Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 63

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Among the four cultivators, there are three men and one woman. The woman is in the Spirit Creek second layer environment. She is dressed in cool clothes and has an enchanting figure. She is nestled next to another Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm, and is surrounded by the Third Layer Realm. In their arms, the two look very intimate. The cultivator of Third Layer Realm has a nice leather bag, very handsome, luxuriously dressed, with a sword at the waist, and a storage bag, bulging, looks extraordinary.

Another Third Layer Realm is a sturdy man. The shirt on his body is close to his body, and distinct muscles are faintly visible. At this moment, he is standing in front of the men and women who are hugging each other, like a guard.

The fourth layer is a thin man who is looking around vigilantly.

The arrival of Lu Ye and Big Tiger didn't disturb them. One person and one tiger hid at a distance of ten zhang from them, and looked over there through the gap between the rocks.

Lu Ye doesn't know how Yiyi was trapped by them, but the cultivator's methods are unfathomable, and there are always many things that Lu Ye doesn't understand.

The most important thing at the moment is to rescue Yiyi first. I have to say that the fourth layer environment puts a lot of pressure on him, not to mention that there are four people in the family.

"Young Master, what's that?" There was a pleasant voice, but the woman asked. Although the mysterious spirit bell was triggered, their entire group could hardly see how it was triggered. Yes, only the owner of the mysterious spirit bell can understand the situation right now.

The handsome man with his arm around her pinched a magic trick with one hand, felt a little, raised his eyebrows and said, "Interesting, is it a Spirit Physique?" The mysterious spirit bell is his Spiritual Artifact, which is An extremely powerful and concealed body protection Spiritual Artifact.

"Spirit Physique?" The woman shrank and deliberately drilled into the man's arms, "Young Master, I'm afraid."

Then Young Master laughed heartily and patted the other party. Soft waist: "Don't be afraid." He winked at the fourth layer, instructed: "Senior Brother Zhang, go and try."

Senior Brother Zhang nodded complied: "Yes."

Stepped towards the big clock that was buckled on the ground, and when he got closer, he suddenly punched out.

A bang came out, followed by the sound of Yiyi mournful scream in the bell, which was obviously injured.

"roar!" Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest, the snow-white silhouette instantly rushed out of the hiding place and rushed straight towards Senior Brother Zhang.

It was the big tiger that was stimulated. Although Lu Ye told him not to be impulsive before, he listened to it, but seeing Yiyi was hurt, the animal instinct finally defeated the reason... its rational nature It's less pitiful.

Not only did the four cultivators startle, even Lu Ye was caught off guard.

He was still thinking about how to rescue Yiyi...

When the big tiger threw out, the fishy wind was filled, and the woman screamed, this time she was really frightened. When he arrived, the stocky man immediately changed his position and stood in front of the Young Master and the woman, while the Senior Brother Zhang, who had the highest cultivation base, had a stunned expression.

But at the next moment, his expression changed, because behind the vigorous silhouette of the big tiger, another silhouette came out.

It was Lu Ye, the big tiger attacked rashly. He had no time to think about any countermeasures. He almost rushed out following the big tiger. With the help of the big tiger's figure, he bought a little time.

Pounce straight at the Young Master!

Among the four, the Young Master is obviously respected. As long as the Young Master is taken, all the problems will be solved. There is no way at the moment.

"Stop him!" Senior Brother Zhang screamed, and raised his hand to the big tiger as a palm. A lightning visible on the naked eye in his palm splits out and hits the big tiger. The big tiger suffers from pain. Roaring, a tiger roar shook the sky, and the visible air wave of naked eye rushed forward.

The roar of the tiger made Senior Brother Zhang's mind slightly lost. The inwardly shiver is so fierce in his heart. If these fierce things grow up, their strength must far exceed the ominous beast of the same order.

When he touched the storage bag, two scimitars had appeared in his hands.

On the other side, Lu Ye put one hand on the saber and poured spiritual power into his legs, and the wind seemed to rush towards the honest man.

The other party loudly shouts, a surging spiritual power, the clothes that were close to his body burst to pieces, his already sturdy figure seemed to swell in a circle, and he was in his storage bag again With a touch, he took out a two-foot-long hammer and placed it in front of him.

He just stood there, giving people a sense of solidity. It is not easy to break through his blockade and take the Young Master behind him, even more how, the Young Master is also extraordinary. People, he is a Spirit Creek Third Layer Realm, and there is a woman in the Spirit Creek second layer realm beside him.

The distance between each other quickly narrowed. Lu Ye held the handle of the knife with the other hand, drawing it like a knife. When he raised his hand, there was no blade light. Instead, a burning snake came out of thin air, swaying towards Burn it over there by the honest man.

"Fire Snake Talisman!" The honest man yelled low, screamed his enemy cunning, and clearly put on a posture of drawing a knife, unexpectedly smuggled out a spirit talisman, which made him overwhelmed.

At this time, the most appropriate solution is naturally to avoid this spirit talisman's attack. Although the Fire Snake Talisman formidable power is not small, it covers a large range, but if he wants, he can still avoid it. , But the next step is definitely to fall into a passive situation.

However, Young Master is behind him, how dare he avoid it?

clenched the teeth, hurriedly took out a Golden Body Talisman and patted the body while urging the body protection spiritual power to protect the whole body.

The flame exploded, and the flying snake swallowed the silhouette of the honest man. In the next instant, he rushed out of the flame unscathed and killed Lu Ye, who was rushing forward. Lifting the sledgehammer in his hand, angrily shouted: "trifling a spirit talisman, do you think it can hurt me?"

The arrogant words fell, the blade light flashed, and he couldn't stop staggering back. , Reached out his hand to cover his throat, and even threw his weapon on the ground.

"Ho ho..." He gasped, but blood spurted out from his hands, and he couldn't hold it.

He couldn't figure out why his spiritual power of thousands hammers, hundred refinements couldn't even stop the opponent's sword!

The Golden Body Talisman he photographed on his body was broken by Fire Snake Talisman, but he still has body protection spiritual power, and he is walking the path of body cultivator, which is why he has been blocking the Young Master. The reason before.

In the cultivation world, the body cultivator is the most durable. The powerful body cultivator can even use the fleshy body to resist the magic cultivator's spells. Although he is a small body cultivator, he cannot fully play the body cultivator. Advantage, but in any case should not be broken by the opponent.

However, in fact, he was cut open by Lu Ye with a single knife. If his fleshy body is not strong enough, this blade can chop off his entire head!

The Spiritual Artifact long knife blessed by sharpness spiritual mark has destructive power beyond the imagination of this body cultivator.

Lu Ye was also very surprised. He didn't expect a killing blade to kill the opponent. He instinctively swung the knife, just trying to force the opponent back. However, the result of this blade was unexpectedly powerful.

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