Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 55

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The combination of big tiger and Yiyi is very bluffing. A low-level cultivator with little knowledge can easily be frightened by a demonic beast who can only speak, and riding a big tiger is undoubtedly very Tempting.

The journey to Jade Blood Sect is a long way, and Lu Ye doesn't know when he will arrive. If you ride a big tiger, you can save energy on the road and even cultivation.

For him, this is a very good choice. After all, his cultivation base is still low at the moment. He wants to improve his strength. If he is on his way, he will not be able to cultivation on the road and waste a lot. time.

He hadn't planned to bring this Lingyihu with him, saying that he would be moved by three sentences to Yiyi was just a refusal, and he had planned to refuse no matter what Yiyi said.

But now he found that he was a little moved when Yiyi said something...

"How is it?" Yiyi looked at Lu Ye with an earnest look, lest his mouth pop There is no word.

"It's not impossible..."

Before Yiyi cheered, he listened to Lu Ye's words: "But we want three chapters of the law!"

Reluctantly: "Which three chapters?"

Lu Ye puts up a finger: "First, I am the master in everything. If we disagree on anything, you have to listen to me."

Yiyi nodded: "This is no problem." Having decided to come to Lu Ye, she and big tiger are already mentally prepared for this kind of thing.

"Secondly, maybe sometimes I will ask you to do something. As long as you can, you can’t refuse. Of course, I won’t let you do life-threatening things. If this happens You can make your own judgment based on the situation."


"Third, if you don’t want to stay anymore, say hello to me , Don't leave silently."

"No." Yiyi shook his head.

"If these are all right, then... happy cooperation?" Lu Ye stretched out a hand towards Yiyi.

Yiyi tilted his head and looked at him with a puzzled face, but still followed his example and stretched out his hand. Lu Ye held it and shook it lightly.

Yiyi understood what he meant, and squinted with a smile: "Happy cooperation!"

The big tiger also hummed behind her.

Yiyi jumped on big tiger's head and looked at Lu Ye and said: "As a sincere cooperation, I have a benefit to give you!"


Yiyi spit out three words, and Lu Ye suddenly became interested.

In the depths of Azure Cloud Mountain, another area next to the big tiger site, led by big tiger and Yiyi, Lu Ye came to a very hidden cave.

The entrance of the cave is covered by large weeds and bushes. If you are not familiar with the terrain, it is difficult to find this entrance.

"It's here?" Lu Ye looked towards the entrance of the cave. It was so dark inside that nothing could be seen.

"en." Yiyi and big tiger lead the way back and forth, calling Lu Ye to follow.

Lu Ye has a long knife slung around his waist and presses the handle of the knife, ready to deal with emergencies at any time.

According to Yiyi, there is a Snake Monster Beast entrenched in the depths of this cave. She and the big tiger went deep here once and suffered a lot from the snake monster, but they also discovered a secret because of this.

The secret is the benefit she said to give Lu Ye.

The trend of the cave is diagonally downward. Lu Ye feels that he has gone deep underground, not to mention a few ten zhang distances, but still has not reached the end, which shows the depth of the cave.

And here, all around can't feel the coolness anymore, instead, the breath of heat waves is constantly pouring out from the front.

The more you move forward, the stronger the breath of the heat wave.

Yiyi had already begun to gasp, and finally stopped: "I can't go deeper." She is Spirit Physique after all, and this hot environment is very unfriendly to her.

Lu Ye suddenly: "You came here when you were injured last time?"

Yiyi nodded: "That thing is only here. Amber goes in with you,

The strength of the snake demon is not very strong. With big tiger to cooperate with you, it should be able to win."

"Then you wait here." Lu Ye nodded, continue on the road with big tiger.

After walking for a long time, Lu Ye suspected that he was already deep underground in the position of the hundred zhang. The scorching heat here is extremely strong, and Lu Ye has stimulated the spiritual power body protection, and it feels too hot to stop. As for the big tiger, he sticks his tongue out, and looks like a dog with heatstroke.

After a while, I finally came to the end.

It is an underground karst cave. The space is not too small. Standing at the entrance of the cave, Lu Ye saw a big snake entrenched in the depths of the cave at a glance. The big snake's body is probably thick with his thighs. Long, with the snake head raised high, he breathed against a small tree about half a human tall.

The whole body of the small tree is red, like a red soldering iron. Two baby fist sized fruits are grown on the tree, and the cave is filled with a strange fragrance.

Barrier Breaking Fruit!

This is the benefit Yiyi said before.

If it’s ordinary things, Lu Ye’s current worth may not be able to impress him, but Barrier Breaking Fruit is different. This thing has too much effect on the cultivator’s impact on the barrier of Spirit Orifice. It can be said that as long as Spirit Orifice hasn't turned on Perfection, it will always be used.

Lu Ye has taken Barrier Breaking Fruit once, and he can be promoted to Spirit Creek Realm because of that fruit, so Yiyi said that he was interested.

The Barrier Breaking Fruit that Yiyi gave him last time was snatched from here. She is Spirit Physique, come and go without a shadow or trace. Although the snake monster occupies this place, she failed to prevent it. she.

However, the environment here is very harmful to her. If it were not for nothing last time, UU Reading Yiyi would not risk coming here.

In the end, even though the fruit was in hand, Yiyi was also weak for many days before he recovered.

She and the big tiger had some grievances with this snake monster. Before, they were not strong enough to get revenge. Now that she has Lu Ye as a backer and is about to leave, Yiyi naturally wants to have revenge. Complain.

At the same time, Lu Ye can get two Barrier Breaking Fruits, which will deepen mutual affection and make the cooperative relationship between everyone more solid. It can be described as one move, two gains.

The snake demon coiled its body, and with the help of the snake body, it surrounded the Barrier Breaking Fruit tree in the middle. Between the high snake heads, the fiery-red Spiritual Qi visible from the naked eye poured into its mouth. In the nose, it looks like it is cultivation.

Two uninvited guests interrupted it.

Following the angry roar of the big tiger, the snake demon suddenly raised its head, and the snake core swallowed.

The big tiger has rushed up like a gust of wind, but at the next moment, the snake demon ejected out, opened its mouth, and bit the big tiger's neck with one bite.

The big tiger is in pain, roars, and bites on the belly of the snake with one bite. However, the strength of each other is not equal. The fresh blood dripping bitten by the big tiger is unharmed.

On the surface of the snake monster, there is fiery-red demon power permeating, forming a layer of protection, making it difficult for the big tiger to bite through.

A face-to-face, awe-inspiring big tiger suffered a big loss, and the snake body of several feet long took advantage of the trend and immediately trapped the big tiger into a zongzi.

Spike! Although they are both demonic beasts, the difference in strength between them is not small.

Fortunately, there was Lu Ye. While the big tiger pounced on him, he rushed forward with the help of the big tiger's body shape.

At this moment, the two murderers are fighting, it is a good time to take action.

At the same time that the long knife was unsheathed, Lu Ye urged the spiritual power to bless the sharpness spiritual mark on the knife. In an instant, the sharp blade light flashed and blood splashed.

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