Great Saint Of Mortal Path Chapter 9

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The fat cultivator sitting behind the table took out a palm-sized jade slip from his storage bag, looked up at Lu Ye, opened the mouth and said: "Name, Where did the cultivation base come from?"

Lu Ye one after another answered.

The fat cultivator muttered: "Profound Heaven Sect Lu Ye...well, I found it, there is someone there!"

Lu Ye then realized that the fat cultivator was holding it. The jade slip should record some information on the mine, including the origins and identities of the mine slaves. Under such inspection, it can be ensured that no remnants of Evil Moon Valley are mixed into it.

"'s not right!" The fat cultivator squinted slightly. "It is recorded in the jade disc that Lu Ye is just an unconscious mortal, but you have already opened one orifice, which does not match the information. It's a bit difficult."

While talking, he kept his eyes on the storage bag on Lu Ye's waist.

Lu Ye secretly smiled in his heart, his previous worries were indeed right. A mine slave carrying a storage bag can easily cause some unnecessary coveting.

According to his previous plan, it doesn’t matter if he offers this storage bag. It doesn’t matter if he loses money and eliminates calamities. Anyway, he is free now. In the future, sky is high enough for a bird to fly through, and I’m afraid to find it. Not something better?

But with Old Tang's previous casual remarks, Lu Ye doesn't have to be afraid of anything. The old man's kindness can never be disappointed.

Facing the suspicion of the fat cultivator, Lu Ye said: "I encountered an injured Evil Moon Valley cultivator in the mine, I killed it, and the Spirit Orifice opened between life and death."

Fat cultivator hearing this raised his brows. If Lu Ye said it was true, it would be a bit serious. Tigers are always tigers. Even if they are injured, they cannot be provoked by goats, let alone kill them.

He somewhat understands where the storage bag on Lu Ye’s waist came from...

At this time, the young cultivator who led Lu Ye leaned forward and leaned over the fat cultivator. He said something in his ear, and the fat cultivator looked surprised: "Which Old Tang?"

The young cultivator didn't speak, but just looked at him.

The fat cultivator reacted, lightly coughed, and looked at Lu Ye, his expression became much more kind: "so that's how it is, you are a little courageous! Well, although your identity is basically confirmed, but The process to go is still to go, you follow me."

Speaking like this, stand up.

"Pang Senior Brother, I'll go now." The young cultivator cup one fist in the other hand said.

"Go, go." Pang Senior Brother waved his hand.

Following the fat cultivator, Lu Ye walked towards the direction where many mine slaves gathered.

When he got closer, the fat cultivator pinched his waist with his hands and took a few breaths. Then he opened the mouth and said: "Is there anyone with Profound Heaven Sect? Stand up and let me take a look."

No one answered.

Lu Ye glanced over, but did not see the face of Profound Heaven Sect dísciple.

Profound Heaven Sect is a Small Sect after all. There are not many sect disciples. Many people died when it was captured by Evil Moon Valley a year ago. Only more than twenty youngsters are still alive.

After this year, a lot of people died, but in Lu Ye's memory, there should be 3 or 5 people alive.

But at this moment, I didn't see the silhouette of the 3 or 5 people, and it was unexpected.

He can't help feeling a little sad. Although he has no sense of belonging to Profound Heaven Sect, he is the only seedling left in a small sect, which makes him more and more aware of the cruelty of this world.

The fat cultivator said again: "Does anyone know him?"

Still no one answered, Lu Ye is not very popular among mining slaves, everyone is yellow and thin. Struggling to survive every day, Lu Ye is very moisturized, and wealthy contributes to exchange for Qi and Blood Pill. In this way, other miners naturally have no good impressions of him.

The same unfortunate experience does not make people share the same hatred, but makes it easier to breed estrangement and rejection.

Lu Ye saw Brother Liu in the crowd. The two guys didn’t die and were fateful, but Brother Liu didn’t mean to stand up to prove Lu Ye’s identity, but just taking pleasure in other people's misfortune looked at him.

The fat cultivator couldn't help but glanced at Lu Ye. Some wondered if this guy was Profound Heaven Sect Lu Ye anymore.

As a mining slave, someone should be able to prove his identity.

Many people have checked in this way before, identifying each other and confirming their identities.

"I know, he is Profound Heaven Sect Lu Ye." Just when the fat cultivator was suspicious, a weak voice came out.

"Who is talking?" The fat cultivator turned his gaze back, following the source of the sound.

The crowd voluntarily separated, revealing the speaker.

Seeing that person's appearance clearly, Lu Ye was a little surprised, because he had only one relationship with this person, and hadn't seen each other for a long time.

It was a woman who was talking. Compared with the miners who were covered in dirt, her clothes were not bright, but at least neat and clean.

The fat cultivator looked at the woman, and solemnly asked: "Are you sure he is Profound Heaven Sect Lu Ye? If you think about it, speak again. There is no end to lying in front of me."

The woman shrank her neck, but still firmly said: "I can be sure."

The fat cultivator is nodded and waved at Lu Ye: "Okay, I am innocent. Just stay in the past and don't mess. Run." After speaking, he blinked at Lu Ye again: "Tomorrow, there is a chance waiting for you."

Turn around and leave after speaking.

After he left, the depressive atmosphere was relieved. It can be seen that these slaves who live at the bottom are still very afraid of fat cultivator.

Lu Ye thought for a while, walked towards the woman who had just spoken, and waited close to open the mouth and said: "Girl, thank you for your righteous speaking."

Then The woman shook her head: "No, you saved me. At that time, I didn't have time to thank you."

She was talking about something that happened nearly half a year ago, when Lu Ye was in the depths of the mine. Encountering this woman, she was being chased by another mine slave. Lu Ye couldn't stand it, so he gave the murderer a lesson.

It's just that since that time, he hasn't seen this woman again.

Lu Ye smiled: "Then we are even?"

The woman also smiled, her sullen face regained some vitality: "We are even."

"Re-recognize, Profound Heaven Sect Lu Ye!"

The woman gave a gift, showing everyone's demeanor: "Yu Clan Yu Xiaodie."

Lu Ye said curiously: "Does Miss Yu know what we are gathering here for? What was the chance that the fatty said just now?"

Yu Xiaodie stretched out her hand to pull the hair in her ear and explained: "Let's These people are all people with clear backgrounds and innocent identities. Basically, they have no knowledge. Even if they do, their cultivation base is very low. Evil Moon Valley does not treat us as human beings and will not train us, but we are definitely among the people. There are some suitable for cultivation. The Grand Heaven Alliance has already taken this place, so naturally they need to be settled slightly. Some of them are suitable for cultivation, and those with cultivation aptitude will be taken away by the sect of Grand Heaven Alliance."

" This is the chance that fatty said?" Lu Ye suddenly realized.

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