Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 64

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Lu Ye guessed that this has something to do with his recent strength improvement. The stronger his strength, the greater the spiritual mark formidable power he urged. In the final analysis, the spiritual mark is his spiritual mark. power exists as a foundation.

Furthermore, the long knife in his hand is barely included in the Spiritual Artifact, not the ordinary iron sword before. The same spiritual mark is blessed on the Spiritual Artifact and the ordinary iron sword, and the formidable power is also Different.

A Fire Snake Talisman, a sharpness-enhancing slash, let Lu Ye cut a Third Layer Realm's body cultivator with the cultivation base of the Spirit Creek second layer realm.

His figure almost didn't stop, he crossed the body cultivator and slammed in front of the brightly dressed Young Master.

The Young Master was obviously frightened, mainly because a series of changes happened too fast. He also wanted to study the Spirit Physique trapped by the mysterious spirit bell. With the Senior Brother Zhang punched After the out, a snow-white big tiger sprang out, followed by a fierce cultivator.

Before he could figure out the situation, the body cultivator in front of him clutched his neck and fell down...

At the critical moment of life and death, the Young Master instinctively pushed The woman in her arms pushed her towards Lu Ye's blade without any protection from that woman.

The woman's expression lose one's head out of fear, and she watched a bright blade light flashing in front of her eyes. Only when she had time to activate the spiritual power body protection, her vision began to reverse, and she quickly lost consciousness.

Taking advantage of the short time this woman won, the Young Master hurriedly took out a spiritual talisman from the storage bag, directly urged spiritual power to pour it into it, and raised his hand to play it out.

Lu Ye’s brutality really frightened him. He seldom fought with people head-on. Usually, the two Senior Brothers caught people first, or beat him half-dead before letting him do it. Ever experienced such a dangerous and exciting scene.

He even forgot to take back his mysterious spirit bell for body protection for a while.

On the other hand, Lu Ye, from start to finish, is extremely calm and has a clear goal. The cultivation base of Spirit Creek Second Layer Realm, forcibly let him out of the imposing manner of Ninth Layer Realm!

Temperament is related to a person's past experience. The Young Master who has been in good condition since he was a child is naturally not as good as the mine slave who has survived in the cracks.

In an instant, an unrolled bolt of white silk-like slash appeared in front of Lu Ye, which he was not surprised.

That down-to-earth man has Golden Body Talisman body protection, and this one called Young Master must have it too.

With a spiritual power roar, the two small circulation systems have run to the limit, Lu Ye's eyes are overflowing with spiritual power, and he can see the impact of the slash.

One side is triangular, with complex and mysterious patterns flowing, something like a shield appears on Lu Ye's chest, which is the spiritual mark of the defensive.

Almost at the moment when the spiritual mark was formed, the spirit talisman's slash came. Lu Ye only felt a strong slam on his chest, and suddenly felt tightness in his chest and shortness of breath.

He didn't know how much this slash had affected him. He didn't have the time to pay attention at this moment. The others had already rushed in front of the Young Master and stabbed him with a bewildered gaze.

The spiritual power of Young Master's hastily activated protective body is paper-like, pierced by a long knife, and the sharpness blade penetrates his shoulder blade, blood splashed.

With a scream, Lu Ye drew his knife, turned his body, and came to the back of Young Master, with the knife lying across his neck!

Young Master's screams came to an abrupt end, feeling the cold touch on the neck, and the whole person froze in place.

From the moment when the big tiger was exposed, it was only five breaths before and after, Lu Ye broke the solid body cultivator's block, cut the second layer of the woman, and then captured the Young Master in front of him, during which he urged three times in a row. Road sharpness spiritual mark, a guard.

During the whole process, he didn't even have time to think, stabs, kills, in one go, and quickly rises and falls.

"ao wu!" When the big tiger's low roar came out, the sturdy silhouette fell out, hit the rock wall on the side, and slid down. It was not the fourth layer cultivator at all. Opponents were completely at a disadvantage in just a few moments.

However, the winner was not at all happy, turned his head and looked at the messy battlefield, eyes full of incredible...

Sun Junior Brother fell to the ground with his throat,

his eyes widened. , His body kept twitching, although he did not die for a while, but the injuries were no longer saved.

Junior Sister Yuan's headless body leaped to the side, blood gushing from the neck and making noises, her coquettish head rolled to the side, and there was still a frightened expression on her face.

Young Master’s shoulder blades are bloody, and a long knife is placed on his neck. Behind Young Master, a silhouette is hidden, only one eye is exposed, staring at him like a lone wolf , Fierce, decisive!

What's the situation!

Senior Brother Zhang's scalp numb, he just fought against the snow-white big tiger for a while, why did his three same sects end up with two dead and one injured and captured?

Who is here again?

The beaten big tiger got up and walked over step by step, but he didn't rush to attack Senior Brother Zhang anymore because it realized that he was not an opponent, and Lu Ye had already captured the opponent. , It doesn’t need to be eager anymore.

"Let him go!" Lu Ye stared at the Senior Brother Zhang, dipping lowly.

"Who are you?" Senior Brother Zhang gritted his teeth and asked, none of the opponents in his mind who were on the table could match Lu Ye.

Lu Ye took the long knife, and fiercely pierced the Young Master's thigh with a scream. Young Master almost knelt down. It was Lu Ye who held him to make him stabilize.

The long knife was pulled out, and the blood flew quickly. Lu Ye put the knife on the neck of the Young Master again, looked at the Senior Brother Zhang, and repeated the words just now: "Let me free!"

"You..." Senior Brother Zhang eye socket cracked. He underestimated Lu Ye's decisiveness and ferocity. He just made the Young Master get a knife again by just talking nonsense. The other party's meaning is very obvious, so dare to talk nonsense. Still a knife! I don't know where the next stabbing will be.

The Young Master is restrained. He has a cultivation base in a fourth layer environment. He doesn't dare to step forward rashly.

At the moment, it’s important to ensure the safety of Young Master, otherwise he won’t be able to make a difference, gloomy face, he opened the mouth and said: “This mysterious spirit bell is a spiritual object given by the senior in the door. I can’t solve it, it will take some time!"


The blade light flashed, and one arm flew in response. The Young Master who was captured in front of Lu Ye stayed for a while. Immediately after his body trembled violently, he screamed loudly, but did not dare to make any changes, because the sharp weapon on his neck could cut his neck at any time.

He yelled: "Zhang Wu, are you going to kill Ben Young Master, I'll kill your family ancestors!"

"Let people go!" Lu Ye's voice is low, obviously lost Patience.

"Let it go!" Young Master's nose and tears shed tears on his face. The pain made him go crazy, but he didn't faint because he was also the cultivator of Third Layer Realm anyway, so he barely lifted the remaining one. With a pinch in his arm and hand, the mysterious spirit bell buckled on the ground immediately flew up, the big clock whirled around, shrank quickly, and flew back to Young Master's hand.

Lu Ye was stunned. Only then did I know that the Spiritual Artifact was controlled by the Young Master...

The trapped obedience got out of it, and immediately rushed towards the big tiger. Dive into the body of the big tiger and disappeared.

Although Senior Brother Zhang has a bit of heart, he dare not act rashly. He looked at Lu Ye hiding behind Young Master, and said slowly: "Let the Young Master go. That’s all for today. Give it up, I can swear to Heavenly Mystery."

"Okay!" Lu Ye responded, reaching out and pushing behind Young Master.

The Young Master staggered a few steps forward, before he felt the joy of avoided a catastrophe, a hot spring gushing out of his neck.

"How dare you!" The Senior Brother Zhang roared wildly.

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