Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 57

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In the cave, Lu Ye closed his eyes again and felt it quietly.

Innate Talent Tree is indeed in his Source Spirit Orifice, when he concentrated one's mind, he can "see" this scene.

This is different from before. In the past, when his attention was concentrated enough, the Innate Talent Tree appeared in his field of vision, showing a state of illusory shadow.

Maybe...Innate Talent Tree was originally in Source Spirit Orifice, but I didn’t know anything before, so what I saw was the illusory shadow in my vision?

After opening up, I can feel it more intuitively.

After coming to Spirit Creek Battlefield, he has been busy improving his own cultivation base. He hasn’t practiced hard, but he never paid attention to the situation of Innate Talent Tree. Until this time, Innate Talent Tree gained external power. He only discovered the change.

This is a good thing. He has always had a doubt in his mind that he didn’t understand. It seems that there is no hidden danger in his drug cultivation. He guessed that it should have something to do with the Innate Talent Tree, but it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it is. And got it.

Now that you can intuitively feel the existence of Innate Talent Tree, you may study it carefully when you have time.

"Looking" at the two burning leaves on the Innate Talent Tree, even though Lu Ye knows that the leaves are good things, he still can't help but recall some unpleasant memories...

Restraining the mind of investigating, Lu Ye walked to the body of the snake monster and withdrew his weapon. Then, he chopped the body of the snake monster into dozens of sections, one after another put it into the storage bag .

The strength of this snake monster is much stronger than that of big tiger, and it can breathe fire. The snake meat must be rich in spiritual power, which is a great food tonic.

After finishing all this, Lu Ye looked all around and made sure that there was nothing left before he walked out of the cave.

After one hour, Lu Ye joined Yiyi and the big tiger who were waiting at the entrance of the cave. He saw blood on the shoulder blade of the big tiger. He took out a Healing Pill and gave it to the big tiger. The wound was It was bitten by a snake monster during the previous war.

Lu Ye was also injured a bit. It was also in the position of the shoulder blade. He was drawn by the tail of a snake, but it was not a major problem.

After a while, he rode on the big tiger, stretched out his hand and touched the soft fur, recalling the scene where he first wanted to see big tiger and Yiyi. At that time, did he think of such a majestic demonic beast one day? Will become his hip mount?

I have to say that riding on the back of the big tiger is a good experience, so that Spirit Creek second layer repairs such as Lu Ye can't help but give birth to a kind of pride.

The big tiger has a sturdy figure and a spacious back, so riding on it is not uncomfortable.

"Where to go?" Yiyi sat on the big tiger's head, turning his head to ask.

Lu Ye felt the guidance of the war mark on the back of his hand, and pointed in a direction: "Follow this side and walk next to the foot of the mountain!"

"Then go!" Yiyi's little hand With a wave, the mood is obviously very happy.

The big tiger gave a low growl, and the snow-white silhouette shot out like an arrow. On this day, many low-level cultivators preparing to enter Azure Cloud Mountain to experience, all saw a young man riding a snow-white big The silhouette of tiger passing by.

The drop of water drips onto the sea, making tiny ripples, but the ripples will eventually set off a heaven overflowing giant wave......

As night falls, under a cliff that is sloping outwards, At the bottom of the cliff there is a recessed place, which is a natural haven.

Yiyi, who took the first step to inquire about the situation, stood there and waved: "Lu Ye, here and here!"

Under the moonlight, Lu Ye walked like a dragon and stepped like a Tiger, awe-inspiring, take it one step at a time.

Looking at Lu Ye's weird walking posture, Yiyi couldn't bear to look straight, but still couldn't help it, Pu Chi laughed out loud...

Lu Ye walked from her After that, he glared at her fiercely.

He thought it was a pleasure to ride a big tiger on the road, but on the first day, he found himself naive.

The main reason is that both sides of the thighs are worn out. Lu Ye is sure that there should be a fresh blood dripping on the inner thighs now, and he can still feel the bumpy feeling of riding on the back of the tiger. This way,

don’t say riding on a tiger’s back for cultivation, it’s good not to be fainted.

"Just get used to it." Yiyi followed behind him, opened the mouth and said.

Walk into the natural pit, Lu Ye nodded, this place is good for resting.

There are traces of burnout of the bonfire in the pit, which seems to have been left by previous travelers.

Lu Ye took a short rest, got up to find some firewood and came back to light it, then took out a section of the snake body, peeled it off, and cut off a large piece of almost ten catties of snake meat. As for the rest, I lost it all to big tiger.

The big tiger holds the dozens of catties of snake meat, gorgeous oneself, and eats happily.

The flames are lingering, the fragrance gradually diffuses, and the hot oil drips on the tongue of the fire, making a piercing sound.

Lu Ye took out a Barrier Breaking Fruit from the storage bag while roasting the snake meat, Chong Yiyi gestured.

Yiyi looked at him suspiciously.

"Two fruits, two and one add five." Lu Ye explained.

Yiyi shook his head and said: "This thing is only useful for you. Amber and I can't use it. Keep it for yourself."

Lu Ye thought for a while and said: "Amber Eat Spirit Pill?"

Yiyi nodded: "It also eats Spirit Stone."

Lu Ye was shocked: "Can you eat Spirit Stone too?"

Yiyi explained: "Spirit Stone is the condensation of Spiritual Qi, demonic beasts can be eaten, but people can't eat it, and refining can't be done." When I wanted Spirit Pill, I didn't want it, so I started asking for Spirit Stone.

"Then your fruit is converted into Spirit Pill..." Lu Ye was a little bit confused, "but I don't know how much the fruit is worth."

Yiyi said with a smile : "You can give it whatever you want. Amber can now take two Spirit Pills a day."

"Not much."

The snake meat is cooked quickly, Lu Ye sprinkled some salt to taste, and started to eat. He suddenly raised his head, looked at his Yiyi, and passed the snake meat in his hand: "Would you like?"

Yiyi shook his head: "I can't eat anything."

Lu Ye continued to eat.

The snake meat is indeed a great supplement. After a few catties of snake meat, Lu Ye only feels warm and energetic. Even the flow of spiritual power seems to be faster.

While Refining Essence into Qi, he took out his saber and walked to the side of the open space, took off his jacket, revealing his strong upper body, one blade after another, and slashed seriously.

The previous battle with the Baijing cultivator made him realize that his combat skills are messed up. He can improve his cultivation base by using drugs, but the combat skills are useless.

And no one can point himself at the moment, so Lu Ye thought of a stupid way, that is, continuously swinging a knife and slashing. He didn’t know if this would work, but this was the only thing he could think of. Methods.

In the future, he is destined to encounter stronger and stronger enemies. If he fights personally, his cultivation base strength and combat skills are indispensable.

Under the moonlight, the young man chopped and chopped earnestly, sweating his back. Not far away, the snow-white big tiger was lying on the ground, hu hu sleeping, with white light lingering on his body. The girl with black hair draping over the shoulders hugged her knees. Looking at it quietly, the full moon hanging high in the sky is the background, and the painting is hazy.

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