Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 53

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Once you decide to leave this place, an accurate map is essential.

So before that, he has to go to Azure Cloud Market, whether he wants it or not.

Early the next morning, Lu Ye's silhouette appeared in the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce.

According to Liu Ruiyin's death, she accidentally met Lu Ye when she went to Chamber of Commerce for the second time to do business. It happened that the person named Liu Quan knew her well. Through Liu Quan, she inquired out the content of the transaction in a few words.

At that time, Liu Ruiyin guessed that Lu Ye had a rich vein in his hands. He moved his mind and finally failed to restrain his greed. He contacted the pure white man and told him to be ready at all times.

After that, Liu Ruiyin paid attention every day.

It wasn't until Lu Ye went to Chamber of Commerce for the third time to do a bigger business, she made up her mind, and this was the pursuit of the white man.

Liu Ruiyin was afraid that the white man would take advantage of him alone, so not long after Lu Ye left, he took a leave and followed all the way. Who would have thought of seeing the white man with Lu Ye's hand? In the scene, he also lost his life in the end.

The state of Liu Ruiyin before his death is impossible to lie, so no one should know her life and death in a short time.

For the time being, he is safe, which is why Lu Ye rushed to the market.

He sold magnetic essence ore little by little before, for fear of causing who's idea, every time he sells it only meets his short-term cultivation needs.

Now that you have decided to leave here, there is no need to worry so much. First, start with a map to determine the location of Jade Blood Sect!

After one hour, in a compartment, Lu Ye drank tea to hold it on, a middle-aged man politely handed a palm-size white jade disc to Lu Ye, Two bottles of 18 Spirit Gathering Pills, three bottles of 15 Healing Pills, and more than ten Spirit Stones were handed over.

This time Lu Ye sold twelve pieces of magnetic essence ore at once! The acquired Spirit Stone is more than 600 yuan.

In the outer circle of the battlefield, this is undoubtedly a big business, and it deserves the middle-aged man's courtesy to Lu Ye.

Facts have proved that it is safe to come to Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce to do business if it is not a coincidence. Lu Ye came four times, and every time he deals with a different person, unless this is the case Take out too many goods at the same time, otherwise it will be difficult to be targeted. Of course, being targeted is also the reason for Lu Ye's low strength.

If he is a cultivator in Spirit Creek 4th 5-Layer environment, then Liu Ruiyin would not dare to be unhappy anyway.

Both the silver goods and the goods, the middle-aged man sent Lu Ye to the door, and also gave a famous post, bluntly that next time you have something to sell, you can contact him in advance, and he will give it A good price.

This is the treatment that Lu Ye did not get in the first three times.

In this regard, Lu Ye naturally accepted it.

Leaving the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, Lu Ye replaced all the Spirit Stones with food and some daily necessities as usual.

The Spirit Stone is of little use to him. This trip may take a long way. Some meals are indispensable, and some daily necessities are indispensable.

Fortunately, he has enough storage bags, so don't worry about not being able to fit them.

Through this transaction, the number of Spirit Gathering Pills in Lu Ye's hands has increased to 111, and Healing Pill has 22, but only 14 pieces of magnetic essence ore are left. NS.

He originally thought that the magnetic essence ore he had was enough for him to use for a long time, maybe he could cultivation to Spirit Creek Ninth Layer Realm, but now it seems that this thing is not enough, he still has to get back as soon as possible. The Jade Blood Sect resident is stable only after returning to the Zongmen resident.

Little half a day later, Lu Ye returned to the within cave where he lived and took out the white jade disc.

This is the tenth picture of Spirit Creek Battlefield! It includes the distribution of the Great Influence's resident sites throughout the battlefield, as well as the topography and landforms of the battlefield itself, as well as some dangerous lands.

But when he thinks that this thing is worth six hundred Spirit Stones, Lu Ye bleeds distressedly. His cultivation has not yet spent six hundred Spirit Stones,

but in order to return to the sect. Resident, this is a price that must be paid.

The only thing that comforts him is that this thing can be updated at any time in the branch of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, and it will never be out of date.

Holding the white jade disc in both hands, Lu Ye urged spiritual power to pour it into it, and the disc immediately shed soft rays of light, forming a halo on the surface.

The halo distorted and changed, turning into a map in the blink of an eye.

What surprised Lu Ye was that this was not a flat map, but a three-dimensional map. He saw that there were many undulating mountain ranges on the map, and the height of each mountain range was different. Different.

Somewhere on the map, there is a spot of light that keeps flashing. Lu Ye moved his gaze to that position. The spot of light did not change, but when he controlled the spiritual power to focus on the spot, that spot The range was immediately enlarged. With the influx of spiritual power, the map was continuously enlarged, but the disk was only this large, so as the map zoomed in, the covered area gradually became smaller.

In the end, the map was enlarged to the extreme. Lu Ye saw that the light spot was located in a rolling mountain range, and the mountain range was labeled Azure Cloud Mountain.

Look at the neighborhood again, there is a place with the words Azure Cloud Market 3.

Lu Ye suddenly understood that the spot of light is where he is!

And the Azure Cloud Market III is a market that I frequently visit. In addition to this market, there is also Azure Cloud Market near Azure Cloud Mountain.

In other words, there are a total of six markets outside of Azure Cloud Mountain.

After playing for a while, Lu Ye gradually understood the usage of this Shifen map. He began to look for the location of Jade Blood Sect, and at the same time secretly prayed that he should not be too far away from the Zongmen residence. Well, if it's too far, he doesn't know how long it will take to return to the station.

Jade Blood Sect is Rank Nine Sect. The station is naturally on the periphery, which reduces the difficulty of searching. Lu Ye investigates a little bit, and his eyes pass on one name after another. At a certain moment, he almost I thought I had found the three words Jade Blood Sect, but when I looked closely, it was Bi Xinzong, and he was half angry.

After half a lap, Lu Ye still couldn't find Jade Blood Sect, but his nervousness to the limit was relaxed, because it meant that the situation was nowhere near worse.

After another moment, he still couldn't find it, but Lu Ye's mood became happy, because this means that he is not too far away from Jade Blood Sect.

In the end, Lu Ye's gaze was fixed on a certain location on the map, where there were three big characters, which was his long-awaited Jade Blood Sect.

Found it!

Having settled for a while, Lu Ye zoomed out the map and compared his position with Jade Blood Sect.

His location is a bit west of the map, and the location of Jade Blood Sect is a bit west of the map.

In other words, if he wants to go to the Jade Blood Sect station, he has to go west and walk through the edge arc of the entire battlefield 1/4/2021.

The situation is neither bad nor bad, within acceptable limits.

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