Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 58

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After two full hours, Lu Ye took the knife, walked to the dark place, took out the water bag, washed it briefly, put on his clothes, and returned to the cliff.

The big tiger has long been asleep, snoring, and Yiyi is still sitting there. He should be waiting for him.

But seeing Lu Ye's expression, she was a little strange, because Lu Ye seemed to have made a difficult decision at the moment, with a look that thousands of people are going to go.

She couldn’t help but tilted her head...

Lu Ye sat cross-legged sadly, after thinking for a while, she told Yiyi: "If I get dizzy for a while It's over, don't care too much."

"en?" Yiyi was puzzled.

Lu Ye did not explain too much, closed his eyes, immersed himself in his mind, and once again "seeed" the Innate Talent Tree entrenched in his Source Spirit Orifice.

On the huge tree canopy, there are three leaves burning, and the fourth one has bloomed rays of light, but it did not burn.

In the mine of Evil Moon Valley, his Innate Talent Tree showed the first burning leaf, carrying a kind of spiritual mark called sharpness. If there is no sharpness spiritual mark, he would later be impossible. It was so easy to kill Zhou Cheng who was seriously injured, he could not pierce the spiritual power of the white man with a single sword, and he could not severely injure the snake monster and eventually win.

It can be said that this spiritual mark has brought great help to Lu Ye at several critical moments.

Right now there are two more leaves burning on the Innate Talent Tree. While he is in a state of anxiety, he is also looking forward to what kind of spiritual mark he will get.

Slowly focused, Lu Ye looked at one of the burning leaves. As in the previous scene, the small leaf quickly enlarged, filling all his vision and thinking in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, a large amount of information flooded into his mind uncontrollably, and Lu Ye once again gave birth to the feeling that someone fiercely smashed his head with a hammer.

Last time he passed out directly.

This time he felt the world was spinning and the pain was unbearable, but he finally did not faint.

Lu Ye prefers to faint, because the whole process he has a feeling that life is better than death, as if someone broke his brain and forcibly stuffed something that he didn't understand. , Stir vigorously...

He opened his eyes abruptly, his throat let out a depressed growl, and his eyes were blood red.

Yiyi, who has been following him all the time, was startled. Even the sleeping big tiger was awakened, roared, vigilant around, and mistakenly thought he had been attacked by a sneak attack.

After a while, Lu Ye gradually calmed down. His vision was blood-red, and his body was wet with sweat. Yiyi and big tiger stood aside in panic, not knowing what to do.

In fact, Lu Ye's appearance at this moment is extremely hideous, his eyes are blood red, and the temples on both sides have blue veins bulging, as if he is enduring great torture.

After breathing heavily for a while, Lu Ye recovered a little, and the nervous big tiger and Yiyi said: "It's okay."

Close his eyes again.

The pain has passed, it is time to receive the fruits of victory.

Yiyi and big tiger looked at each other and they were all inexplicable, but this matter seemed to be related to Lu Ye's cultivation. He did not say that Yiyi was not easy to ask, so he could only stand by the big tiger.

At this time, Lu Ye is investigating the characteristics of the second spiritual mark.


This is the name of the second spiritual mark. Judging from the name alone, it should be a protective spiritual mark.

Lu Ye had some speculations before that the first spiritual mark was on the offensive side, and maybe the second would be on the defensive side, which seems to be the case now.

He opened his eyes and brewed for a while, and suddenly a layer of naked eye visible aura flashed on his palm, which turned into a triangular shield with complicated patterns engraved on the shield. .

"This is...spiritual mark?" Yiyi, who has been paying attention to Lu Ye silently, was shocked. Although she lacked a lot of memories, she still remembered some common sense of the cultivation world, and she knew better than Lu. Ye wants more. So at first sight, Lu Ye actually used his own spiritual power to construct a spiritual mark, which is simply incredible.

You must know that low-level cultivators like Lu Ye generally focus on improving their own cultivation base. They don’t even have time to study and learn the magic techniques, not to mention complicated spiritual marks. Of course, certain magic techniques. It can also be regarded as a manifestation of a spiritual mark.

It is even said that the spiritual mark that Lu Ye is now motivating can be regarded as a defensive technique.

Spells and spiritual marks are closely related. In many cases, they are common, but they are not exactly the same. It is difficult to explain in a few words.

But in any case, it is unbelievable that a low-level cultivator can build a spiritual mark.

Yiyi is more and more certain that Lu Ye is afraid of which Peak Great Sect’s dísciple, and his status in that sect is definitely not low, maybe it is the illegal child of which sect’s head teacher. , Because of some last resort, she can only come out and practice alone...

In just a few breaths of effort, she has already made up a story full of grievances and hatred.

Lu Ye didn’t care about the look in Yiyi’s eyes. He was feeling the solidity of the guard at the moment. From the point of view of defensive power, the guard’s protective ability would explode the spiritual power of his body. In comparison between the two, at least there is a gap of several times the protection strength.

This means that he will have a better defense against any attacks in the future.

However, the protection is excellent, and the consumption is not low. This palm-size defensive spiritual mark fully consumes Lu Ye's spiritual power reserve of a Spirit Orifice.

It is more expensive than sharpness.

In other words, if you activate such a spiritual mark twenty times in a row, Lu Ye will run out of spiritual power.

And if the protection range is expanded, the consumption will increase. Lu Ye is just urging a palm-size spiritual mark, which does not mean that the spiritual mark is only so large. If he wants to, It can spur even bigger ones.

All in all, this is a good spiritual mark. Although he has the Golden Body Talisman this thing, but the spiritual talisman is always exhausted, the guardian spiritual mark is his own ability.

And comparatively speaking, it is more troublesome to motivate the defensive defense in a single thought, which can stimulate the spirit talisman. First, take the spirit talisman out of the storage bag and pour it into spiritual power. In the fierce battle, There is often no time for Lu Ye to do these things.

If he had such a spiritual mark before meeting the white man, he could completely fight the other guy's attack and kill that guy head-on.

Although a spiritual mark failed to make Lu Ye's cultivation progress, its battle strength increased significantly.

There is another...

Lu Ye shuddered after thinking about his previous feelings. He was not going to investigate another spiritual mark, at least not for two days.

His mind is now a mess, and if he goes to investigate the spiritual mark, he might be dead.

So I have to rest for a few days.

Take out a Spirit Gathering Pill and take it. Lu Ye is going to investigate the problem that until now makes him wonder. There is no hidden danger in his own drug cultivation, is it related to the Innate Talent Tree?

Feeling quietly, he quickly "sees" the Innate Talent Tree hidden in the Source Spirit Orifice.

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