Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 61

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An auxiliary cultivation technique that doubles the efficiency! This is obviously nonsense.

There really is such a cultivation technique, it must be Secret Art that will never go out. Even those Peak Great Sects are also treasures, and they are of great value. Why do you need to find people to sell them like this?

Looking at the appearance of this male cultivator, Lu Ye knew that he didn't come to find himself specifically, but squatted outside the Chamber of Commerce and randomly selected targets.

I just presented at the right time and was seen by him.

"Not interested." Lu Ye is not going to entangle him more.

But I don’t want that person to still be chasing after him. Continuously introduce to Lu Ye the beauty of the cultivation technique, what kind of cultivation is simple, and it has strong compatibility with various low-level cultivation techniques, anyone can Easy to get started, even with a solemn expression: "If Fellow Daoist doesn't believe me, I can take the Heavenly Mystery oath, and the words are true, and I will never deceive Fellow Daoist."

Lu Ye stopped, frowned and watched. Hold him.

Heavenly Mystery swore he had sworn, so he knew that this kind of vow that Heavenly Mystery witnessed was not a joke.

He can't help but wonder, is there such a powerful cultivation technique in this world? Three times the efficiency of a person’s cultivation. What is the concept?

Seeing Lu Ye's heart move, the male Xiu stretched out his hand and said: "There are so many people here, it is inconvenient to say more, please come to Fellow Daoist."

Lu Ye thought for a while. , Followed the man to a place with few people.

"You swear!" Lu Ye went straight to the subject.

When the man reached his mouth, he swallowed it back and said with a smile: "Okay, but Fellow Daoist, if you swear next, you can't help but buy it."

"The price is right and I will buy it."

The male cultivator was nodded, with a solemn expression, and said: "loose cultivator Chen Hegong asked Heavenly Mystery to testify that what he said just now is true. Let me be tortured to death in the world!"

In the dark, an invisible force descended and fell on the back of the male Xiu named Chen He, where obviously his Battlefield Mark was located. .

Lu Ye's expression is cold, this guy is also fighting to sell the cultivation technique, and he dares to take this vow.

"Take things to see." Lu Ye said.

Chen He shook his head: "Fellow Daoist joked. The cultivation technique is simple and clear. If you ask Fellow Daoist to read it, you can remember it in the heart immediately. Why buy it?"

"How to sell?"

"Thirty Spirit Stones!" Chen He quoted.

Lu Ye turned around and left.

Although he doesn't know what the cultivation technique is about, Chen He is even willing to ask Heavenly Mystery to swear for it, but he can be sure that this cultivation technique must be a little tricky, otherwise don’t say anything. Ten Spirit Stones can be sold for three thousand.

"Fellow Daoist stay here. For business matters, the price starts on the ground, and you pay back when you land on the ground. If you don't try to repay the price, just turn around and leave. Whatever is going on, you have to be honest." Chen He hastily. Hold Lu Ye, earnest and well-meant advised.

"Three yuan!" Lu Ye was kind enough to try and pay the price.

"Deal!" Chen He took out a jade slip and patted it on Lu Ye's palm.

Lu Ye's eyes twitched.

"Fellow Daoist, I asked Heavenly Mystery to swear, just now you said that the price is right and you can buy it. The price of three yuan is your own. Fellow Daoist can't go back on one's word Right?"

Lu Ye was speechless, and finally took out three Spirit Stones and gave them to the other party. Chen He got the Spirit Stone and left with joy.

Holding the jade slip, before Lu Ye could check the content, someone laughed up and teased: "You were cheated?"

Lu Ye looked up On the other side, the man shrugged: "I was also deceived by him. That cultivation technique is useless at all."

Lu Ye knows: "You just kept watching?"

Then People said with a smile: "It's better for two people to be unlucky than one for me, don't you? I feel so much better now." He also blinked at Lu Ye.

Lu Ye indifferently said: "If I were you, I would go and grab business with him. If he can sell the cultivation technique, you can't sell it? Instead of watching others being cheated, it is better to cheat yourself Tap the Spirit Stone, maybe you can make a fortune.


The man was lost in thought by Lu Ye, and it took him a long time to slap his thigh: "It makes sense!"

As soon as he raised his head, there was no silhouette of Lu Ye in front of him.

Outside the market, Lu Ye rides on the back of the big tiger and has already left, too lazy to pay attention to the intrigue of those profiteers.

Although I can be sure that I was really cheated, but fortunately, the Spirit Stone was not much spent, only three yuan. He only traded more than one hundred Spirit Stone from the Chamber of Commerce. It's rich and imposing, but I don't care too much.

However, Chen He even took the oath of Heavenly Mystery, which shows that this cultivation technique is really as he said, can improve the efficiency of the cultivation, otherwise he would have been sworn backlash long ago.

What the hell is going on?

Lu Ye became suspicious and began to investigate the famous cultivation technique.

Gourmet meal, this is the name of the cultivation technique.

And it’s a cultivation technique that is difficult to judge, because there are only fifteen Spirit Orifices included in the entire cultivation technique!

You must know that Lu Ye cultivation's Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art is already the lowest yellow-rank cultivation technique, and can open up 27.

This gluttonous meal only has fifteen orifices, which is not as good as the yellow-rank cultivation technique.

But considering that this is not a cultivation technique used for cultivation, but an auxiliary one, it is understandable.

As Chen He said before, the course of this cultivation technique is obvious at a glance, which is extremely simple, because the number of Spirit Orifices included is very small, and the Spirit Orifices are all distributed. It is near the lower abdomen, so it has strong compatibility with all low-level cultivation techniques.

Whether the compatibility of the two cultivation techniques is high or low, it depends on how many repetitions of the Spirit Orifice included in these two cultivation techniques are performed. The more repetitions, the higher the compatibility.

For all the low-level cultivation techniques, the Spirit Orifices are scattered around the lower abdomen, because the Source Spirit Orifice is here, and the Spirit Orifices for many low-level cultivation techniques are almost the same, just because of the path of the work. The difference leads to the difference in the characteristics of the cultivation technique.

The same nine Spirit Orifices are connected in a different order, and the speed of spiritual power flowing in them is different, which in turn will affect the strength of the cultivator.

So the serial sequence between Spirit Orifices is a very rigorous matter.

The 15 orifices of this gluttonous route are basically the same as the 27 orifices of Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art. Only two things are not included in Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art. In other words, if Lu Ye is After finishing the Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art cultivation, and then opening the other two orifices, he can get a glimpse of the secret of the gluttonous meal.

It's not in a hurry. After he finishes Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art cultivation, let's see if this gluttonous meal is really that magical and can double the efficiency of cultivation.

After receiving the jade slip, Lu Ye took out the tenth map, compared the distance between Azure Cloud Market 3 and 5 on the map, and calculated the time it took.

Look at his planned route to Jade Blood Sect again.

After a little calculation, Lu Ye couldn't help sighing. At this speed, even if there is no delay on the road, it would be a long time before he wants to return to the Jade Blood Sect station.

If something is delayed, the time will only be longer.

The road ahead is long. Luckily, Lu Ye is not alone. At least Yiyi and the big tiger are with him.

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