Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1059

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After the beautiful sunny day of Albert and Fleur’s wedding, Britain rained continuously for a long time. Although the rain is temporarily stopped in London today, the sky is still clouded.

Aaron accompanied the Clearwater family to Piccadilly Circus, the center of Soho, his eyes rested on a statue of Eros standing upright in the center of the square.

“London Piccadilly Circus was designed by Nash in 1819 to realize Regent King’s dream of connecting Carlton Palace and Regent’s Park… This statue was sculpted by Prince Albert, and it was also the first statue made of aluminum…but At that time, when the statue of Quanguo was placed in this square in 1893, it caused dissatisfaction with Victorian defenders, but Divine Idol soon became a symbol of London…” Mr. Clearwater introduced Aaron to the knowledge of muggle’s attractions , But his eyes were always on the big blue bag on Aaron’s forehead.

“Now it is often used as a date place…the statue is always full of London couples…” Mrs. Clearwater said as she watched her daughter and Aaron laugh, but she couldn’t help but put her gaze on Aaron’s head in the end. On the big bag, “Aaron is on your head… Why don’t you use your magic to heal it? I mean I accidentally broke my hand once before, and Penelope helped me heal it almost instantly without letting me go to the hospital…”

“Mother! Don’t worry about it…” Although Penelope was scolding mother for being troublesome, she looked a little uncontrollably contented.

Aaron’s mouth froze for a moment, and he managed to maintain his calm expression, “A little accident happened when I played Quiddich…My elder sister and I lost the bet. Her request was that I couldn’t use magic to heal the scar on my forehead. …At least before I am going to attend a formal occasion…”

“If you don’t go home today, you can treat it directly. The Ministry of Magic will have to award you an award tomorrow… Daisy is not so careless, her wish has been fulfilled.” Penelope looked at the big bag and felt a bit annoying, and then she was full He smiled and said to Aaron, “By the way, Aaron, my parents decided to sell the law firm and move to magic circle.”

“You youngsters are really energetic…” Mrs. Clearwater said with some admiration, “Morgan Lefleux very difficult to deal with takes good care of both family and career… Unlike me… Owen is really a capable person, he gave Foley Pei offered a job and participated in the Ministry of Magic’s legal revision work…”

“Letizia and I have to study the laws and cases of the Wizarding World for a while before we can officially do this work… It feels a bit… messy to understand now…” Mr. Clearwater forced a smile and said, “But Aaron, I and Penelope mother After in-depth understanding, we discovered that the magic circle is not as low as we thought…Uh, sorry, I mean it’s not as uncomfortable as we imagined. These novel things are quite exciting for our ordinary person…”

“Very good, it is an honor for Harris… to get help from professionals like you, and also a blessing for Magic Circle…” Aaron complimented him. He fully realized that Mr. Clearwater felt that the laws of the Wizarding World were like being squashed. Shit…

“Here, this is the Khachaz Bookstore. It is undoubtedly the most aristocratic bookstore…” At this time, Mrs. Clearwater pointed to the long queue of parents and children. “It has 3 Imperial Family guarantees. , Which means providing books for the queen, and at the same time, it also has many celebrities and regular customers, such as Wilde and Byron.”

On the notice board outside the window, a new book poster with magnificent colors was hung. On the poster with purple and orange as the background, a young wizard with glasses rode a broomstick through the arched doorway, and it said “Harry ·Potter and Philosopher’s Stone, by JK Rowling”.

The comments of the readers in the queue waiting for the signing were heard by Aaron.

“My son heard his student talk about it, he had to buy a copy…”

“I’ve finished reading it. This time I came for an autograph. It’s really amazing… I can construct such a magical world! But that Voldemort is too terrifying…”

“My younger sister is 13 years old this year, and I have been talking about raising an owl. She thinks Hogwarts has missed her acceptance letter and wants to write to them herself… For Voldemort’s sake, she is 13 years old. …”


“Hatchaz Bookstore still inherits the spirit of the past.” Mr. Clearwater also became a little proud, “but this line is too long, we seem to have to wait a while…”

“You should get used to magic…” Penelope waved after speaking, and the muggle and shop assistants in the queue ignored their entire group’s jump in line and let them walk in with a sway.

