Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 51

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Lu Ye gathered the spiritual power on his legs, and his pursuit speed was significantly faster.

This is a little trick he accidentally discovered on the way in and out of Azure Cloud Mountain several times. The spiritual power of the cultivator is so magical. When you gather in your eyes, you can see things you can't normally see. The legs can run faster, blessing on the sword, can make the weapon more lethal.

The terrain of the mountains and forests is complex, and there are big trees that are surrounded by a few people everywhere. People who flee in front are naturally not as familiar with the terrain as Lu Ye, and the distance between each other is constantly getting closer.

When Lu Ye saw the person's back, all the questions suddenly became clear.

He knew who was planning all this behind his back. This result surprised him, because in his opinion, he had no grievances with each other, and he had only contacted him once!

"roar!" The snow-white silhouette suddenly sprang out from the front, blocking the person's path. It was the big tiger!

The man was so scared by the big tiger that he screamed, a spirit talisman pinched in his hand before he even thought about it, and he shot it out. The spirit talisman turned into a crescent moon in midair. Slash, and strike straight towards the big tiger.

The big tiger dodges in a hurry, and the crescent-shaped slash almost slashes out against its body, cutting through the body of a big tree behind it, showing the penetrating power of this spirit talisman.

One blow failed, and the man looked even more alarmed, hurriedly digging out something from his storage bag.

A small silhouette has quietly clung to her back, screaming.

Lu Ye saw that the man's body was short, as if he was being pressed by something heavy, and at the same time the movement in his hand paused.

This reminds Lu Ye of the first encounter with Yiyi and big tiger in the within cave, when he was given a sneak attack by Yiyi...

After the delay, Lu Ye has rushed to her and cut it down with a sword.

Xueliang sword light flashed by, an arm flew out, and blood flew fast.

The pain made her scream. Although she was born as a loose cultivator, because of her outstanding appearance, she was attracted by the people of Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce not long after entering the Spirit Creek Battlefield. Included in the Chamber of Commerce, I have never dealt with anyone in these days, let alone suffered such a serious injury.

It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a flower grown in a greenhouse.

Most of the people in the Chamber of Commerce are of this type. They don't need to fight with others, and they don't have the hardships and dangers experienced by each sect disciple on the battlefield, just do business well.

The big tiger pounced and threw her to the ground, roaring ferociously, and the fishy wind blew her face, almost frightening her to faint.

What made her feel even more frightened was the sound of footsteps coming from the side. When she turned her head, she saw Lu Ye's sharp sword in his hand pointing diagonally to the ground, and there was blood flowing on the blade, walking towards her step by step. Come.

When he got closer, Lu Ye looked down at her, indifferently said: "Liu Ruiyin!"

This woman, it was the first time he went to Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce with him. The person who makes the deal.

"Don't kill me, please don't kill me!" Liu Ruiyin's makeup was crying and he kept begging.

Lu Ye's eyebrows drooped: "Who instructed you?"

"No one instigated me, it was my ghost who was fascinated by my heart, and I was awakened by money..." Under tremendous panic , Liu Ruiyin naturally said whatever he wanted, and even before Lu Ye continued to ask questions, he talked about the entire process of development indiscriminately.

"So..." Lu Ye raised a sharp sword in his hand.

Perceiving Lu Ye’s murderous intention, Liu Ruiyin yelled: "Don’t kill me, I will give you what you want!"

The long sword falls, the big tiger hides in time , The sword of spiritual power blessed across Liu Ruiyin's white and slender neck.

A little yellow light flew out from the back of Liu Ruiyin's snow-white hand and swept into Lu Ye's right hand.

The headless corpse twitched, blood gushing from the neck like a fountain, and it took a moment to stop.

The eyelids that Yiyi watched on the side jumped sharply. Today, everything made her refresh her knowledge of Lu Ye, and then she realized that it was just good luck that the big tiger did not die in this guy’s hands before,

This guy is not a good talker.

Lu Ye bends down, takes off the storage bag from Liu Ruiyin's waist, and touches her again. Of course, this is not to take advantage, but he wants to see if there is anything hidden in this woman. storage bag.

He has a storage bag hidden in his own body...if he pushes others by himself, he thinks others may also have it.

Unfortunately, Liu Ruiyin does not have this habit. After all, she is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. She does not need to fight or take risks outside. The storage bag is very safe to carry.

Liu Ruiyin's storage bag is open. Lu Ye checked it a bit and found something useful.

"Dispose of the corpse." Lu Ye instructed.

"Huh?" Yiyi looked at him unimaginable, with the expression that you were teasing me.

Lu Ye took out a bottle from Liu Ruiyin's storage bag and threw it in his hand.

"Okay!" Replied nonchalantly, winked at the big tiger, and got into a hurry.

Lu Ye ran back to the place where he killed the Baijing cultivator and picked up his storage bag. The other was the weapon of the Baijing cultivator.

After one hour, Lu Ye sits cross-legged in the cave where he lives, with his upper body naked, applying Healing Pill to the wound.

There is not much Healing Pill left in his hand. After using two pills this time, only four are left.

Recalling today's battle, Lu Ye was not complacent about beheading a Spirit Creek third floor, but reflecting on himself. The battles among low-level cultivators are mostly based on close combat. It can be said that most low-level cultivators are taking the path of weapon cultivator. com Because the cultivation base is not high enough and the cultivation time is short, low-level cultivators don't have time or energy to study the skills. Only when they are strong, will they gradually become clear about their future path.

This time the battle with the Baijing cultivator revealed a very serious problem. Then he has no skills in the battle. This is no way. He really started cultivation so far, only three In less than a month, I have been increasing cultivation base for this period of time. How can there be spare power to improve fighting skill?

In the end, to be able to kill the cultivator, he still took advantage of the big tiger to beat the opponent by surprise.

But he doesn't know how to improve his skills. Without the guidance of a suitable teacher, his own exploration is undoubtedly impossible.

The other is the issue of weapons...

I didn’t feel much before. The long sword in his hand was the one left by Manager Yang after his death. Before that, he took it. This sword killed Zhou Cheng, but the battle with Zhou Cheng was just a flash.

Today he had a life and death battle with that white man, and he really noticed one thing, that is, he has a serious disagreement with this long sword. How to use this sword in his hand? Why not go well.

The sword walks lightly and pays attention to skill, but he uses the long sword to chop and slash, completely unable to give full play to the advantages of the sword.

Thinking of this, Lu Ye put on his clothes again, took the long sword at his feet and looked at it carefully. There are many gaps on the blade, all of which are caused by his chopping, especially the 30% of the blade. One of the gaps is almost as big as a grain of rice.

Such a gap is very serious for a long sword, and it can no longer be used.

He picked up the white man's long knife again, got up and played a few times, and raised his brow.

When this thing is turns out to be unexpected.

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