Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 56

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I passed by with two ominous beasts entangled with each other. Before Lu Ye could stand firm, the red snake tail drew towards him like a whip, strong wind Bashing.

Lu Ye can't turn around at this moment, but can only rush to activate the spiritual power bodyguard.

With a slap, he was flew out with a soreness in his shoulder blades and rolled a few times on the hot ground.

Stand up and look up, somewhat surprised.

He blessed the sharpness knife, but he could not cut the big snake with a single knife. He only cut the snake body by half, blood flowed out, and the snake demon rolled on the ground in pain.

The big tiger took advantage of the situation to get rid of its shackles, bravely and needlessly pounced, aiming at the location of the wound and just a bite.

A large piece of flesh was torn off suddenly.

The snake's head was raised high, the mouth of the snake opened, and red light was brewing in the mouth, aiming at the position of the big tiger, the heat of the whole cave suddenly became higher.

The animal instinct of the big tiger makes it imperceptible to it, growls in a low voice, and leaps aside vigorously.

In the next instant, a blaze burst out from the mouth of the snake, and the air in front of it was distorted.

Seeing this scene, Lu Ye's eyes twitched, knowing that this snake monster is much stronger than the big tiger, and fortunately the big tiger has held back the hatred, otherwise the flames are directed at him The spray came, and I had to use the Golden Body Talisman to stop it.

The big tiger dodged in time, but the flames failed to injure it, and Lu Ye took the opportunity to kill the snake monster behind him and hit the snake head with a stab.

This blade also only cuts away half of the snake's body. The blade was blocked by the snake's bones. It suffered a big loss under Lu Ye's hands twice. The big snake immediately turned its head and pointed it in the direction of Lu Ye. red light brewing.

Lu Ye didn't retreat. Instead, he stabbed Shekou in, and at the same time fell back.

At the same time as the fire was gushing out, a long knife penetrated the snake's head and pierced out of the back of his head.

A snow-white silhouette rushed from the side, hit the snake, and slammed the snake's body to the side. The flames ejected from the snake's mouth missed its head and burned in the air.

Lu Ye, who fell to the ground, quickly got up, took out a spirit talisman from the storage bag, pinched it in his hand, fixed his eyes to look aside, and was on guard.

But soon he accepted the spirit talisman and stood there waiting quietly.

His last knife directly pierced the head of the snake, which can be said to be fatal. Although the snake twisted and rolled on the ground, it was obviously unable to survive, and the long knife was stuck in its mouth, as it twisted. The movement caused more damage. The ground was full of splattered snake blood, and it was evaporated by the high temperature, making a stinging sound.

The big tiger also got up and shook his lower body. The snow-white hair was in a mess, and there were a lot of burnt traces, looking very embarrassed.

Since the big tiger attacked to the present, it took less than ten breaths of effort before and after, the victory has been divided, the life and death have been judged, but in this very short period of time, the fight against each other is extremely dangerous.

What surprised Lu Ye was that the first cooperation between himself and big tiger was perfect.

Especially at the end, when Lu Ye stabbed the fatal knife, his body was already falling backwards, just to avoid the flames of the opponent, but the big tiger's rushing blow more assured Lu Ye's Safety.

For such a snake monster, Lu Ye secretly thought that if Alone came over, there would be a hard fight, and maybe he would have to use a few spirit talisman.

But with the cooperation of big tiger, it only takes a short moment to win it.

He suddenly felt that it was indeed not a bad thing that he had agreed to Yiyi's request before.

"Good job." Lu Ye rushed to the big tiger nodded, not hesitating to praise himself.

The big tiger ao wu sounded out as a response. Although this guy can't speak, and his strength is not high, but after several contacts, Lu Ye found that his spiritual wisdom is extremely high and he can listen to people, which is wonderful.

The snake finally stopped moving, and Lu Ye stepped forward and kicked it to make sure it was dead.

Looking at the long knife stuck in the mouth of the snake, Lu Ye was a little bit awkward. The knife was flushed red by the flames of the big snake.

At this time, I was picking it up for fear of peeling off.

Can only wait a while.

Taking advantage of this effort, Lu Ye walked to the Barrier Breaking Fruit tree, cautiously picked two Barrier Breaking Fruits, and put them in a storage bag.

As for this Fruit Tree, Lu Ye doesn't plan to move it, and can't feed it if he takes it away.

Just when Lu Ye was about to take the knife, his spirit suddenly fell into a trance, something in his body began to stir.

This feeling reminded him of what happened a few months ago...

He hurriedly said: "Amber, you go out first, I will look for you later."

big tiger ao wu With a sound, he raised his paw and patted the dead snake.

Lu Ye knows immediately: "Know, this is a good thing, how could it be left behind."

Then the big tiger left with satisfaction. Before leaving, it still picked up. A piece of flesh and blood that I had torn from the snake before.

After the silhouette of the big tiger disappears, Lu Ye looked towards the Barrier Breaking Fruit tree again.

The feeling of begin to stir is here again.

He hastily concentrated one's mind. What surprised him was that the Innate Talent Tree did not appear in his field of vision this time, but it was a little strange in Source Spirit Orifice.

He quickly closed his eyes and perceives it carefully.

Vaguely, he seemed to see the illusory shadow of a big tree appearing in his Source Spirit Orifice, it was the Innate Talent Tree.

The roots of the Innate Talent Tree grow out of roots, just like the scene in the Evil Moon Valley mine a few months ago. UU Reading

The roots pierced into an inexplicable place, the next moment, there will be fiery-red power drawn along the roots.

With the influx of fiery-red power, he clearly saw a leaf on the Innate Talent Tree begin to bloom and then burn.

Then came the second leaf...

When it came to the third leaf, the leaf just bloomed out of rays of light and did not burn.

The roots slowly disappeared, Lu Ye opened his eyes and found that his hand had been covered on the Barrier Breaking Fruit tree at some point.

The Fruit Tree has completely withered, and the cave that was originally extremely hot has also been completely changed, and there is no more scorching breath.

Lu Ye is lost in thought.

He recalled the scene when the Innate Talent Tree changed for the first time. At that time, he was inspecting Manager Yang’s relic and found an unknown ore. Then the Innate Talent Tree grew roots and plunged into it. In the ore, the ore cracked, and an orange-yellow flame appeared inside.

After the Innate Talent Tree absorbed the power of the flame, a leaf carrying the sharpness spiritual mark burned.

This time is even more remarkable. The Innate Talent Tree did not know what power it had absorbed, causing two leaves on the tree to burn, and the third leaf showed obvious changes.

It seems that my guess a long time ago is correct. Innate Talent Tree needs to absorb some flame or scorching power to change. The experience just now undoubtedly proves this point.

The underground of this cave undoubtedly contains the energy needed by the Innate Talent Tree. After being absorbed by the Innate Talent Tree, the place will no longer be hot.

And the Barrier Breaking Fruit tree’s living environment is destroyed, and the Fruit Tree naturally died. It is even said that the Fruit Tree originally had some scorching power, which was taken out by the Innate Talent Tree, how can it continue? Survive?

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