Mrs. Clearwater, who has not adapted to magic and wizard’s treatment of ordinary person style, seemed a bit uncomfortable: “strictly speaking, Penelope, wizard is illegal to use spell for ordinary person like this…”

Penelope chuckled softly: “As Auror, I suspect there is a problem in this store, something is urgent…”

Mr. Clearwater also murmured: “You have too many backdoors in the law…”

Entering the bookstore, it’s like being in an endless old house. Small rooms on six floors are connected together around the central staircase. Aaron looked at it and said, “This reminds me of Hogwarts.”

“Speaking of which, your wizard is really amazing…” Mrs. Clearwater introduced with great interest, “This novel depicting your magic circle has received rave reviews once it came out. The new author of JK Rowling has gained fame in just a short time…I I heard that this book is the dark horse that is most likely to win the British National Book Award for Children’s Fiction and the Smarty Book Gold Medal next year.”

“But the ordinary person doesn’t know… In fact, JK Rowling’s time to become famous is even shorter-the ability of the wizard is really powerful… In this way, you can manipulate the memory of the ordinary person with no difficulty, allowing people to mistake the book that has just been published not long ago. I thought it was published on June 6.” Mr. Clearwater sighed, “Letizia, so it is the safest way for us to go to magic circle to live unintentionally. I only now know that the accidents that happened this year are nothing. accident….”

“The Wizarding World is not quite stable recently…but Britain is pretty good.” Aaron nodded, “Penelope has a small reputation in the Wizarding World.. Sorry, Mr. Clearwater, Mrs. Clearwater, this has affected your normal life, but please rest assured , You can get enough security measures in Wizarding World.”

Going deep into the line of people, their entire group finally saw JK Rowling, the female muggle disguised by witch was sitting behind the signing desk, behind which was a huge publicity board.

Unlike Rita Skeeter’s somewhat ostentatious appearance, this blonde, thin, and black dress looks much more low-key and tasteful. Many muggle media held their cameras and took photos back and forth.

“Everything seems to be without a hitch, in a short period of time…” Penelope raised her arm and blocked a crowded reader for Aaron. “Compared to her in Wizarding World, she is far more popular in Muggle World. Far more than when she was in magic circle…”

“She enjoys the feeling of being the focus now.” Aaron Legilimens perceives Rita’s thoughts. “She is considering switching to a full-time writing novel, and has a desire to become a true novelist… News reporting needs to be objective and fair, so she is not too affected. Wizards like it, but novels, especially this kind of novels, can be fictitious and can let off their own whimsical ideas. To be honest, for Rita, novelists are indeed more suitable for her as Ravenclaw.”

“Aaron, she has progressed without a hitch in the muggle society…but we are not counted. The International Wizards Federation has issued a solemn statement about this matter and believes that we have seriously violated the “Secrecy Act”… is considering sanctions… “Penelope got close to Aaron, pulled Aaron away from his parents who had already walked to the shelf to select books, and whispered, “The red umbrella department has been built very well now, should I take someone to pick a few disobedient…”

Penelope’s voice was cold and cold, and her palms made a quick and powerful gesture on her neck, making a cross-cutting throat movement.

“Penelope, Harris is not a Mafia…” Aaron shook his head pretendingly and leaned back. “I will also attend the Wizard International Federation meeting later. It is enough to make it clear to them in person…So these methods are not needed. At least I don’t need it now…”

“So… Speaking of wishes…” Penelope licked her lips. “You haven’t told me yet, what is Hermione and Luna’s wish?”

“If you wish, Emily is as good as Daisy… I gave her the Firebolt that I used in the world cup, Emily was very happy…” Aaron answered the question. He saw Penelope’s expression and knew he couldn’t escape, so he changed With a sigh, “They all keep their wishes for nothing… Penelope, speaking of which is not a wish to go shopping with you today. Your wish waits when the time comes to think about it before you use it.”

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