Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 52

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The knife is not an orthodox machete. It is longer than a normal sword, but the blade is very narrow, similar to the legendary Embroidered Spring Blade.

Lu Ye waved a few times and found it was easy to use.

A good result, the sword can no longer be used, and I got a new weapon after changing hands, so I don’t have to buy it again.

He tried to pour his own spiritual power into the knife, and a faint halo emerged on the long knife. The halo did not show sharpness, but gave people a sense of weight.

What surprised Lu Ye even more was that he actually felt something hidden in the blade.

I closed my eyes, felt through the flow of my own spiritual power, and gradually understood the situation inside the blade.

There is a spiritual mark in the blade of this knife!

Is this...Spiritual Artifact? Lu Ye showed an unexpected look.

He has been in and out of the market several times. Now, his knowledge is not comparable to when he first entered Spirit Creek Battlefield. He has heard of Spiritual Artifact. It is a weapon for cultivators, a good Spiritual. Artifact can often bring great help to the owner.

Lu Ye’s previous sword is a Mortal Item. Apart from being sharper, there is nothing special about it. However, the Spiritual Artifact is different. Depending on the type of spiritual mark engraved in it, each Spiritual item Artifact has its own unique power.

There is a spiritual mark in this knife, and Lu Ye urges the spiritual power to pour it into it, which can easily arouse the power of the spiritual mark, so that this knife gives the characteristic of the spiritual mark.

He tried for a while and determined that the spiritual mark was used to reinforce the blade. In this way, this spiritual artifact would not be easy to break when fighting with the enemy.

Lu Ye suddenly realized, no wonder he used the sharpness spiritual mark to bless his long sword before, and failed to cut off the opponent’s sword...

This is a surprise, although it is reinforced The blade sounds useless, but in fact it is a very practical spiritual mark. Even more how Lu Ye has mastered the sharpness spiritual mark. You can use sharpness to bless this spiritual artifact at any time to greatly improve its sharpness.

With such a Spiritual Artifact in hand, Lu Ye's strength can be increased by at least one or two percent, and he can chop and slash as much as he wants when he encounters an enemy, without worrying about damage to the weapon.

But there is only one spiritual artifact with a spiritual mark, it should be only the lowest spiritual artifact.

"Come in!" Lu Ye put the long knife into its sheath and re-sit cross-legged.

A small silhouette at the entrance of the cave slowly floated in, and when he arrived in front of Lu Ye, he smiled flatteringly at him, and said in a good manner: "The corpse of another person is also taken care of."


Lu Ye casually throws out a storage bag, which is Liu Ruiyin's.

Yiyi took it, checked it, and surprisedly said: "So many?"

There is more than one bottle of Spirit Pill and a few pieces of Spirit Stone in it.

"Things have been added to five, this time many thanks to you." Lu Ye nodded at her. Although he has enough spirit talisman, he is sure to kill the white man by himself, but really If you do this, someone else’s storage bag will definitely not be able to open.

And it must take some risks.

At that time, he went to look for big tiger and Yiyi, just to take advantage of the situation. Fortunately, Yiyi's head is flexible enough, he only has a word, and Yiyi knows what to do.

This time cooperation is also easy and pleasant.

There are not many good things in the white man’s storage bag. The only valuable thing is his weapon. Liu Ruiyin is richer, but not much wealthy.

And at the last moment, the spirit talisman in Liu Ruiyin's hands was also inspired. If it weren't for the big tiger to block his guns, Lu Ye would have to face the power of the spirit talisman himself, adding a lot of danger.

The thing is half a point, Spiritual Artifact Lu Ye holds it himself, and he earned it speaking of which.

Yiyi didn't expect Lu Ye to be so generous. He looked at him with some complex expressions, and finally thanked him.

"Wait." Lu Ye called to her.

Yiyi looked back.

"You should have heard what the woman who killed earlier said."


"Although it was her private action, die Without regret ,

but she is from Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce after all. I don’t know what will happen to Chamber of Commerce after she dies, but you'd better change the site, which is too close to Azure Cloud Market. Now, if the Chamber of Commerce wants to investigate the cause of her death, it will be easy to find you."

"What about you?" Yiyi asked.

"I will leave here soon."

This incident taught Lu Ye a lesson. The Spirit Pill he uses for cultivation now depends entirely on selling magnetic essence ore. Come, and only the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce is the only selling channel. After only going there three times, Liu Ruiyin spotted it.

Who knows if there is a second Liu Ruiyin in there.

So he is not going to stay here anymore.

If the cultivation of the Spirit Creek First Layer environment gave him the qualification to survive in Spirit Creek Battlefield, then the second layer environment now has the capital to walk.

He can't control what decision Yiyi and big tiger will make. Spirit Creek Battlefield is too big, and there may not be a chance to see you again in the future. It is just out of morality, he kindly reminded him.

After Yiyi left, Lu Ye counted the supplies in his hands.

Ninety-three Spirit Gathering Pill pills, of which 81 pills were purchased from the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, and 12 pills were obtained after sharing the spoils with Yiyi.

The four Spirit Stones are the same from the share of the spoils, and his Spirit Stones are all used to buy food.

Healing Pill has seven pills, four of which are left by him, and three of them are found from the white man’s storage bag. On the contrary, it is Liu Ruiyin’s storage bag. There is no such thing as Healing Pill. I guess she I didn't expect that I would be useful to Healing Pill.

There are less than 30 spirit talisman of all kinds.

The magnetic essence ore of large and small is 26 yuan.

A long knife of the lowest Spiritual Artifact.

One Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art.

The existing Spirit Pill is enough for him to cultivation to Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm. Once he arrives at Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm, his strength will surely increase again. I dare not say that he is rampant in the outer circle of the battlefield. At least the ability to protect yourself can add a point.

He vaguely felt that he had forgotten something. After thinking about it for a long time, he remembered it.

Immediately urge Spiritual Qi to pour into the back of the right hand, and the ripples of the spiritual power turn into a blue spiritual mark. The spiritual mark squirms and changes, and several large characters appear in Lu Ye's field of vision.

Name: Lu Ye.

Identity: Jade Blood Sect dísciple.

cultivation base: 21st orifice.

Location: Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Merit: Eight.

Compared with the first time he saw Battlefield Mark, his name, identity and position have not changed, but the cultivation base has changed from three orificies to 21st orifice, which is more than two months since Lu Ye The result of hard work, so nothing to care about.

What makes him care about is that feat!

When he saw this for the first time, he was very surprised as to what this feat was and how he got it.

Up to this moment, he has a faint clear comprehension.

This feat, I am afraid it can only be obtained by murder.

He remembered that when the white man died, a little red rays of light floated from the back of his hand and flew into the back of his hand.

When Liu Ruiyin died, yellow rays of light flew out.

Different colors of rays of light represent different camps?

Putting it that way, the white cultivator he killed should belong to Myriad Demons Ridge, and Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce is a neutral camp? So it does business on both sides.

But what is the use of this feat? Lu Ye doesn't know for the time being, so he can only explore it slowly in the future.

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