Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 62

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Half a month later, Lu Ye, who has endured the hardships of a long journey, appeared in front of a canyon. Compared with the embarrassment of riding a big tiger before, he undoubtedly needs to be calm at this moment. many.

On the first day when riding a big tiger on the road, he almost fell apart, and his inner thighs were even more grounded and bloody. In that state, he didn't have a magic cultivator at all.

Today, he has fulfilled his original vision, that is, while riding a big tiger on the road, serving the pill cultivator. Although the efficiency is not better than normal, it is better than a waste of time.

After half a month, he opened three more Spirit Orifices, and now he is also a cultivator for twenty-five years. It is only the last two holes from Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm!

At this speed, and six or seven daylight scenes, he can cultivate Golden Cicada Free and Unfettered Art to the perfection state.

Not only his strength has grown, but the big tiger has also become stronger.

The snake meat in the storage bag has been eaten by him and the big tiger, and 80% of them have entered the belly of the big tiger. The snake meat is of great help to demonic beasts like big tiger. Not to mention that Lu Ye took two Spirit Gathering Pill daily.

After half a month of trifling, the size of the big tiger seems to have increased by a circle, becoming more and more majestic.

What kind of strength the big tiger is now, Lu Ye can't judge, but he estimates that even if he fights against the big tiger, without resorting to the spiritual talisman and spiritual mark, it won't take any advantage.

And Yiyi is the soul of big tiger. As big tiger is strong, she will also become stronger.

So although the average strength of a line of one person, one tiger and one spirit is not very high, if they work together, the strength that can be exerted cannot be underestimated.

This increased Lu Ye's capital for walking in Spirit Creek Battlefield, and he increasingly felt that bringing big tiger and Yiyi was a wise decision.

Along the way, Lu Ye passed a neutral market again, in that market, Lu Ye repaired one night, sold two magnetic essence ore, and got some Spirit Stones.

Now the Spirit Stone in his hand is more than two hundred yuan.

It’s a little too close. When the next Heavenly Mystery Chamber of Commerce is in the league, it should be almost done.

Leaping off the tiger's back, Lu Ye looked at the gorge in front of him and took out a ten-cent map for comparison.

This is a place called Riftian Gorge. The terrain is steep and there are thousands of walls on both sides. From the map, to the left of Riftian Gorge is a sect station called Nine Stars Sect, which belongs to Myriad Demons Ridge. , On the right is the Xuanmen resident, which belongs to the Grand Heaven Alliance.

Split Sky Gorge is located in the middle of the two stations, and it's a bit closer to Nine Stars Sect.

The grades of the two sects are not high, Xuanmen Grade 9 and Nine Stars Sect Grade 8. Such grades are normal in the outer circle of the battlefield. Even more how, the route planned by Lu Ye is an arc. The shape is almost close to the edge of the battlefield, so this way, although it has passed through the range of several sect resident sites, it is all Grade 9.

He will not rush into the higher-level sect resident, even if the sect belongs to the Grand Heaven Alliance. Before entering the Spirit Creek Battlefield, the head teacher’s last words are still in his ears. He dare not expose his Jade Blood at will. Sect dísciple's identity, although he doesn't know the consequences of exposing it.

It is getting late, and Lu Ye is not going to enter the canyon now. He drove a day's journey and rested for a night and tomorrow will pass.

"Yiyi!" Lu Ye shouted.

"I see." Yiyi's voice came out, and immediately she floated out of the big tiger's head and floated away.

She went to investigate all around the environment.

After getting along these days, I have formed some tacit understanding with each other. Before a break, Yiyi will be responsible for checking all around to avoid hidden danger.

She is Spirit Physique, come and go without a shadow or trace. It is very convenient to do this. It was because of her several times to avoid some hidden crises in advance.

But she has a companion relationship with big tiger, so she can't leave the big tiger too far away. According to Yiyi, there is no problem within ten miles. Once she leaves the big tiger ten miles away, It will quickly become weak, and if this state remains for too long, it is very likely that she will dissipate because of this.

Lu Ye then in the vicinity to find a suitable overnight place.

Wandering outside for more than half a month, he is already familiar with this. A suitable overnight place must first be able to enter and retreat, and secondly, be sufficiently concealed to be able to shelter from wind and rain again.

After searching for a while, Lu Ye took the big tiger to a chaotic rock. Although this location is not good enough, there is no better place nearby. Looking at Celestial Phenomenon today, it doesn’t look like It's all right to see if it's going to rain.

Lu Ye took out the pre-prepared firewood from the storage bag and lit it, then took out a large piece of animal meat and set it on the fire for barbecue, then took a larger piece and threw it to the big tiger, and the big tiger threw it aside Gobbled up.

Looking at the hideous big tiger, Lu Ye was a little sad. He thought that the Spirit Gathering Pill he had saved before was enough to use the Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm. There is still more, but now it’s just barely Enough.

Big tiger consumes two Spirit Gathering Pills every day. He takes eleven or two pills for one orifice, and now he has only 30 Spirit Gathering Pills in his hand.

When he drives to 27 orifices, these Spirit Gathering Pills are estimated to be consumed.

And he has a faint feeling that as the strength of the big tiger increases, the consumption of Spirit Gathering Pill will increase.

Sorry! But this is also the price that must be paid to take the big tiger and Yiyi on the road together. At the very least, he can still cultivation when he is on the road, which can save a lot of time.

For a low-level cultivator like him, the time of the early cultivation is precious.

The meat of the beast grilled on the bonfire dripped with oil and water, making a prickling sound. The big tiger, who was eating the raw meat, suddenly raised his head and looked in one direction, with a low growl in his throat.

Soon it sprang out suddenly, rushing in that direction.

Lu Ye was stunned for a moment, and then reacted, Yiyi had something wrong!

Yiyi is the transformed soul of the big tiger. There is a very close connection with each other, so whenever Yiyi has any accidents, big tiger can feel it.

The speed of big tiger is very fast. Lu Ye pours spiritual power into his legs and can only follow behind to eat ashes. In anxious situation, he can only shout: "Amber, don't be impulsive!"

Now he still doesn't know what happened to Yiyi. It's not a good idea to rush through it like this.

The big tiger slowed down a bit humanely. After Lu Ye caught up, he turned over and then the big tiger speeded up.

After a short while, behind a huge boulder, a ball of fire came into view.

Several cultivators gathered around and lit a bonfire. It seemed that they were going to spend the night here. In front of the cultivators, there was something like a big clock upside down on the big clock. Spiritual light flows, and complex and mysterious lines converge into a pattern that slowly revolves around the big clock.

Inside the big bell, there was a vague sound of impact.

Yiyi is trapped inside!

Seeing this scene, Lu Ye knew what was going on. Yiyi is a Spirit Physique, and ordinary methods are impossible to trap her. The big bell is a Spiritual Artifact!

Fortunately, big tiger experienced the reminder from Lu Ye just now. At this moment, he can also suppress the animal impulse without immediately rushing on it.

Lu Ye urges spiritual power to gather in his eyes and see the aura of the cultivators.

Four cultivators, one Spirit Creek second layer, two three layers, and one fourth layer!

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