Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 54

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While searching for the Jade Blood Sect location, Lu Ye noticed one thing, that is, the font colors in the map are divided into four colors: red, yellow, blue and white.

Azure Cloud Market III is marked in yellow font, while Jade Blood Sect is marked in blue font.

In this way, the place marked in blue font should belong to the Grand Heaven Alliance camp, red is Myriad Demons Ridge, and yellow is the neutral area. As for white...Lu Ye guesses that it is a land of no owner. , Most mountains and rivers are marked with white font.

Looking at the entire tenth map, the red and blue fonts are interspersed with each other, tangled and complicated. If you compare the map to a chessboard, the locations marked by red and blue are the chess pieces of both camps. Years of conflict and entanglement made the chess pieces of both sides turn into two big dragons on this chessboard, strangling each other.

Lu Ye is not really integrated into this battlefield now, but only from the movements of the two chess pieces on the map, he also feels the danger of this camp battle.

However, the general trend of the world has nothing to do with him for the time being. He is just an anonymous minor repair of the second layer of Spirit Creek. Right now, I just want to hurry to the Jade Blood Sect station.

Facing the very map of the battlefield, Lu Ye carefully planned the route, and slowly came up with a case.

The light at the entrance of the cave dimmed, and Lu Ye looked up, but the big tiger stepped in. Following the big tiger’s head, he said cheerfully: "You haven't left?"

She came here once in the morning, but didn't see Lu Ye, thinking he had already left.

"Ready to go, something?" Lu Ye collected the ten pictures. This thing is related to whether he can return to the Jade Blood Sect station smoothly, and it is also the most precious thing on his body. Naturally, he has to keep it. good.

"I want to talk to you." Yiyipiao came forward and sat down in front of Lu Ye, her face tight.

Lu Ye wondered what this guy wanted to do with a negotiating posture, he frowned: "What are you talking about?"

Yiyidao: "Leave here, you have to go Where?"

"This has nothing to do with you."

"Okay." Yiyi also knows that what he asked is nonsense, not relatives and reasons. The previous few contacts It was not too pleasant. The only cooperation was to kill the white man and Liu Ruiyin, and she had no position to ask Lu Ye where he was going.

Looking at her tangled expression, Lu Ye said impatiently: "What the hell is going on?"

Yiyi's expression became more tangled, and the big tiger stepped forward and raised his head. On her back, Yiyi clenched the teeth, looking at Lu Ye and said: "Can you take us along?"

"What?" Lu Ye suspected that he had heard it wrong.

"Take us along." Yiyi repeated.


Yiyidao: "You also said before, kill that woman, Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce may trace it to us, this place is no longer It’s safe, so we have to leave here, but we don’t know where to go."

"The battlefield is huge. You can go anywhere you want." Yiyi’s proposal surprised Lu Ye. He didn’t know where to go before. Thinking about this kind of thing, I didn't expect Yiyi would come over and tell him this.

"But... but you are the one who killed. We didn't want to kill." Yiyi looked aggrieved.

After I went back yesterday, Yiyicai suddenly reacted. She and the big tiger stayed on the territory and rested. Lu Ye brought a cultivator over and asked them to help in the robbery. As a result, the people were killed efficiently. , And killed another person from Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce...

From start to finish, they didn't understand what was going on. They really were sitting at home and the pot came from the sky.

"Didn't you divide things?" Lu Ye looked at her inexplicably. Since they killed people together and divided the dirty together, it was natural to take risks together.

Yiyi opened his mouth wide, a little speechless, and finally he could only say: "Why can't you bring us together?"

"You are too young!"

"Huh?" Yiyi stared at Lu Ye in a daze, and it took him a long time to react. He folded his arms around his chest, his face flushed: "Rogue!"

Heaven knows she is a ghost Why blush.

Lu Ye got up and patted his ass: "Is there anything else? If there's nothing else, I'm going to set off. This time I'll leave, and I may not see you again in the future. I wish you all the best."

Yiyi couldn't figure out what was the relationship between her young and Lu Ye not taking them together, but seeing that Lu Ye was really about to leave, she became anxious.

She is not a little girl who knows nothing. She was a cultivator when she was alive, but she was transformed into Lingling by the big tiger by chance after death. Although she lost a lot of memory because of this, she still remembers cultivation. The cruelty of the world.

She and the big tiger seem to be the king of the mountain, but in fact they are walking on thin ice. No one knows which day disaster will fall from the sky. When the time comes, the strength of her and big tiger can’t resist. .

She also considered looking for a cultivator to take refuge in, but the cultivator cultivation base that the outer circle comes into contact with is so low, how can she look at it? Maybe they just took refuge, and they sold the big tiger.

Lu Ye is different, this guy must be a Great Sect dísciple, otherwise there are so many spirit talisman impossible, and after more than two months, Yiyi watched Lu Ye become stronger a little bit. The speed of growth is terrifying.

She thinks that it’s a good choice to follow Lu Ye. This guy looks a bit annoying, but he actually has his own set of principles for doing things. Take the spoils of war collected yesterday, if Lu Ye wants to If she swallows it alone, she and Big Tiger can't do anything about it, but Lu Ye just split evenly with them.

All this made Yiyi's determination and staying here was just waiting to die slowly. The way out was to go out with Lu Ye.

That's why she came to say these things to Lu Ye.

Passing each other, Lu Ye felt his clothes grabbed. Turning to look around, Yiyi looked up at him pitifully, tears in his eyes seemed to swirl.

Lu Ye is indifferent: "It's no use crying for me!"

Yiyi still looks at him that way.

Looking at each other in a stalemate.

After a while, Lu Ye had a headache and said: "Give you a chance to impress me with three sentences!" Said: "You also know how low-level cultivators are afraid of Amber. If you encounter enemies that you can't beat in the future, I can cooperate with Amber to scare them, and you will surely let those enemies retreat."

Lu Ye touched the chin meditatively, nodded and said: "It makes sense for you to say that."

Yiyi was encouraged, and opened the mouth and said: "Also, if you want to hurry, you can Riding Amber, you can save energy and keep your state in response to emergencies at any time. In addition, it runs very fast. If you are chased by someone, it can take you to escape!"

"It can hear My words?" Lu Ye looked at the big tiger.

Lu Ye learned about the speed of big tiger yesterday. When he went to chase Liu Ruiyin, the big tiger obviously departed later than him, but it stopped in front of Liu Ruiyin, if not the big tiger Stopping Liu Ruiyin's way, Lu Ye wants to catch up with Liu Ruiyin and it will take some twists and turns.

"Listen for sure!" Yiyi repeatedly nodded.

"There is still..." Yiyi said eagerly, without saying the following for a long time, and finally patted her chest: "There is still me!"

"You?" Lu Ye looked down at her.

"I can sneak attack others! Just like yesterday." Yiyi raised her chest up.

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