Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 65

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This battle was caught off guard. Lu Ye didn't even know who his opponent was, but since he followed the big tiger figure, he was doomed to the result of this battle. Either you die or I die. !

There is no reason for cultivation world. The cultivation base realm is the reason. It is definitely not feasible for him to reason with others in a Spirit Creek second layer environment. Maybe he will get in.

After the shot, he repeatedly cut the opponents, and each other has become irreconcilable.

Although the Senior Brother Zhang is willing to take the Heavenly Mystery oath, as long as Lu Ye releases the Young Master, he will give up the matter, but that is only his oath!

You must know that Lu Ye was captured by Young Master of a small sect. This and the others have suffered such a big loss. How can they give up? Even if Lu Ye forces him to take the Heavenly Mystery oath , There is a whole sect behind him! Others will not be restricted by the Heavenly Mystery oath.

In the end, the most likely result is that Lu Ye is hunted down by an entire sect.

If you want to avoid this result, there is only one way.

Hurry up, kill!

Four cultivators, two dead and one severely wounded, the Young Master's neck was cut open by a long knife, blood gushing like a fountain, he raised his hand to cover the side of his neck, but with little effect.

At the same time that Senior Brother Zhang's roar fell, Lu Ye kicked him on the back of the Young Master, kicked him out, and fell straight toward Zhang Wu.

"Save me!" Young Master yelled in midair, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

Looking at the Young Master who was rushing towards him, Lu Ye hiding behind Young Master and slaughtering him was vaguely visible. Zhang Wuyishi was in a mess.

If you don’t catch Young Master at this time, Young Master is bound to fall to the ground. When the time comes, the injury is heavier and it may be really hopeless. Now Young Master has his neck severed, but The man made his move fairly, and if he was rescued in time, he might not be able to rescue Young Master.

But if Young Master is picked up, then he hasn't done anything to block the opponent's attack!

The moment of hesitation made Zhang Wu feel the enemy's cunning.

In the end, he did not dare to let Young Master fall down. This time his guards were disadvantageous and punishment was inevitable, but as long as he could keep Young Master's life, at least he didn't have to die.

But if Young Master dies, there is no way for him to survive.

Zhang Wu clasped two scimitars upside down in his hands, took the first two steps, raised his hands to catch the flying Young Master, and at the same time urged the body protection spiritual power.

He has clearly seen the opponent’s cultivation base, which is only Spirit Creek Second Layer Realm. The cultivation base of his fourth layer environment is much stronger than that of the opponent. Even if he is confident that his body protection spiritual power can be taken by the opponent. resist awhile.


The sound of a long knife entering the meat came out. The Young Master who had just been caught by Zhang Wu's eyes suddenly rounded, his mouth widened, and the severe pain caused He let out another scream.

Zhang Wu's pupils also shrank to the extreme at this moment, and he saw a long knife penetrate the Young Master's chest and pierced it straight towards him.

He fully urges body protection spiritual power.

If he just saw how Lu Ye broke through the body cultivator’s defenses, he wouldn’t be so blindly confident. Unfortunately, he was fighting with the big tiger just now and he didn’t even see how the body cultivator died. of.

The sharp blade flashes a rays of light, the sharpness spiritual mark blessing, the body protection spiritual power of Spirit Creek's fourth layer environment can't resist this sharpness cut, the body protection spiritual power only slightly hinders It was pierced by the sudden advance of a long knife.

Zhang Wu felt the pain in his chest. At the critical moment of life and death, his figure slammed a bow to prevent the long knife from getting into the body more.

At the same time, he released the Young Master who was holding him, and the two scimitars crossed, holding the long knife.

The blade was three inches deep into the flesh, and there was no way to pierce it. Zhang Wu took a long breath, and when he thought he was blocking the opponent's blow, there was a strong wind behind him.

"It's awful!" Zhang Wu immediately realized what had happened. Although the other party was only alone, there was still a snow-white big tiger. It must be the big tiger who pounced from behind.

He was about to respond, his shoulders sank suddenly, as if he was pressing something heavy,

At the same time, there was a whistling sound coming from his ears, and the sound came into his ears. Let him be in a trance.

The Young Master, who is held by Lu Ye's long knife in the middle, is not dead yet. He is facing Zhang Wu's direction, mouth opened wide, watching the exquisite porcelain doll-like Spirit Physique leaping behind Zhang Wu and facing him. His ears screamed.

Immediately afterwards, the sturdy figure of big tiger pounced, and his two front paws patted Zhang Wu's back vest.

The strength of Pei Ran Mo Yu made Zhang Wu's arched body straighten up suddenly, and he walked a few steps forward abruptly, the sound of chi chi came, and the long knife passed through the chest, and the body was completely out!

With a hit, Lu Ye immediately drew the knife and jumped back. Not only did he do this, but the big tiger who took a shot behind him also flexibly retreated from several feet.

Almost at the same time that the big tiger retreated, Zhang Wu stabbed the empty space with two backhands.

He couldn't help but staggered back a few steps, his body became soft, and he hurriedly smashed the ground with a machete, so as to avoid the fate of falling to the ground.

Lu Ye looked at the injury on his chest, frowned. His knife was pierced into the opponent's heart, but from the result, it was not satisfactory. The position of this blade was off and he could not take it immediately. Killed the opponent.

When Lu Ye flicked and Zhang Wuzhe retreated, the Young Master who was framed among them also fell to the ground. The blood dyed reddened the ground under him, and his body twitched slightly. There was no movement.

At this moment, Zhang Wu can no longer look into the life and death of Young Master. He only knows that he is afraid of dying here today!

He is a Spirit Creek fourth layer realm. In this short ten breaths, he was disoriented by a Spirit Creek Second Layer Realm plus a big tiger with a set of combined punches...

If this kind of thing is not personally experienced, no one will believe it if you say it.

What kind of Spiritual Artifact is in the opponent's hands? Can break open the spiritual power of one's protective body with a single knife!

Feeling his injury, Zhang Wu knew that he was hopeless this time. Although he could not die for the time being, the injury would not be dealt with immediately, it would only get heavier and heavier, and look at the other side's vicious and merciless His style is obviously impossible to let him leave here.

He took a few breaths, raised one hand and pressed it on the back of the other hand, and a faint red light immediately appeared on the back of that hand.

Lu Ye is looking at him vigilantly. According to his thoughts, this chapter five has been hit hard, so he doesn’t need to fight with him again, he just needs to deal with him slowly, and sooner or later He was put to death.

But when he saw the red light on the back of the opponent's hand, he suddenly felt bad!

"Amber!" When Lu Ye drank low, he was already holding a knife to kill Zhang five times.

Zhang Wu got up quickly, his body shape was unstable, blood was flowing from his chest, but he smiled grimly: "Nine Stars Sect will not let you go, you are dead!"

Lu Ye slashed, Zhang Wu's pair of swords set up to block the blow, but the big tiger who seized the opportunity to pounce from the side was helpless, and the big tiger fiercely bit on Zhang Wu's thigh. On, tear off a large piece of flesh and blood.

Yiyi also emerged, clinging to Zhang Wu's back, screaming continuously, trying to give full play to her role.

The big tiger, who bit off a piece of flesh and blood, was kicked out by Zhang Wu, Yiyi clinging to his back was shocked by the body protection spiritual power, Zhang Wu's double sword made a mistake, Lu Ye's center of gravity was off-center. Move, although quickly stabilized, but a touch of sharp blade light is already in sight.

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