Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1061

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“The question raised by Mr. Wiggswald, as a representative of the British branch of the International Wizards Federation, is not suitable for unilaterally explaining to everyone here…” Aaron looked around at these almost breathless wizards, replied, ” The issues that have aroused everyone’s attention by the book “Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone” are just like what you said, Mr. Wiggswald, the International Wizards Federation will hold a meeting in the Department of International Magical Cooperation to discuss them later. Regarding the matter, please refer to the final explanation announced after the meeting. So, let’s stop here today.” Aaron pressed down with both hands, gave the meeting manager Percy a look, and began to turn and walk towards the elevator.

Percy immediately bowed slightly knowingly and quickly ran forward to announce the end. Together with the Auror who were on the side to maintain order, Aaron blocked the reporters whose emotions were very high as if they were beaten up with blood-especially those behind the pure-blood family. The linked reporters had already thought about the news headline, and they believed that this was Harris evading their mistakes and wanted to shirk responsibility.

With the sound of Ding Ding Dangdang and clicks, an elevator descended in front of Aaron. Golden’s fence door slid slightly open. Aaron stepped in. In this empty space, he sorted out his own law. Robe, threw the Order of Merlin just harvested into the space,

The elevator rose slowly until a cold woman’s voice rang: “5th floor, Department of International Magical Cooperation, including the International Magic Trade Standards Association, the International Magic Law Office, and the International Magician Federation Britain seat.”

The door opened, and a few notes sou sou flew in. Around the Mobiliarbus light on the top of the elevator, the lights flickered. Aaron walked out of the elevator and walked directly to the Conference Hall at the innermost end of the corridor. The wide door was in Aaron. Pushed away instantly as he approached, Aaron walked in with his head raised.

At this time, the meeting has not yet started. In this gorgeous Conference Hall, wizards in small groups in various costumes gather to talk. Aaron looked all around and found that his father Owen was standing and talking with an unusually tall lady.

Aaron’s keen Legilimens made him discover that many hostile eyes were placed on him when he first entered the door. This is not surprising. Harris has made the already powerful Britain magic circle stronger and its education The reforms in this area have offended many pure-blood families, and the Ministry of Magic in overwhelming majority countries is controlled by these traditional pure-blood families.

Only some small countries that are too weak to survive among the magic powers will impatiently salute Aaron when they see him coming in—just like they did to other powers.

Approaching father, the lady who was about the height of Hagrid also turned to smile at Aaron. She has an olive face, a pair of black and watery eyes, her hair is combed behind her head, and she is wrapped from head to toe. A black satin dress with many luxurious opals.

She is the headmaster Olympe Madam Maxime of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, and her chest is now wearing a badge representing the French Ministry of Magic.

The emblem appears in the 3 colors of France, the iconic elements of the cap badge and the Phrygian cap. It is composed of a black robe black hair lady from France wrapped in intricate lace, with the number 1790 on the top, which represents the French Ministry of Magic It was established during the French Revolution in 1790, and at the bottom is the motto of the French Ministry of Magic—“use spell, spell, summon” (“Incanté, Envouté, Conjuré”), which is in line with the muggle government motto of France, “freedom and equality” “Boai” (“Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”) is very similar.

“It’s a pity that we didn’t talk too much at Albert’s wedding, Aaron.” This unusual woman with half-giant bloodline put away her smile at Aaron and whispered solemnly, “France will vote in this event. The link expressed support for Britain, but depending on the situation, Aaron, you want to convince everyone… it’s not easy.”

“Thank you for your support…” Aaron bowed slightly to the female half-giant, and then she seemed relaxed, “When is your wedding with Hagrid? When the time comes, we can make up…”

“It depends on Rubeus.” Madam Maxime flushed a little, but she responded gracefully. Then she glanced at Owen and Aaron. “You father and son must also have more important discussions. We Talk to it when it’s over.”

Harris father and son hurriedly bowed and watched Madam Maxime walk to some of the ladies’ representatives.

