"

Yiyi wanted to cry without tears, feeling that he was on the thief ship and could not get off, and looked at the big tiger, Yiyi clenched the teeth: "Chasing!"

The big tiger roared and ran away on all fours.

In the jungle, the enchanting female cultivator was panicked and ran away. She felt that she had done a big mistake.

But can that blame her? She just wants to live better. She doesn't want to flatter those disgusting guests anymore. They are all loose cultivators. Why does she want to look at people's faces day and night? If things go well at this time, then her life will be much better in the future.

But she never thought that the person she was looking for would have missed.

After coming out of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, I followed the secret notes left by the person all the way to this point. I thought I could sit on the ground and divide the spoils, but what she saw was that the loose cultivator named Lu Ye killed The people she found revealed their whereabouts in a panic, and they are still being hunted down.

She doesn't want to die! She is still young and will have a lot of good days in the future. How can she die in such a place?

However, the chase behind her is getting closer and closer, and she knows that she is afraid that it is hard to avoid calamity.

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