Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 60

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During the day, Lu Ye had already cultivated the 21st orifice to fullness. As long as he broke through the 22nd orifice, he would be one step closer to the Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm.

He didn't take Barrier Breaking Fruit, although that thing had a miraculous effect on breaking the barrier of Spirit Orifice.

According to Lu Ye’s estimation, Barrier Breaking Fruit should be very valuable. Last time I took it in a hurry to be promoted to Spirit Creek First Layer. Now there are enough Spirit Gathering Pills and it only takes some time. Can achieve the same goal, Lu Ye will naturally not waste.

He has to keep these two Spirit Fruits and wait until the right time to take them, so that they can play the best role.

Now that the spiritual power in his body is incomparable compared to the original one, it makes it easier for him to hit the Spirit Orifice barrier.

In just two hours before and after, the barrier of the 22nd Orifice was broken open, and spiritual power trickled into it.

Lu Ye cultivation for a while, completely digesting the pill power, and then stopped.

It has been three days since the previous investigation of the spiritual mark leaves of the Innate Talent Tree. Lu Ye is going to check the third burning leaf tonight to see what kind of spiritual mark it carries.

Although he was mentally prepared, when he was ready to do so, he was still a little bit frustrated, mainly because the experience was too unpleasant.

But this kind of thing will have to be experienced sooner or later, the long pain is not as good as the short pain, Lu Ye is ruthless, concentrated one's mind, "look" at the Innate Talent Tree in the Source Spirit Orifice.

The burning leaves expanded rapidly, and the mysterious lines on the leaves instantly obstructed Lu Ye's vision and thinking. The feeling of being hit by a hammer fiercely came again.

The brain was broken, a lot of inexplicable information poured into it, and then it was stirred up vigorously...

After a long while, Lu Ye panted and opened his eyes, and the big tiger raised his head. , Yiyi stood by the bed and looked at him worriedly.

Fortunately, I had such an experience three days ago, and Yiyi is not surprising.

Lu Ye was immersed in his mind, checking the extra information in his mind.


This is the name of the spiritual mark carried on the third leaf.

The first spiritual mark is the attack side, the second is the defense side, and the 3rd is the auxiliary side?

The function of this spiritual mark is obvious at a glance by just listening to the name. It is used to gather Spiritual Qi. Lu Ye promotes spiritual power and builds this spiritual mark on the palm of the hand. When the Austrian complicated spiritual mark pattern appeared, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in the room converged towards the palm of the hand, which in turn caused the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi from outside to pour in.

Lu Ye waited for a while, and found that Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in the room did not seem to have changed much. It may be that the spiritual mark he built was not large enough and lasted not long enough.

If you build a spiritual mark that can cover the entire room, and even the entire Chamber of Commerce, the effect of gathering Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi should be outstanding.

But not to mention whether his spiritual power can support such a huge spiritual mark, even if it does so, it is meaningless.

His body can't handle Spiritual Qi well, so no matter how strong the Spiritual Qi from the outside world is, it is of little use to him.


Lu Ye slandered in his heart, a little disappointed.

Both sharpness and defensive can provide him with great help in battle. He was looking forward to this 3rd spiritual mark, but it turned out to be such a useless spiritual mark.

However, comparing sharpness and defensive spiritual marks, the spiritual mark of gathering spirits is very small. For a spiritual mark of the same size, the consumption of gathering spirits is only 10% of the defensive mark, and it seems to be OK Maintain for a long time.

Whether sharpness or defensive, the duration is very short, so if Lu Ye wants to use them in battle, he has to seize the opportunity to maintain it for a long time, and the spiritual power that can be consumed will increase. .

But gathering spirits is different. While gathering Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi, it also replenishes itself, so once it is constructed, unless Lu Ye takes the initiative to disperse, it will continue forever.

Thinking about it this way, this thing is not completely useless. If a large enough spiritual mark is built in a certain sect resident, the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi in that resident will Will become more and more rich.

Yiyi watched this scene in shock.

On the night three days ago, she witnessed Lu Ye constructing an inexplicable spiritual mark with her own eyes. She saw it again tonight, and the two are completely different spiritual marks.

What is the use of the spiritual mark three days ago? Yiyi is not quite clear, but the spiritual mark of this time obviously has the purpose of gathering Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi.

This guy is who, the cultivation base is not high, but the research on spiritual mark is so thorough, you know it will take a lot of time and energy.

In this way, he really has something to do with which Great Sect's great character...

I have to say that the more Yiyi thinks, the more crooked she is, she is also smart, and some should not be asked. Lu Ye feels very relieved that he hasn’t seen it. Otherwise, he should consider whether to continue the cooperative relationship with each other.

Over there, Lu Ye has already dispersed the spiritual mark, took off his jacket, took out the long knife and slashed it. The big tiger had to lie in the corner to avoid being accidentally injured...

With one knife, one knife, Lu Ye slashed earnestly.

One night passed. At dawn, Lu Ye went from the third floor to the great hall on the first floor. He found a Chamber of Commerce manager and made a deal with it for two magnetic essence ore.

He still has 14 magnetic essence ore in his hand, all of which are relatively large, and the largest one is large enough for a washbasin. He didn't trade too much, lest he meet someone like Liu Ruiyin again.

Anyway, if you go along this route, you will encounter many divisions of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce. The ore in hand is scattered, which can reduce some risks.

When I left Azure Cloud Market 3 before, if he was not in a hurry to buy a tenth picture, he would not risk a dozen magnetic essence ore. It would be really easy to be targeted.

Two pieces of magnetic essence ore cost one hundred and three pieces of Spirit Stone. This time he didn't buy Spirit Gathering Pill again, but saved the Spirit Stone.

Spirit Gathering Pill is temporarily enough for him to use Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm, so there is no need to continue to save.

As for saving the Spirit Stone... because he wants to save a large amount of Spirit Stone, which he uses for other purposes.

Only when he walked out of the Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce, a man with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek greeted him and said hello with a big smile: "This Fellow Daoist is pleased!"

Lu Ye frowned and looked at him, the big tiger next to him stepped forward and let out a threatening growl.

The male repairer's smile suddenly became a little stiff, and he stepped back two steps incessantly: "Fellow Daoist calms down. There is no malice here, but there is a business I want to talk to Fellow Daoist."

Lu Ye looked at the aura on the opponent and made sure that he was just a Spirit Creek Second Layer Realm, and looking at the aura, the purity was below average, which shows that this guy is not good at strength.

Seeing Lu Ye and big tiger staring at him together, the man had a numb scalp and said with a smile: "It's really just a business talk."

" Make way!" Lu Ye faintly uttered, pressing his hand on the hilt of his waist, and leading the big tiger straight forward. The man quickly avoided but did not give up, probably because he thought that Lu Ye impossible was doing him here. Chasing Lu Ye: "Fellow Daoist, I have a set of cultivation techniques used to assist cultivation. If I use it, the efficiency of the cultivation will at least double. It fits for the use of a cultivation base like Fellow Daoist. I wonder if Fellow Daoist might be interested. ?"

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