Aaron retracted his gaze to face father and asked, “Father, what is the French Ministry of Magic?… My original perception is that France, whether it is muggle or magic circle, and Britain are not very good…”

“Aaron, I can’t help you much…she won’t help you…” Owen raised his hand to tidy up the wrinkled clothes on his shoulders for his son. “I asked Daisy to propose to the French Ministry of Magic One condition is that when France needs it, our stronger Auror will provide security for these French wizards, who are more focused on fashion and perfume. This time, the representative of France – they will send Madam Maxime, who is familiar with us. From this point of view, this also means that the French Ministry of Magic has agreed to my offer… In addition, the United States is a bit difficult to deal with. Their internal opinions are not uniform, but after giving some tariff benefits, they seem to be at least neutral in the end “Owen pointed to a tall and thin wizard with a sharp nose and big glasses, who was about 60 years old, on the other side of the circular venue. “That’s the representative of the United States, Leonard Nox. He just came to say hello to me instead of knowing you.”

“Oh, yes, father, I lived at his house when I went to the United States with Professor Flitwick in Second Year… I thought he was retired.” Aaron looked towards the friend of Professor Flitwick, and the other party seemed to realize that his eyes were right. Aaron clicked nodded. After Aaron beckons with the hand responded, he turned his gaze back to father, “But father, we don’t need to be so troublesome. Most countries are bullying and fearing evil… Now it’s a bit tougher. To let them know that they have no ability to enforce those treaties…”

“Aaron, there is not much I can teach you…” Owen clasped her hands in front of her and said in a low voice, “but it can make things easier, why don’t we do it? Don’t think people As a whole…Each of them is alive, everyone has their own thoughts…This is a little bit of my experience after living for so many years.”

Aaron nodded: “Thank you father, this is useful…”

As time goes by, more and more wizards enter the Department of International Magical Cooperation Conference Hall, and the clamor in the hall is getting stronger.

Representatives of the Ministry of Magic from all over the world gathered in the hall wearing their own cultural costumes and talked freely.

The costumes of these wizards are obviously more unrestrained and free than the muggle compatriots in their respective countries. The most striking is the wizard from Panama. No one can get close to him. He seems to be a male bird with its tail feathers open. The long feathers on his back spread out into a circle to wrap his back, and the top of his head, shoulders and neck are decorated with feathers of various colors based on orange.

“Among us, we turn a blind eye to someone who violates the “Secrecy Act”, which exposes the entire magic world to the threat of exposure.” A middle-aged man wearing a red vest with strong national flavor, thick eyebrows and a half-bald head. The wizard said to the surrounding wizards argue with the courage of one’s convictions, pinning a Level 2 Order of Merlin on his suit pocket on his chest.

“President Akinbad, I think Mr. Obalonsk is right… You are our leader…” An Indian wizard dressed in hand-painted patterns and embroidered with gold silk as an embellishment of “Badi”, With his exotic English, he deliberately said loudly to the president of the International Wizard Federation Babajid Akinbad, “Please support sanctions against countries and wizards that violate the “Secrecy Act”, so that they can get lesson.”

“Kuslapari High Priest…For countries and regimes that have indeed violated the law, we will punish them accordingly.” Green Kanga on Babajid’s body is wrapped from his chest to his toes, and he stands on a higher rostrum. Condescendingly glanced at the Indian wizard who had just spoken.

“Aaron, that bald guy is the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic, the disgusting Obalonsk… His wife is a member of the Monte family, so this guy who is afraid of his wife will keep asking me for trouble…” Owen moved closer to Aaron. One point, whispered, “Bulgaria is also becoming more and more unbalanced, but he still doesn’t want to miss opportunities that are unfavorable to Britain…”

Following Owen’s gaze, the Indian wizard seemed to be talking about something funny with Obalonsk with a smile on his face. This made the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic smile so much that he slapped his shoulder vigorously. Down-but this seems to have caused Kuslapari’s dissatisfaction. Aaron noticed that the Indian wizard used Scourgify on his wandless shoulder when the opponent was not paying attention.

Later, as the bell from Ministry of Magic reminded, Babajid Akinbad raised his hand to check the time, sorted out Buddy on his body, and looked towards the first podium at the top of the middle of the hall. go with. Hearing his movements, the discussion in the hall gradually subsided and gradually became silent.

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